People Break Down Which Conspiracy Theories Were Later Proven To Actually Be True


Ever met a conspiracy theorist? Sure you have. They're out there... and some are loopier than others.

Most conspiracy theories relate to clandestine government plans and elaborate murder plots. Conspiracy theories also often deny consensus and flout the scientific method of careful observation and rigorous skepticisim.

But believe it or not, some conspiracy theories have turned out to be right on the money, as we learned after Redditor BrilliantKrill asked the online community, "What are some popular conspiracy theories that have been proved?"

"All sorts of rumours..."

Jimmy Savile - UK television personality in the 70s and 80s, did a lot (think "£millions") of charity work and volunteered as a porter in his local hospital.

All sorts of rumours and gossip about how he was a sexual predator.

Turned out rather deeper than that. Now he's been dead a few years, it's come out that he was probably the most prolific sex offender Britain has ever seen. Young women, corpses - he'd abuse anyone and anything.

How did he get away with it? Simple. Turns out that around the same time, lots of people in positions of power (including a number of MPs) were all looking out for each other.


"The government has kidnapped citizens..."

The government has kidnapped citizens for Nazi style experimentation from the 50's to the 70's. It was called Project MKUltra and Project Monarch and could still be going on today. The pentagon burned 10s of thousands of documents with info regarding the project.


"A proposed CIA operation..."

Operation Northwoods:

A proposed CIA operation to train Cuban refugees to commit mass shooting sprees in cities like Miami, to help convince the public that we should invade Cuba and kill Castro. Luckily, JFK had the sense to reject the idea.


"Apple slows down..."

Apple slows down old iPhones. But not because they want to make you buy a new one (they claim). It was to prevent phones with old batteries from dying too quickly. However, they never publicized this, and any tech person would have said it was false. Most of them didn't even know about it.

Now there's a setting to enable or disable this in Settings > Battery, but that specific setting only shows up once your battery is older and not holding a charge as well as a newer one.


Iran-Contra, the Tuskegee Experiments, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Operation Condor, everything having to do with the CIA's role in propping up Mobutu in what's now the D.R. Congo (which Mobutu renamed "Zaire") and everything having to do with the Soviets propping up Mengistu in Ethiopia.


"The CIA flooded public housing..."

The CIA flooded public housing projects/low income areas with crack/cocaine as well as knowingly trafficked it from Colombia (and causing a coup and an onslaught of other sh!t in the process).

They launched the War on Drugs and hyper criminalizing drug offenses while simultaneously incentivizing single motherhood via welfare program qualifications and also caught forcibly/unknowingly force sterilizing Black women and women of color (mainly Native and Latina) under government care.

I could go on, but y'all would call me a raving radical.


Project MK-Ultra and Operation Mockingbird. The CIA mind control program and the the still ongoing Operation Mockingbird that still influences the media today. Both of the official classified CIA documents were released confirming them to be in fact real. The documents were released 6 years apart, Operation Mockingbird in 2001 and MK-Ultra in 2007 with another document of the same subject being released in 2018 saying the project was also performed on dogs.


"Just accepting..."

In 1967 a German police officer shot a student during a demonstration. The whole thing that started flower power and anti establishment thinking in Germany.

Benno Ohnesorg was killed and there were some conspiracy theories about the identity of the police officer but it was not much more than rumors. Some of the demonstrating students claimed that the police officer was an agent for the GDR and had killed Benno Ohnesorg in order to destabilize the West German state. Sounds a bit far fetched and exactly like something that would spread amongst conspiracy theorists without any proof because it sounds good and intelligent and like you're deeeeeep into politics. Too complicated to be true, too far fetched, like a movie.

Just accepting there was a trigger-happy police officer (among the very same people that not long ago were Nazis) was much more realistic. So that was what people thought. Fuck the polices and fuck the elites and fuck West Germany, the politicians are fucking fascists. Plus the guy's name literally means "without any sorrows" (a fucking cool name and the reason why I remember him) which really played into the hands of everyone who wanted to use that incident in order to promote what grew into a generation of anti-government political activists. Hippies. But also the RAF, a left-wing anti-government terrorist group.

In 2010 (43 years later!) it turned out that those conspiracy theorists were telling the truth. East Germany had that student killed by an undercover agent (the police officer) in order to stir some beef up in West Germany. And it worked to some extent!


"Newly installed communist regime..."

Currency change in Czechoslovakia in 50s. Newly installed communist regime was failing to recover economy from WWII. Years after war, trade was still limited, food coupons were in use, and people hoarded large amount of savings, that weren't possible to spend. Communist party assured people that they will never lose their money, and meanwhile they have been secretly printing new money in soviet union.

Once it went public, the exchange rates were set to rob people of savings and property. If a person had almost no savings , he got a good course, something like 1 new for 10 old crowns. If a person had a good savings, course was much worse, and rich people were treated the worst, losing most of money not invested.


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