People Share The Creepiest Thing They've Experienced That No One Believes


It's all true. I swear!

We know there is another realm we cannot see. The spirits walk among us, that is a fact. Why is it only a few of us are touched with the proof? The spirits are restless and they want to be heard! So why not tell everybody? Everytime something is off and a bit eery those of us affected are left looking like loons, off to fend for ourselves. If only people would heed the signs. One day the spirits will show themselves to you.

Redditor u/dogidoga_100 wanted us all to be warned about the things we're not fast to believe by asking.... Whats the creepiest/scariest thing that you've seen but no one believes you?

Photo Proof....


I was sleeping at my cousin's house on New Year's Eve 2014. My 3 cousins, brother and I all decided to sleep in the same bedroom as our parents were staying out all night (we were old enough to stay at home on our own). Point is, we were 100% the only people in the house that night and all slept in the same place.

Woke up the next day and was getting in the car to leave when I had a look at my camera roll from the previous night. To my absolute horror, there were 5 photos of us all sleeping. Every single person was in the photos fast asleep, so there was no way any of us took them.

My aunt showed the photos to the landlord and he had no explanation. To this day, nobody knows who took them. leopardmask

Bad Sober Moments....

In college, I had a summer internship in a national park that had just ended a wolf reintroduction program. A number of interns were housed in an area of cabins clustered together on a one-lane gravel road. I was staying in a different area of the park, and had gone over to the cabins for dinner one night. I left pretty late, close to midnight and was enjoying the quiet walk down the road to my car; it was a clear night with a full moon, and the conifers growing on either side of the road shaded it almost entirely.

As I'm walking, I see a light-colored shape on the other side of the road coming in my direction. I kept walking, slowly, and as we drew toward each other, I saw that it was an ENORMOUS canid of some sort... far too big to be a coyote, but as far as we knew, all the wolves had been relocated. We each kept our pace, and it never turned its head or anything... just kept walking. I somehow managed not to piss myself, but by the time I got into my car, was shaking so hard I could barely get my key in the ignition.

Everyone I've told thinks I was exaggerating, but I was stone-cold sober, less than 10 feet from it, and that animal's back was up to my waist... easily the biggest dog-creature I've ever seen. frickenfricksrsly

I'd Move....

My leather couch was ripped open when I lived alone. slightleirabyss

Coulda been an owl infestation. manipulator-maniplte

Forest 911.... 

Right after high school (class of '91) I got a contract job with the Forest Service. We travelled all over the West doing gopher control in re-planted clear cuts. The gophers would eat the tender roots of the newly planted saplings, and we had to control them to give the trees a chance to get started.

We were returning to our hometown after a long job in Oregon, driving across the desert near a government lab. It's about 3am, we're going about 80 in a 55mph zone. Suddenly, a semi truck, completely blacked out, no lights at all, bombs past us on this stretch of highway like we were standing still. Then, two army style trucks, also blacked out.

Got back to our hometown, told several people what we saw, no one would believe us. I still think they are doing freaky stuff out their in that desert lab. If we'd tried to chase them or anything, we probably would have disappeared. TrickyRonin

Annabelle : The Origin....


Doing a service call on an apartment, this lady has obvious obsession with dolls, like those 15 inch tall pioneer looking dolls. She's not home, so I go about my business, very uncomfortable, and even more so when I enter her bedroom. She literally has 300+ dolls with doll heads tied to strings from the ceilings, and a small little altar-like thing in the corner of her bedroom, with a severed chicken head, and gargoyle-like statues and pictures of children. There's a pig's hoof hanging from a red cord in her bathroom. When I get to the dining room, there's a ouija board and multiple dolls all arranged around a dismembered doll that's drenched in what I think was blood.

I think I broke the human top-speed record that day. No one believes me to this day. nolemarin305

Don't Blink....

I once walked into my living room to see a football that I have never seen before lying in the middle of the room, vertically. It fell on one side when I guess it "noticed me" and proceeded to roll into the kitchen and behind the counter and out of view. After standing there from awe and confusion I went to look for it, it wasn't there. Never saw it again. EmptyToad45

Graves can be Sexy?

In high school I briefly dated a gothy chick whose idea of a good time was to hang out (and yeah, occasionally make out) in the old graveyard out on the edge of town. Not my favorite thing in the world, but she was cute and I was 16, so there you have it.

One night she told me to meet her there. Place was dark and empty, as always. I had my phone flashlight and was poking my way through the headstones to the tree that was our usual meet-up spot, when I saw some movement in my peripheral vision. Turned the light to where I thought it was in time to see a silhouette move behind a headstone about thirty yards away. I was sure it was her trying to scare me (which she sometimes did) and called out to her, and in response I heard a female voice - but not hers - call the same name back to me, like it was mocking me. I turned and sprinted back to the road.

I texted her from my car. She said she hadn't left her house yet. I cancelled on her and drove home. harrycranescomputer

Do you hear the howl?

When I was little (7 or 8), I woke up one night to a white dog sitting in the doorway of my bedroom. This was weird because we didn't have a dog or any other indoor pets. While I watched it got up and went down the hall towards the living room. I got up, looked down the dark, empty hall and went the opposite direction to my parent's room. I woke my mom up and told her there was a dog in the house. She got up and we looked, but didn't find anything. She thought I was dreaming.

At some point, when I was older, I found a picture of the dog my parents had when I was a baby. I learned from my mom that the dog often slept in my doorway, guarding my room. But the dog died before I was two. The dog in the picture was the dog I saw that night. LorelaisDoppleganger

I See You!! 

My friends and I used to frequently visit the abandoned Joesph P. Ladd school. It was rumored to be haunted, most of the time i just assumed the noises were other people on the property. I had never experienced anything supernatural there, just you know scared cause of the circumstances of what could happen. One of the last times I was there I brought my crowbar because the state had started boarding up and welding doors shut. So here I am, trying to pry open a small enough gap in between these two doors. (there was a good 6 inch space between them where it was open). After a few tries, I'm getting pretty aggravated, saying to myself "is this worth it?!" it was a pretty well light night, the moon was really bright so I didn't need my flash light unless I was inside a building, also didn't use it because of the risk of alerting security. So, I'm peering through these two doors down this hall with my flash light, and about 50 feet down the hallway it looked like some light dust came into view. So the dust entered where my flash light was aimed and then suddenly IT turned. I could see the cloudy, barely visible outline of an chest, shoulders and head. Nothing else. As it turned, I can still vividly remember of what appeared to be the ghostly misty outline of shoulders and head moving towards the flashlight. So as any person would, I ran away and screamed. Never had been so scared in my life. zackthegiant

Lights out!


A light. I was alone on a forested, snow covered mountain and there was a bright light just sitting in the middle of the trail. It was there all night. In the morning there was nothing there. Booksnotpeople

Rumor has It!

It would help if I had pictures to explain the setting here, but I used to fish at an abandoned house's pond near my home. Next to that property was a wealthy neighborhood of about six houses (mansions). One day while getting off the bus, I saw a black Mercedes with fully tinted windows, which is rare in New Jersey, sitting in the driveway of the pond house. I found it odd, and was kind of sad because I thought I'd never get to fish there again.

The next day, I found out the man who lived at the end of the wealthy neighborhood had been shot in the head while he slept. Rumor has it he was involved in the mafia. I believe those rumors. joenastyness207

Monkey See - Monkey Do! 

My mom and I were driving through rural Missouri late one night. It was dark and hard to see much beyond the headlights. All of a sudden something scampered (yes, scampered) across the road in front of our car. We didn't hit it but when it got to the other side of the road (on the shoulder) it sat up on its hind legs, turned around, and looked directly at us. It had a long, thin tail - too thin to be a fox tail, too big in general to be a squirrel or possum. To this day we both swear it was a monkey. People don't believe us but the way it turned back and looked at us once it got to the other side of the road was so chilling and human-like. Based on the size, shape, and movement it could only be a monkey. luxemlady

Not the Mask....


I was about four to six years old and my mother was telling me to get ready for bed. I remember hopping on the bed and going straight for the window. I pulled open the curtains dramatically. I was face to face with a giant fly/moth head. Its face was staring straight at me and was huge. Almost like a mask pulled over someone's head. I became hysterical trying to express what I saw and was told it was my imagination. Now, this was in the window to the backyard. Our house was on a foundation above ground so that window was 10 feet off the ground. It's been over 17 years and I remember that creatures staring back and the sheer horror of its eyes. Can't bring myself to look out of windows at night. KillJoyKween

Lock it and Run! 

My mom used to always yell at me to close the pantry door and one day when i was home alone I got a snack and left the door open,as i was walking away the door slammed shut and i heard a voice say "close it" quietly but intensely. I swear i literally grabbed my dog and ran faster than i ever have before up to my room and locked the door... let's just say I literally will never forget to shut that damn door. itsochloe

Help Me Harry! 

A white, smiling face at my window as I was laying down for bed. My mother checked all around, and there was nothing. But I swear to God, I saw it and it was a person. She still teases me about it from time to time.

I should add that it was glowing as if it were a light source. And it had no nose I can remember, just slits like a snake. Eyes had no color, just black pupils. Its mouth was wider than any human's. No hair, either. And the height from the ground to my window is about eight feet, and it was at perfect eye level.

May have been Voldemort. Many people have asked, so that is my answer. However, I highly doubt it for obvious reasons. NightKnight909

I know what I saw....

I saw a UFO with my mother in Oregon one night. We were traveling when I spotted a triangle shape in the sky, formed by 5 bright lights. We stopped the car, get out and look, and it's just hovering there, silent with no movement. I should have taken pictures or a video but I was so caught up in the moment because I couldn't make out what I was seeing. Out of nowhere, this thing shot off to the horizon, faster than any man-made machine.. We both remember clear as day, however very few people believe our story. ButSheLooked18

be safe out there....

I watched a stabbing. Both guys ran right after so I had no proof. I never found out what happened to them but no one believed I saw a random assault, even though I was in the worst neighborhood. bacchuss89

In the Moonlight....


Me and a few friends were walking on a paved recreational trail near a river back when we were teenagers, at night, of course. I happened to see a dark shadow in some bushes off to the side of us, and when I realized it was big enough to be more than just a cut down tree stump, I looked back and saw two eyes gleaming in the moonlight and then the shadow tried to hunch down further into the bushes.

Considering there are plenty of sexual assaults on this trail, I had felt safe in a group. But yeah as soon as I saw that we all took off sprinting for our buddy's house. Pretty sure we ran about a 6 minute mile that night, and I've got asthma. Seventy_x_7

The car is ALIVE!!!

Driving home from work one night and I am approaching a stop light. Suddenly I hear scratching on my roof similar to the sound dogs make of wooden floors. Then my passenger window rolls itself down, the outer portion of my passenger armrest breaks off like someone put too much force on it, and my passenger air bag light off light turns off like there is someone sitting there. Demons I tell you. DragonFuhrer

Driving with mom....

I once saw my sister drive past me in my mum's car (it was a really obvious red little car and I'd never seen anyone else drive one in our small town of that make and model). I could see my sister clearly, and thought it really weird that she didn't stop as I had phoned a few minutes earlier to get a ride home. She drove past me and up the street.

The moment the car with my sister driving turned the corner, I looked back the other direction, and my mum then turned the corner of the opposite end of the street and pulled up in front of me. My sister wasn't even in the car. There was no possible way the car could have teleported 300m in the opposite direction to what it was driving in half a second anyway (let alone the fact a different person was now driving). I was so scared that as soon as I got home I told my sister to never drive along that street alone if she could avoid it. My sister could tell I was serious, but I still don't think she believed me. It happened like 25 years ago now, but I don't ever tell people because it is both unbelievable and mundane sounding at the same time (unless you were there). I still don't understand what happened. aartadventure


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