Creative People Imagine What The Walkie Talkie Inventor Might Name Other Things

Doesn't scream 5 Star but ok.

Forks would be Stabby Grabbies!

Sounds rather Presidential at this moment!

Cruise missile: zoomie boomie.

For XBOX of Super Nintendo?

Call of Duty Rooty Tooty Point and Shooty III

You can never go wrong with the classics!

Woah... It just occurred to me. Someone already thought of this:

Underwear - tighty whities.

As long as I'm still breathing call it what you want!

Defibrillator: The Hearty Starty

Would about the other sizes and foods?

Spoons would be soupy scoopies.

And the toaster?

Microwaves - heatie eaties.

What's the interest on that deposit?

Places where you donate sperm would be wankie-bankies.

Much more dignified!

A fart would be a booty tooty.

Doesn't make them any less uncomfortable.

Thongs: peekie cheekies


Pregnancy test: Maybe baby.

That's Looney Toonie!

Rabbits: Jumpy Thumpies

As long as they're not holey!

Socks are feetie heaties.

I see you. ALL of you.

They would've named x-ray specs "eyesie spysies".

That could take the pressure off of first dates.

Icebreaker activities would be meetie greeties.

What about with orange juice?

Screwdrivers: Rightie Tighties

Ride in style!

Limos are roomy vroomies.

Elmer's, Super or stick?

_Glue would be 'Stickie-Quickie'. _

The New Lassie. Just need a Timmy!

Wet dog: soggy doggy.

Any thoughts on the OBGYN?

Pregnancy: Swellie belly.

Somebody's created a whole new language.

Candy: Sweety treatie

Food: Yummy tummy

Dance: Boogie oogie

Tire swing: Ringie swingie

Chopsticks: Sticky picky

Speakers: Soundy roundies

Diploma: Classie passie

Glue: Thicky sticky

His girlfriend: Honey bunny

Computers: Starey squaries

Christmas tree: Shiny spiny

Subway footlong: Eaty feety

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