People Break Down The Creepiest Research Holes They've Ever Fallen Down


It happens before you realize it has. You were surfing the internet and you came across a link to some niche topic. It felt like a perfect time to do a little useless research.

BOOM. It's four hours later, you're suddenly an expert on some grotesque crime or earthly creature, and the truth you've just uncovered is not comfortable.

In fact, the new knowledge is that of a horrifying corner of real life. Shout out to the internet for its blind dissemination of all information, good and evil.

One Reddit post asked people on the site to share their best (worst) internet research rabbit hole discoveries. True crime, dark historical incidents, and earth science were the common themes.

jc_lucas2019 asked, "People of reddit, what's an interesting, creepy topic to look into?"

Yeahh, Best Hide Those Records

"Back in the 30's, some bigwigs in the USSR wanted to do what amounted to a collectivization experiment on an unsettled island, so they rounded up 6,000 mostly randomly snatched up city folk and dumped them on a undeveloped island with almost no food or supplies or shelter, with guards stationed around the island ordered to shoot anyone who tried to leave."

"Within 3 months, roughly 2/3rds of the islands population was dead, with many of the survivors resorting to eating the dead (and in some stories, butchering still living people)."

"Eventually, the experiment was deemed a failure and they removed the survivors off the island, and records about the experiment got buried until the 1980's"

-- GlastonBerry48

Now We've Got to Think of Him Whenever We Enjoy a Bowl of CerealĀ 


"The inventor of corn flakes made it bland and boring so people wouldn't get excited and have sex or masturbate."

"He also ran a sanitarium, put carbolic acid on little girl's privates so they would never derive pleasure from sex , and put wires on boy's penises so that when they had an erection it would cause them pain... among other things. He believed in some crazy crap."

-- michonne_impossible

The Exception Until You're Not

"Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple." -- DudeFromSaudi

"Cults. It's easy to think you're too smart to fall for brainwashing tactics but the more you learn, the more you realise that we all have vulnerabilities that can be exploited." -- AvocadoPenguin

Mysteries Beneath Us

"The bloop, deep sea gigantism, and other deep sea sounds. While many have been debunked, the idea of godzilla sized sh!t running around down there is fun/scary." -- demonardvark

"I've still got my fingers crossed for the Kraken." -- Cloaked42m

"While it's indeed creepy and unsettling, I find it however fascinating that we know what happens / happend billions of light years away from us in the universe, but we know so little about the depths of our own oceans." -- ViaNocturna664

An Overlooked Era

"Cambrian life. At this point in Earth's history (541-485 mya) most living things looked nothing like anything that now exists."

"There's the 'Tully Monster,' an animal that has paleobiologists in debate over whether it was a vertebrate or not (it's thought to be related to lampreys); Opabinia, which had five eyes and looks like a cross between a lobster and a vacuum cleaner, and Anomalocaris, basically a chitinous floating death ship that arrived to eat all the much smaller animals of the time. Last, let's not forget Pikaia, a little wormlike thing that is our distant ancestor."

"New discoveries are made all the time, and scientific theories constantly shift to adjust to the existence of the latest mystery creature. They get neglected by the media in favor of dinosaurs, but Cambrian life is just as fantastic!"

-- ugagradlady

Question is, is the Gold Worth It?

"The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Thousands have searched for it, and those closest to finding it always seem to end up with bullets in them. Some tell stories of a mysterious sniper (or snipers) that has guarded the area for decades."

"There are theories that the lost mine and the deaths surrounding it are part of a neo-Confederate conspiracy."

"There's a podcast called Astonishing Legends that did a great series on it.'

-- kemosabi4

Grotesque Acceptance

"People dead on Mt. Everest" -- perizada4561

"And the fact that they are used as landmarks on the trail frozen where they perished." -- SpoonLord23

"Rainbow Valley. There is something fascinating about the juxtaposition of mummies and bright puffy jackets" -- steamycupajoe

You Know, a Psychological Experiment Involving Defenseless Children

"Elan School."

"Basically this school was a pseudo-cult/Stanford Prison Experiment type place disguised as a send away school for behavior correction."

"There is a webcomic series by someone who escaped. I'm on break at work else I'd link it."

"It's since closed but it went for under the radar for years and years. Iirc a few people died there from the harsh treatments they were given." -- TurdFerguson495

Things Awry

"The wife of the leader of the church of scientology has not been seen for over 10 years, the higher ups of the organization claim she is dedicating all her time to the church, but the fact that ever since she got in a big fight with her husband 10 years ago, none of her family members had seen or contacted her indicates foul play." -- are_motherf***er

"Rumor has it this is why Leah Remini left the church." -- celticraven2084

The Unbelievable Courage of One 13-year-old

"The slow and painful death of Omayra Sanchez. She was only 13 at the time."

"Basically in 1985 there was a volcanic eruption in Armero. There was this huge mudslide and it destroyed most the place."

"Omayra Sanchez got caught up in it. She was stuck in a kneeling position i believe under a brick door that was clenched in the arms of a dead person. One source i read said it was her dead aunt."

"This meant they couldn't pull her out unless they amputated her legs. But with no equipment to prevent the excessive blood loss, they had to let her die humanely. She was stuck in muddy water that was just below her mouth. Surrounded by people trying to comfort her as she knows she was going to die."

"She suffered for 60 hours. knowing she is going to die people interviewed her as well. One specific photo became very popular and spread world wide concern."

"The thing that makes me uncomfortable about it is that u can easily find the pictures and even hear her voice in the interview. Just knowing that this was when she was in her final moments horrified me. Im 13 - 14 now and i cant even imagine how terrified i would be in her situation. Not even drugged to stop the extensive pain."

-- Fezzyteddi

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