Christmas is about the joy of family and celebrating life. We gather with loved ones to sing songs --preferably by Mariah Carey-- and toast with eggnog while reflecting on years past.



Gift giving can be a bit daunting when you've got that arts and crafts loved one who uses their skills to show up everyone by upstaging the gift itself with it's paper tomb. 


One particular way is to actually create something out of the paper and gifts combined. 

Redditor meokgoshipeo posted a pic detailing a load of gifts that where fastened to create art and hunger! 


McDonald's needs to watch out!

CrimsonPig says : Burger King introduces "The Wrapper!"

Others quickly followed suit posting their greatest wrapping triumphs. 

Always try to keep them guessing.   

Wonder if she will know what it is?     5cottt

Kylee Alons/Unsplash

We all need a little wholesome content every now and then. Much of the world, especially right now, can seem very dark and depressing.

It's important to recognize that not all of the world is as scary as it may seem. So we wanted to see what wholesome facts people had to share with us.

In fact, the world "wholesome" literally means "promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit."

Take a minute to enjoy this list of wholesome facts that will just make your heart melt.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Shaking hands... what's up with that?

Could this social custom be going out of style given that we're all in the middle of a global pandemic and have become hyperaware of all the germs around us?

And not just that, but just how nasty people are? Why would you want to shake hands with them?

People shared their opinions after Redditor alebenchhe asked the online community,

"What social customs do we need to retire?"
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I have a paralyzing fear of death. If I could I would live forever. Have you ever seen the movie "Death Becomes Her?" I would give every penny for that potion. And I wouldn't be all crazy like them.

Live well forever and be happy? It's possible. Even though life is nuts and scary, you're still here. What if there is nothing after the final breath? I don't want to just not exist, while everybody else just gets to keep on dancing.

In my hopes I see a Heaven with ice cream and vodka. So I'm going to hold onto that until eternal life is an option. Let's hear from the gallery...

Redditor u/St3fan34 wanted to discuss life after life, by asking:

What do you think really happens after death?
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