Teachers Share The Craziest Thing They've Ever Found In A Student's Locker


If you've ever worked with kids, you know there are some fundamental truths that just cannot be changed. Children are forgetful. Children are kinda gross. Children are easily distracted.

Take all of that and combine it with a locker or other space that normally only they can access and ... well ... things get serious.

One Reddit user asked:

Teachers who have had to clean out students lockers, what's the worst/weirdest/grossest thing you've found in them?

We made it a point to look for answers posted by teachers or other adults, and to avoid the ones that were kids being purposefully gross. We kind of felt like the spirit of the question was to discuss the natural WTF-ness of children.

And there is so much...

In The Instrument

Cleaned out a tuba player's instrument locker. Everything seemed mundane, lots of trash paper, etc, nothing disgusting. Pull his concert tuba out, inspect, it's fine. Pull the sousaphone out, open the case, and dear God that smell. There was an Arby's bag with a half eaten sandwich and some fries IN THE INSTRUMENT.

We sent his parents that cleaning bill.

- NeuwPayer

Whose Sandwich Is This?

Well I'm not a teacher, but I'm a student at the end of gr.9 I'm gr.11 now. Have had my locker for years. I cleaned it out and found stale gummy worms, rain boots for a toddler, and the scariest thing

A moldy ham sandwich...............I'm a vegetarian...

And have been since gr.4

- SimpleFaceAnonymous



I worked as a resident assistant in college. On the last day before Christmas break, my colleague and I were checking all the rooms to ensure they were empty before we locked the dorm.

In one resident's empty room, sitting on the desk, was a small plastic container that should have been transparent, but was fogged up from the inside. Even weirder, it looked like there was a shadow inside it, like something was moving. We opened the lid and, after waving away the pungent smell, found four tiny gerbils desperately clawing at the container's sides to get out. Their bedding was filthy, and they had no water; one of them was even licking the sweaty condensation off the sides just to not die of thirst.

It was late at night and we had to go, so we took the gerbils to the campus police station. The gerbils were given some water, and the attending officer promised to get them proper help once things opened in the morning. When we confronted the resident about it After students returned in January, he said he didn't want them anymore and figured that the janitors would come by to eventually throw them away. We disciplined him for violating the no-pets policy, but he deserved so much worse than that.

- Ayn-Zar


A Portal to Narnia (ok, not quite).

On my last day of high school (20 years ago), they started to demo an older part of the school that had asbestos. The older part was adjacent to the newer part, and in particular the bank of lockers I was in directly backed onto it. We never thought or cared about it because the older part was small compared to all the newer, built up sections that we then used.

Anyway, classes let out and we were milling around for a while. Finally I went to collect my things and clean out my locker. When I opened it up, to my surprise, the back of the locker was loose, like it was now a door to something beyond it. My two adjacent locker mates were in the same boat, as that metal panel spanned all our lockers. We made sure no teacher was around, then without much effort we kicked the panel into the space behind the locker.

It opened to reveal an old classroom, almost perfectly preserved at the end of whatever school year had been its last use. There were old text books, posters, and tons of dust. We even found a notebook (nothing notable in it) that we were certain belonged to the dad of one of our friends (it would line up time-wise). Anyway we spent probably 30 minutes exploring in there before one of us (don't know who) reminded about the reason for the demolition, and we got the hell out.

It kinda reminded me of some scenes in the Silent Hill movie, but without the same fear level.

- Philosorunner



A wet bathing suit crammed into a half eaten bucket of fried chicken. They had been there for weeks.

- TigerTownTerror

Meat Market

A brace of rotting pheasants. Apparently he had plans to sell them, but he got kicked out.

- Whiskey__throwaway

Almost Enough To Make You Quit

I cleaned out schools at the end of the year. Recently, had a locker where one kid had left a whole lunch in it - from like the beginning of the year.

The milk was so spoiled. The apple was mulch. The sandwich was black and moldy I just about quit right there.

- priest_of_lord_chaos

Kids Are Gross

I just cleaned out my first graders' desks and cubbies since our last day pre-covid shutdown on March 12th. I found an open and half eaten PB and J uncrustable. Do you know what that looks like? I also found bottles of water with so much backwash floating in it that they were now almost whiteish gray on the inside. Kids are gross!

- estau329

The Mouse Mummy

When I was a first-year teacher, the classroom I was taking over had been previously occupied by a teacher who was somewhat of a hoarder. Lockers in the back of the room were used for extra storage, not kid coats and lunchboxes. In the last locker next to the pipes, under a pile of papers was a mouse that had been trapped by the mess. And in the dry heat, it had been mummified. It crumbled when we tried to move it.

- msLisbef



A live squirrel. Scritching noises were coming from the locker. Kid wouldn't say what was in it. Popped it open and out popped a baby squirrel.

- triggerhappymidget

The Pen Hoarde

In middle school everyone was obsessed with these really nice (by middle school standards) pens. The school had a huge problem with people having a their pens stolen.

They eventually got banned, in large part, because a kid got reported for stealing pens and when the checked his locker there was a freezer bag with something like 200 pens in it he had stolen over the course of the year!

The normal black or blue version of the pen was around a dollar and change but people would buy special versions for like five dollars sometimes. Someone did the math way back when and the kid had like 400 bucks worth of stolen pens hidden in his locker.

- MeLlamoCu


A bunch of love notes written from a security guard to a student. She never told anyone and the notes were found after graduation.

- Fawkrin_The_Skullkrin

Locker #2173

Ex high school teacher-helped clean out lockers because it was an "easy job," got paid by the hour, and could stretch it into a month. Until #2173.

A$$hole kid left about 2 gallons of cottage cheese in the locker. In 100+ degree heat. The stench was overwhelming. Like a rotting carcass. The a$$hole left a note on the door that read "Fck all you c*cksuckers."

That was the last year I did that.

- mathguyaz2718

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