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The All-Time Creepiest Facts About The Human Body

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The human body is truly amazing. It's resilient, it can create antibodies to fight off infections, and it comes in all shapes and sizes.

There are some awesome facts about the human body, like that no two people have the same fingerprints.

However, there are also some creepy facts about the human body.

Redditors are well aware of this and are ready to share the creepiest facts they know about the human body.

It all started when Redditor MorBot07 asked:

"What creepy fact about the human body do you know?"

I Need To Go Take A Nap

"Too much lack of sleep can cause the brain to "eat itself", cutting connections and making things like alzheimer more probable in later life."

– 89_degree_angle

"nothing has been able to convince me to start sleeping more but i think this comment really did it for me.."

– r0saliaa

Can't Move

"If your spinal cord loses adequate blood supply for a short period of time, you can be temporarily paralyzed."

"The first sign that your spine is "waking up" again is that you regain a specific reflex, where if you squeeze that person's penis or clitoris, their anus contracts. If that happens, it's a good sign."

– AceAites

Just The Right Spot

"A single punch to the chest can stop your heart. A single punch to the gut can rupture your spleen and kill you. A single punch to the face or back of the head can kill you. (the back of the head being less sudden and more noticeable)..."

"Let it be known that, despite all the things we can endure, humans are insanely fragile in many ways you may not even have thought of."

– wolfyfancylads

The Other Side Of Me

"Some people’s organs are on the wrong side of their body, like a mirror image… It’s called Situs Inversus"

– smallCraftAdvisor

"This is true! I actually have this. Partial Situs Inversus. Dextrocardia. It doesn’t harm me just means my heart in on the wrong side so the opposite lung is smaller. Can cause issues when I’m sick but nothing more."

– FlamingArrowheads

My Choice

"There are pregnancy cancers. You can have little baby cell metastases growing in your brain if you decide to have a baby and some of cell multiplier genes go wrong."

– zeratul196

"Add that to the list of why I need bodily autonomy. 😬"

– chubbycat96

Time For A Reboot

"A seizure, despite how terrifying they may be, are your brain's response to the brain equivalent of a runtime error. Something happened that shouldn't have, and your brain is restarting to get everything running smoothly again."

"Source: epileptic since 2003"

– authorStanCrane


"When we die, it looks like your fingernails are still growing, but it’s actually just the skin around your fingers shrinking."

– Comfortable-Pin-5769

A Body Is An Ecosystem

"Your body contains just as many foreign cells, i.e. gut bacteria, as your own body cells. These cells produce hundreds of neurochemicals that the brain uses to regulate basic physiological processes as well as mental processes such as learning, memory and mood. Some believe this is the "gut feeling" people sometimes get in certain situations."

– chaoschosen665


"I’m currently pregnant with a girl. I’m currently holding the cells that could become my grandchild."

– dreamqueen9103

"Samesies. Every person in existence was once half inside their biological maternal grandmother."

– Magnaflorius


"I don’t know if it qualifies as creepy.. I’m a nurse, and I’ve always found it interesting how the body attempts to compensate when sick which incidentally tends to lead to you becoming sicker because of how overworked your body is."

– Chowel98

Different Species, One Body

"An estimated 30 trillion cells in your body—less than a third—are human. The other 70-90% are bacterial and fungal. Ninety-nine percent of the unique genes in your body are bacterial."

– AwiiiLama


"If you have a stroke (or other brain injury) that effects parts of the brain associated with speech, you will probably end up with some type of aphasia."

"For example, my “favorite” type of aphasia is Wernicke’s Aphasia; patients can form whole words and even sentences, but they usually make no sense. I had a patient with Wernicke’s Aphasia who would constantly say something close to “we have to rescue the dog(s) from the DMV!” It took me about 30 mins to figure out this person wanted something to drink."

– YayAdamYay

A Whole New Person

"I heard or read once that essentially every 7 years your body has completely regenerated. Of course it's a slow on going process but 7 years from now no cell that's currently in your body will still be there."

– randomradomski

No Changes

"Eyes are the only part of the body that don't grow. Same size when you die as when you were born."

– lookatmypackage

We Are Strong

"You could easily bite your own fingers or tongue off, but (unless you're seriously mentally ill) your brain prevents you from doing so."

– endorrawitch

They say knowledge is power, but I'm not sure I'm better off for knowing of this!

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