People Share The Creepiest 'But I Didn't Move That' Experience They've Ever Had


Do you believe in ghosts? If so, do you think they can manipulate the physical world? It may be impossible to prove, but people continue to have weird experiences that would spook the hardest skeptics.

Polcio asked: What's the creepiest "I'm quite sure I didn't move that" story you got?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

15. More scary than creepy.

This didn't turn out to be creepy, but for a while I was really confused by it.

Every now and then when I'd wake up I'd find one of my belongings in a very strange place (my razor would be in a tub of vaseline, or my phone would be across the room, or my clothes would be in the kitchen). I lived alone for part of this and was freaked the fuck out.

I later found out I was having seizures in my sleep and then just wandering around doing random sh*t.


Wow! How did you figure this out?


I finally had a big enough seizure that I realized something was off, and when I went to my university health center with a migraine, a bit tongue, trouble speaking, and bruises on my face they put me in an ambulance, and the EMS people said they saw me have another seizure. I was eventually diagnosed with epilepsy after an EEG showed seizure activity.


I'm gonna be straight. That's still pretty creepy


14. Harold is a sneaky pete.

My family always jokes about how we live with a ghost named Harold. The first signs we saw were papers falling off the counter. Now, I'll just hear a Lego fall down (very faint noise). The creepiest one was when I was showering and someone just opened the door and didn't say anything. I got super pissed off and started yelling. I was home alone.


Harold has the right idea.

Why are ghosts and spirits depicted as vengeful murderers or psychological torturers? Why aren't there more ghosts like Harold?

If I were to become a ghost, I would be a massive assh*le. I'm not going to possess your body or flay your dog, but I am going to turn off the burner when you look away.

You're late for an appointment? Boom. Old ladies on the road. You're trying to stream? Bam. Get throttled. Quiet Sunday morning? Nah. Feral children screaming at 7AM. Eating cereal? Lol. That's dog kibble, bro. Trying to teach your cat to stop jumping on furniture? Haha, sike. I put treats up there for her to find.


13. Maybe it was Harold's friend?

I lost my headphones once, they were missing for about a week. One day I came home, found one of my pillows on the floor in the middle of my bedroom and my headphones were lying on it in a neat lil roll. I lived alone at the time.


The guy living in your attic/crawl space was returning them.


12. Drink more?

Not what you were going for, but close enough. I was up at 2 am studying for an exam the next day. I was reading slides and talking to myself (I get chatty on coffee). I was having trouble understanding one of my power points and I said out loud "I can't figure this out. Lets just skip it and see whats on the next one." At that moment, two bottles fell off my shelf. I then laughed and said "I guess I can give it another look." The contents of that slide did appear on the exam the next day.


11. Broken john? Or...

This didn't actually move, but I was in the bathroom one day doing my hair and the toilet flushed all on its own.


Might need to replace the flapper chain (I don't know what the f*ck it's actually called.) They can sometimes get rusty and get tangled up in themselves, causing the flapper bit to stay slightly open and let water slowly into the bowl, causing the phantom flushing.


Alternatively, Negative pressure in the sewage system.

Someone clearly was putting their mouth on the outflow and sucking.


10. Not a ghost, just a creep.

I lived alone, but kept noticing tiny things moved in my apartment. It was the bottom floor of a 2 story hose, with a locked connector door. I started doing the "tape a hair across the door" thing, and discovered that the upstairs neighbor was somehow unlocking and entering my place every day. Needless to say, moved out of there quickly.


You never confronted them? Were they just your neighbor, or were they your landlord too? That's creepy as fuck, but just wondering those questions.


Landlord too, and never did confront, just left quickly. Nothing they could have explained would have made me feel less gross about it.


9. Places aren't haunted, people are.

Mom in law owns an antique store I managed. We had stuff go missing and reappear for months. It was too weird to be an employee. Like, the time sheets ended up in the bathroom? All the ink pens suddenly left the register and we're in a filing cabinet? Even better, I had a lady come in and tell me a certain table was haunted. Weird. I go to a festival to sell stuff and a lady in line for the bathroom looks at me and asks if I have a ghost at work. Super weird.




Right? I told mom in law and the vendor for the booth of the accused table. She took it home and weird crap stopped at the store but started at her house. She burnt the table and never had another problem. So weird.


8. Ghosts with guns. Great.

One time my family went out to dinner and when we got back there was a pistol on my parents bed. It was the one we never use and keep locked in the safe. No one would've taken it out so we had our detective/swat neighbor come look around the house. He couldn't find anything that would say someone else had been in the house, and none of us got the gun out. I didn't sleep very well for the next few weeks.


7. Time to leave.

My parents and brother went on vacation abroad a couple years ago, leaving the entire house to me for two weeks, and it was heaven. The nights could sometimes make me feel uneasy though, as our house is in the middle of the country with few neighbors and no street lighting or anything. So just pitch black silence until the morning hours. I'd often look out the window and imagine someone was out there in the dark and could see me, but I couldn't see them. Ended up closing the curtains out of paranoia and stuff, feeling silly about how I was freaking myself out.

A couple days of being alone later, I one morning wake up hours late, realizing my alarm hasn't gone off. I reach over to grab my phone, but can't find it. Getting up, I realize that for some reason, it's lying on my desk all the way across the room. Not that weird on its own, I feel a little uncomfortable because I never go to bed without my phone, but brush it off as a mistake.

A week passes, I take a picture with my phone that I want to show a friend, and notice there's a few pictures of like... just random stuff on it. Closeups of my floor, my bedcovers, my walls, pictures of my room from angles that really just look awful and you can barely tell what it's supposed to be. Again, I feel uneasy, but going by how these pictures look, I clearly took them by accident. Likely pressed the camera button by accident while holding my phone and walking.

That's when I see there's a video, and I genuinely get chest pains just thinking about it, even though I don't believe in the supernatural and know there's an explanation.

It's a video of my bed. With me in it. You can only see my forearm, but you can hear me breathing very slowly, like I'm asleep.

The angle the video was taken from can only mean it was recorded from my bedside.


6. And y'all still stayed two weeks?

My contact lenses disappeared on me at a hotel. Know for a fact I set them in the bathroom the evening I arrived, and they were gone by morning. I never left the room and no one came in.

Met my co-worker in the lobby that morning and asked how he'd slept.

"Terrible.. this hotel is f*cking haunted!" Was the first thing out of his mouth.

Totally gave me chills because I had been getting creeped out the night before also. He said he woke up twice to a small girl jumping in his bed and laughing.

We stayed there two weeks. The last morning when I am packing, there are my contacts exactly where I placed them when I arrived.


I was staying in a really weird hotel in Boston... it had a window into the bathroom that could only be covered by a giant curtain that ran across the length of the room and blocked the hallway. I was getting ready for bed when I heard... not tapping, but like, scraping against the glass, then footsteps in the hallway bit of our room (the bed was on the other side of the curtain). I thought it was my boyfriend joking with me about the curtain. Came out, he was lying in bed and hadn't moved. Got up to early the next morning before him (after using the bathroom last the night before), and the water in the toilet was bright orange. Neither of us were on medication or anything that would have caused it, and I had flushed it the night before.

Wasn't a bad experience, just weird. We named the ghost Charles.


5. iMystery.

When I was in elementary school, we went to a parent-teacher night. IDK why I went but wherever. I took my iPod to listen to music in the car. When the event ended I couldn't find my iPod. I was freaking out. My mom decided that we would check the school tomorrow because it was getting late. When I opened the door to my room I saw the iPod on my bed. I have no clue how that f*cking happened. It's been over 8 years and I still think about it.


Did your mom find it and place it on your bed?


I assume OP meant they were using on the way to the school, but couldn't find it on the way back, and then found it in a room no one had been in when they got home. So the iPod somehow got from the car to their house with no intervention.

I don't know if that made it any clearer lol.


Yea! Thanks for clarifying it!


4. Don't look in the mirror >_____<

Home alone, about to have a shower.

We have these slow shut bathroom cabinets with mirrors on. I shut the cabinet like normal and left the bathroom to get my towel which I forgot. When I got back, I noticed the cabinet door was slightly open. I know I shut it, I always do it the same way any it always shuts properly. I open it out of curiosity and then shut it again like normal. This time I watched it close, and it closed properly and fully. I had to get something out again which I forgot, so I got it, shut the cabinet once more and started undressing. Got undressed and when straightening back up from taking pants off, the cabinet door was slightly cracked open again.

This freaked me the fuck out for far too long until I shut it and watched it close. Turns out I was trying to shut it too hard and it kept bouncing back open. I'm so dumb.


3. There's a reason it was abandoned.

Used to have a black pyramid shaped stone when I was a kid. I brought it home when I found it near a beach I lived nearby. When I brought that f*cker home, it felt just wrong. Like something was off around my room and the whole place felt darker. Had nightmares, and heard more creepy sounds in my room. The next morning I decided enough was enough, get that sh*t out of my house. The creepy part was when I tried to find it, I couldn't find it anywhere. Even though I knew I put it on my shelf next to my small collection of rocks from the beach. But watching all of the horror movies, I forced myself mentally to think "f*ck it, stay at my house, I'll just leave it be." Next day as if being fooled by my 7 year old reverse psychology, the thing was back where it should have been. I picked it up, walked all the way to the lake, and threw that thing as hard as I could and as far as my tiny kid arms could muster back into the water. Never had issues with it since.


2. Places aren't haunted, people are.

Hooooo boy. Here goes, I have three:

  • It was four in the morning, I was awake because I suck at sleeping and also because of some childhood issues. My door was closed. I liked it that way. I had a rubber doorstop stuck under it so that it couldn't just come open and would take a significant amount of f*cking super strength to force through (my kitty, Jakey, for example, definitely couldn't just knock it open and come in despite knowing how to operate doorknobs). I was writing a short story for Halloween that I was supposed to read at school, pretty absorbed in that, when my cat jumped up and walked across my keyboard. Frustrating, but whatever. Then I realized I had specifically left the cat out of my room (checked everywhere, found him under my bed and put him out before shutting the door) so he could use the litterbox at night. I turned around to check the door thinking I had left the doorstop out by mistake. Nope. Door was open, doorstop was in the middle of the room on its side. I still don't want to know how it happened because in the three years I've had that doorstop in my door no amount of pounding, battering-ramming and even trying to shoot the lock out has ever gotten that door open unless I removed the doorstop. I now use like five.
  • It was two in the afternoon, I was home alone sick. I was not getting up from bed because everything hurt and there was a minifridge not even five feet away so I could just lean over, open, and get some juice or a snack. I remembered there was a vase on the end table by the door in the hall. The door was open so I could see things and get up to go to the bathroom if need be. I also remember now that my cat hadn't been adopted from the shelter yet and my old kitty had died (May you rest in tranquility Opal, you were a good girl). There was no dog. I reiterate: I. Was. Home. Alone. Then I looked over at the door and saw that the vase was gone. I sat up and looked at the floor around the end table. It was not shattered. It was not laying on the ground. It was just gone. I got my ass up, grabbed the knife I kept by the bed and checked the whole house before deciding that it must have been some fluke of my imagination and that there was never a f*cking vase to begin with. The trippy sh*t? When I walked back down the hall to go back to bed, the vase was there again. Wtf.
  • This one's a little tamer. I had a pencil on my desk one second, I look away for a bit to check the clock and it's gone when I look back. I figured another kid had stolen it until I realized there was no one in the desk next to me and no one else would have been able to take it without me seeing them retreating back to their desk.

Still, it was all a little weird.


1. Ouija Boards are trouble.

I already figured that there was a ghost in my childhood home, but one day that became very apparent when I heard the deadbolt turn and lock itself. This wasn't one of those new smooth deadbolts - it was an antique that needed a little extra oomph to turn, and I distinctly remember leaving it unlocked. I was watching TV (paranormal programming no less) and I heard the deadbolt turn over and lock; I ran over to see what was up, and sure enough it had locked itself. I was the only one in or near my house, and while I was a little shaken, I was super cool with it because Des was a friendly house ghost with our best interests in mind.

Edit: We assumed her name was Des because of multiple Ouija Board encounters with a woman named Des who supposedly lived in the house. We never verified her identity, tho. So who knows!!


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