People Share The Craziest Thing They've Ever Seen A Coworker Do Without Being Fired


Bad co-workers are as essential to life as kindergarten, paying taxes, and realizing, yes, you did leave the oven on. It can be hard getting any actual work done so long as they're flopping about, sapping your energy and time, and generally just making the workplace an awful place to be. Fortunately, you might think one day, the boss will swoop in at the last second, just when you absolutely can't take it anymore, and fire them right on the spot.


Reddit user, u/youngnibba32, wanted to hear about:

What is the worst thing that you've seen a coworker do and still avoid being fired?

Definitely Not Someone You Want In Charge Of Your Safety


Worked with a guy who punctured the main gas line to our shop three separate times.

It was a construction company and he somehow was still my superintendent although he could have blown up the shop.


Have You Taken A Look At The World? Not Surprised At All.

At sea you'd be surprised how many people have minor collisions and keep their jobs!

Seems to be a case of 'no oil spilled, no lives lost. Just don't do it again'


At Least There Was FINALLY A Breaking Point, Right?

She would show up high on meth for every shift. She'd trash the kitchen on her meth binges and slow us down during rushes due to having nothing ready or organized.

What finally got her fired was her stealing over $1000 from payroll. No one misses her


Crashed An Entire Warehouse

I work in a high-volume warehouse. A handful of years ago I was working peak under a woman who was attempting to get a permanent management position. I was working the label machines with a trainee. Right before break she pulls me, the guy working the other machine, and both of our trainees aside. She says she's going to send the two experienced ones to break early and have our trainees take every package they can off the line before they hit the label machines. When everyone else goes to break and the two of us come back, she wanted us to flood the main collector belt with everything she had taken off the line. It was a ploy to make her numbers look better than they were.

Me and the other experienced guy just looked at her in horror and begged her not to make us do it, because we knew what would happen. The jam she caused was so huge that the entire outbound department had to shut down for over an hour because all the sub-departments got too backed up to function.

Somehow this woman got the permanent management position despite single-handedly stalling out an entire, massive warehouse.


Trying To Do It The Lean, Clean Way Actually Made A Huge Mess

I worked for a national telecoms company in a small European country.

We had this guy and his job was to replace something called the Signalization Transfer Point. Basically it's how different networks interconnect so they can route traffic.

It's a large, complex, expensive system to do in a carrier grade fashion. This guy came from a small alternative telco and he decided he was gonna show us how they did things lean, fast and cheap. So he buys this cheap system with a "new, modern" architecture that all the traditional vendors warned us can't possibly handle our volumes. Of course we turn it on, network promptly falls over. No roaming, no international calls, etc. Have to roll back the deployment and start from scratch.

It was the most hideous, obviously preventable f-ckup I ever saw. Somehow the guy survived it. He's still there.


Stealing. That's Called Stealing.

I worked for a newspaper as the office manager. My duties included collecting, charting and depositing cash and checks that our newsstand driver turned in every week. I transitioned into advertising sales and trained a new girl very meticulously for my role. Fast forward about a year. The owner was looking over the financials and noticed that the newsstand sales weren't being documented on our daily finance sheet.

To make a long story short, the newsstand driver stopped turning in the cash, and stole thousands of dollars. He just stopped turning it in, and she said she "didn't notice." The crazy thing is, she took the deposits for 2 months when she started, but then claimed she didn't realize he stopped giving her money. I think she split the money with him, but even if she wasn't in on it, she cost the company thousands of dollars because of her negligence. She still works there.


"He said it seemed such a good idea at the time.​"


I know someone who managed to close an entire supermarket early for the first time in its history (costing the company several thousands of pounds) because they tried to set a clock on a computer back an hour to avoid missing some deadline for a daily routine.

He said it seemed such a good idea at the time.


Reaction Go "BOOM."

I worked with a guy in an organometallics production department, where we frequently did vacuum distillations of pyrophoric compounds. All this stuff is extremely water and air reactive. He had a glass vacuum trap that was clogged on one end with product.

He squirted a bunch of water in the non clogged end, and since it couldn't vent the glass exploded and glass shards mixed with rapidly oxidizing chemical went EVERYWHERE. He had to go to the hospital but he didn't get fired. I saw that guy do so much dangerous stuff. He was still working there when I left.


A Sort Of Vulture

Worst coworker ever was the credit mooch. He would constantly horn in on other people's projects, getting his name added to them to make it look like he was doing sh-t when he actually not. If people tried to assign him any work on said project he would have "a personal emergency" or "a virus would make him lose all his work" or "his schedule is booked with other project" or the worst, he would pull some sucker in to "help" him with it, and said sucker would end up doing it all in utter frustration.

Because he was so good at stealing credit, he managed to get top marks on his reviews despite doing absolutely zero actual work for the company. I know at least four people quit due to this guy getting better raises than they did. Far as I know they never actually got rid of him.


You Shouldn't Do That...But We Get It.

As an assistant manager at a Valvoline Instant Oil Change. I was dealing with an unreasonable customer that had just spit at a female employee that he didn't want working on his car. He didn't know that the guy under his car was her boyfriend. The guy comes up the steps, grabs an oil gun, and starts pumping 10W30 All Climate into the guy's window as he's frantically trying to start the car and roll up the window.

The employee was reprimanded pretty hard, but it was understood why he did it. No charges were filed, the franchise owner paid a lot of money to have the guy's car cleaned. Obviously, I never saw him again.


This Actually Sounds Like Two Awful Employees

Stole a bunch of marked tools (they were painted white)

Showed everyone in the shop pictures of his deer with said tools in the background.

Gets reported, boss calls him on it.

He said " you got me, I stole a gallon of white paint"

Never heard the boss laughing so hard

Year later or so he gets promoted lol


That's So Much Money

A guy at the plant I work at scrapped $360,000 in airplane parts because he didn't even bother to look at the work instructions.

He just drives a forklift now.


Trash Talking In The Open

HR rep found out about a person's elective surgery and made fun of her with a former employee. Let me recap: this person knew about an employee's private medical information, because she worked with our healthcare plan in her role as HR, and shared that private information with another person for the sole purpose of mocking the employee.

She was not fired.


Good Lord...

Someone cremated five bodies without doing required verification procedures. He had no idea at all who he cremated and no way of identifying the cremated remains afterward. Management's "solution" was to cremate the rest with proper procedures. I found out later that employee got promoted.


That's The End Of All Of It? Right?


Accidentally sent the last three years of account details/back statements from one company to their direct competitor


Nevermind. Ew...

Had a boss storing pictures of himself in only his wide open bathrobe on company servers. It was reported to HR but wasn't fired for it. Later he was arrested as part of an undercover sting where he thought he was meeting a 15 year old girl about 500 miles away.

The images were stored in a shared folder used by a few employees. The guy was our IT manager so he should have known better than storing them there. Assuming the pictures were taken using a work camera because digital cameras were very expensive at that time and the company had a few.

Before he left for the weekend to meet "the girl" he had asked to use the digital camcorder I had for work. He told me he needed it to make a video of his home possessions for insurance purposes but I was suspicious of that so I told him I needed it for work.

We found out he was arrested when he called the computer room collect from jail. This was later in the evening when he no showed for work that day. We didn't accept the charges but called back later to see what he was charged with. At that time we were told solicitation of a minor but the whole details came out later when he was on the local new station.


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