People Describe The Creepiest Person They've Ever Met
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Years ago I had a classmate who seemed rather off. You know when you can just tell something's wrong, when you get that feeling in your gut about someone? That's your intuition talking. You should probably trust it. Anyway, I avoided this classmate for the most part, only speaking with them when we had to work together on in-class assignments. And years later, I learned that he was arrested for stalking several young women. Suddenly, all of those weird feelings I had struggled with made so much more sense.

After Redditor IlIl_IlI0101IlIIIL asked the online community, "Who was the creepiest person you've ever seen or met?" people shared their stories.

"I was at the public library..."

I was at the public library about four years ago doing schoolwork and a man came up and sat down at my table, staring at me. After easily ten minutes, he asked me why I was wearing gold headphones (cheap but fun gold colored headphones) and then informed me that the royals back in Medieval times used to make the peasants dig for gold because they were actually supernatural entities who ate it.

By this point I'm shooting "help me" eyes at the librarians, who all ignore me. He talks for a bit longer and then PULLS OUT A MASK - like something you would wear on Halloween and puts it on. Sits there, staring at me.

Library security officer finally kicks him out because he refused to take the mask off. I leave the library easily two hours later and he's outside, waiting. He follows me about a block before I pull out my phone and threaten to call the police on him. He calls me a b!tch and walks away.


"They stopped there..."

Few years ago, I was in a new city for some official work. The first night, I was just walking on the road, roaming around after the city slept. So I was walking up in this empty road and I saw a girl walking towards a bus stand in opposite direction. Dark empty road with minimal street light, just enough to see whether the person is girl or boy. Two dudes, following her. She stopped at the bus stop. These guys just looking at her and following her. As I came close by, she was looking at me once and at them.

Everything normal and the guys standing just a few meters away. I saw her and she looked at me with these big tears eyes. I stood there scared s***less that what those guys may do but I made it a point to stay there with her. They made some calls. Just then a city bus came and she boarded it. The guys also start walking towards the bus so I start walking straight towards them, fast and with angry face. They stopped there while the bus left. The girl just mouthed thank you from the bus window. I started walking away again towards my hotel. Guys followed me for one street but then left I suppose.


"I decide to do some of my own research..."

A teacher at my school. This guy had to be at least in his late 60's or early 70's. He was the stagecraft teacher. Really thin lanky guy with a face that just looked like he was going to be trouble. I fought off my initial bad feelings, because hey, don't judge a book by its cover.

Well, Christmas time rolls around. We have a big play and I'm on a team that is building Christmas Future. I'm one of the hand puppeteers. We all form a semi circle, myself , another girl (referred to as A), another boy, a female teacher, and the male teacher (I'll refer to him as H).

Well, as we are talking, we are the only people on stage. Nobody else in the building. This guy slowly runs his hand down my back and touches my butt. I quickly back away, stunned at what happened. I'm a junior and have not a clue as what to do. After, I go and talk to A, who is frantic, telling me she saw the whole thing. I go home and tell my dad. Well, he is pretty upset.

We go and talk to the principal. He nods, saying that he will take our concern seriously. Then he says that he will go and monitor the teacher. Sounds good in my book. Well, by this, he means that he will tell H that hes going to watch what he does. No firing, because I'm just one student and they don't have enough evidence.

Flash forward and now girls are walking in pairs, as well as some guys. H continues to stare me down and watch me. I'm grossed out. Then comes to dress rehearsal. He walks into the female changing room. Thankfully we are all dressed, but this went up and over the top. Multiple people reported him. But he didnt get fired. Because H was a friend of the principal.

I decide to do some of my own research now. After googling this guys name, turns out he has a small cult revolving around him. Yes, a cult. Reported it to my therapist, teacher and a few others. He gets fired by a higher up in the district. Grossest I've ever felt and by far the creepiest thing to happen to me.


"A creepy dude came in..."

Once I was working and the coworker that was there that day was on lunch, so I was completely alone (it was a small business).

A creepy dude came in and basically cornered me, getting inches from me, talking about how hot I was, how he wanted to hook up, etc. I nervously told him I had a boyfriend and to please not talk to me like that. He did the generic "well he doesn't have to know" response. Eventually, I was able to get behind the counter and he stopped following me and left.

About a week later, I was walking home from work because I didn't have a car at the time, and there he was. He spots me and tries to follow me home. Scared the hell out of me. Called my boyfriend at the time and he quickly came to pick me up and yelled at the dude.

I ended up seeing his mugshot online, looked up his criminal record and he had a whole load of harassment, domestic abuse.


"I used to work in the mental health field..."

I used to work in the mental health field. One of my clients was a necrophiliac (someone who likes to get down with corpses). He was a middle aged, morbidly obese man who always wore the same pair of white overalls and a straw hat. He insisted on being called "Farmer Ted" (and his name wasn't even Ted). Definitely the nastiest, creepiest guy you could ever meet, and no I'm not making this up.


"Not long after..."

Some random guy who approached me one morning and asked me out. He gave me major creepy vibes, I'd seen him hanging around outside my building for a while and this was the first time he'd spoken to me.

Not long after, I woke up to an intruder in my bedroom. I can't be certain it was the same man, because it was too dark too see the intruder's face clearly enough, but there was enough similarity that it was definitely possible that it was the same guy, and the guy who'd been hanging around disappeared after the break-in, never saw him again. Prior to that I'd seen him often enough that I thought he'd moved into one of the buildings along that stretch of the road. The fact that he then disappeared was suspicious.


"I transported a cannibal..."

I transported a cannibal once when I was an extradition officer. He said he wanted to eat me so I bought him a pepperoni pizza and told him he could pretend it's me.


"We both stood there..."

I was out early doing my morning walk and I saw this guy appear out of the bushes. At first I just thought that he maybe a gardener or something and I was just seeing it from a weird angle. I kept walking, but took out one headphone so I could hear. I made a turn down my street and casually glanced over my shoulder to see where he was- which was crossing the street over to my side. He started picking up the pace and I thought about running but for some reason I turned all the way around so I was facing him and firmly yelled "CAN I HELP YOU?!" We both stood there staring at each other, I basically told myself subconsciously not to back down so I took a step towards him- he turned around and walked back across the street.


"It took me a long time..."

My ex boyfriend. When we got together I of course got no bad vibes from him. My parents, on the other hand, hated him from the get-go. I was 14 and he was 16. He had a knife collection and a really creepy obsession with the occult. (I like occult imagery and the general aesthetic, but he was really into it. Like believed in black magic and s***)

Over the course of our relationship (1 1/2 years) he repeatedly emotionally abused me (and occasionally physically). Towards the end of the relationship, I was sure he would kill me. I was 16, and totally confident that one day he would murder me. Once, I was at his house and his parents weren't home. I jokingly asked what was in his wardrobe, as all of his clothes were on the floor. He said "bodies". I laughed, and he said "and I'll put yours in there too." Even though it was a joke, I was instantly terrified. I started crying and had a severe panic attack. His sister came home and told him off, but she thought I was weird because I was such a highly strung, anxious person so she didn't think much of it. One of the last times I went to his house, we were home alone. I suddenly was just so scared to be alone with him, that I pretended to be sick. I called my parents and got them to come pick me up.

It took me a long time to gain friends back after we broke up, as he had isolated me from all of them. They all told me how creepy he was, and how much they didn't like us being together.

That was now almost 7 years ago. I've been with my current partner for 5 years, and they are the sweetest person I've ever met. I still suffer from severe PTSD. Recently, my ex turned up at my work, and around the corner from my house. I should have seen his true self from the start.


"He showed up with a wild look in his eye..."

Met a guy through a through a co-worker. He seemed nice, a little shy, a bit nerdy. Like me. So we hung out for a few weeks, park visits, lunch dates, talked on the phone, nothing serious or sexy at all. Just getting to know each other. So one day, I invited him over to my apartment for lunch, as we both had our lunch break at the same time. I got us some sub sandwiches and figured we'd eat on the deck and have a nice visit.

He showed up with a wild look in his eye and a grocery bag full of magazines. He said, "I brought something over for us." Mind you, we hadn't even kissed or held hands or talked sexy at all. The bag was full of hardcore dungeon porn. Now, I'm not shaming a kink here but he way misread the audience. I kind of laughed and said nty, I'm on my lunch break.

He went OFF, screaming at me about how I know I want it, how I was a horrible person and a piece of s***. Stunned, I ran out of my house and banged on my neighbor's door. Thankfully, the guy was home and quickly came to my aid. He walked me back to my apartment and told crazy dude to leave and not come back. Crazy dude took his bag of porn, BOTH sandwiches and stormed out.

He called me a few times and harassed me on social media until I blocked him. My nice neighbor stayed on the lookout for me until I moved away a few months later. I told co-worker about what happened and she felt so bad, she had no idea how crazy that guy was.


"The final straw..."

One of the first guys I ever met in college was the biggest creep of all time. He was - and I'm not exaggerating - obsessed with me, in a really scary way. We were both involved in the music department so I had to interact with him almost every day. At first I thought he was just being nice and maybe a little flirty. He'd go out of his way to talk to me. But things started to get weird. He'd go out of his way to be physically close to me. He'd stand next to me and just stare. I very clearly remember one day I wore a t-shirt with a bunch of writing on the back. He asked me to turn around to see what it said, so I did. I stood there for a few seconds and I felt his finger trickle down my back. I jumped and said, "Dude, what are you doing?!" He just stared at me and walked away.

I hoped that would be the end of his creepiness but unfortunately it wasn't. He started asking me out and I always politely declined. He asked me multiple times regardless of the fact that I made it very clear that I "only saw him as a friend."

The final straw was when he told me he'd kill himself if I didn't go out with him. I panicked and felt scared, so I told the college's equivalent of a guidance counselor what happened. He ended up leaving the school a few weeks later. I don't know if he was forcefully removed or if he dropped out, but either way I was incredibly relieved that he was gone.


"He turns to the rest of us..."

This one time back in high school, me and a few friends (all of us 16, male) spent a Sunday at Venice Beach. Right before it got dark we decided to take some birds (electric scooters) over to the Pier. Once we got there and walked around for a while, this older looking man stared at us from about 30 feet away and began to walk over. From the distance we saw him at he seemed like a normal guy, but as he got closer you could instantly tell he was homeless and probably a drug addict or alcoholic.

Initially he starts off with some casual conversation about where we're from, and what we're doing there tonight. We were four guys, so we weren't worried about what he could do to us. We went along with what he was asking and even snuck in a few jokes to f*** with him a bit.

After about three or four minutes of talking to this guy he stops the conversation in it's tracks and asks us all a question: whether or not we'd want to kill some people tonight. The question completely threw me off, and sent the tingling fear sensation throughout my body. Before any of us could answer that insane f****** question, one of my friends speaks up and flat out said "no, that's crazy". This guy begins to get upset and starts calling my friend a p*ssy. Says that he doesn't have any balls, and that'd he'd really love to f*** him up. Then he starts to remark on the way he looks, his height, and everything else.

He turns to the rest of us after flaming the f*** out of my friend and asks again "do you guys want to go and kill some people tonight?". All of said that we weren't going to kill anyone, and kind of "politely" declined. Non of us could predict what he'd do if we said the wrong thing, and I'm happy we all internalized that thought process because everybody decided to defuse the situation as gently as possible.

The guy ended up walking away, and as soon as he did I dialed the cops. They sent over a patrol car to take our statement on what happened. We gave the officers a description and told them what he said to us. I have no idea where that guy is now, but I hope he's either locked up in prison or getting psychiatric help.


"I was at a park..."

I was at a park with my kids. A man was jogging behind us and acting goofy like dancing and hopping around. He came up to us and tried to make small talk. He was an older man. Then he started asking about my kids. He said "I like them this age." And was quick to add "But I won't date anyone until they're 18 of course."

I never left any place so fast and never went back. Guy was creeping on my kids right to my face! That was probably almost 10 years ago and I'm still angry about it.


"I got to talking to him..."

I'm a cop in a violent city. On reflection, I'm a bit surprised that nobody really stands out. In my experience, most really violent people are pretty goddamn mundane when you sit down with them.

We had a guy that was killing neighborhood cats with a pellet gun. When he had a few corpses, he'd sort of arrange them along the alley near the rear of his home. We figured out who he was and I was there when we went to seize his guns.

I got to talking to him, and found out that, in his adult life, he'd legally changed his name to a Greek god's. After the name change, when his daughter was born, he'd named her Ambrosia. I know enough mythology to know ambrosia is what the gods ate. Weird guy.