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People Share The Craziest Thing Their Boss Has Ever Asked Them To Do

People Share The Craziest Thing Their Boss Has Ever Asked Them To Do
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There is a fine line between doing your job and being asked to an accomplice.

I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a supervisor and thought... "Who did you sleep with for this job?"

Some bosses have no boundaries.

And what may sound like a simple favor or just part of your job description is actually nonsense.

Nonsense they gaslight you into doing.

I know we all have stories...

Redditor thekutsiwanted to hear about all the workplace lunacy a higher up has caused. They asked:

"What's the craziest thing your boss asked you to do?"

I wish some bosses could hear themselves when they speak. They'd be shocked.


I Am Trash GIF by PBS Digital StudiosGiphy

"My old shop owner used to have us techs pour coolant down the toilet instead of disposing of it properly. After enough of us raised a fuss he started dumping it in the street himself."


The Bell

"I used to work at Taco Bell and on the receipt there was a little online survey at the bottom. My manager told me to go through the trashes to find receipts that people had thrown out so that we could fill them out ourselves so our store would get a better rating. I was a stupid 17 year old so of course I did it. We used to give ourselves perfect reviews all the time actually."


On Fire

"Used to deliver pizza for Domino’s on an e-bike. The e-bikes we used had a bunch of wiring underneath the saddles. One day the wiring caught on fire while I was delivering an order, so the fire started burning underneath my bum (also obviously the batteries stopped working so it became very tough to ride the e-bike)."

"Asked the shift manager of that evening if I could get another e-bike to use for the rest of the evening. He told me 'as long as you’re not on fire yourself you’re using this e-bike.' Quit my job shortly after that."


Labor and Delivery

"At the beginning of Covid, most of our pregnant patients were staying at home and not coming to the hospital for minor things such as mild abd pain, UTI, STD checks, etc as they had before because they were scared to come to a hospital. Our census obviously dropped."

"To try to get the census back up, our managers told us that if a patient called asking whether they should come to the hospital or not, we were supposed to just tell them to come no matter what their complaint was, even if it was something that they absolutely did not need to come in for."

"I refused to do this so I’d just transfer any calls to my charge nurse and let them deal with it. Let’s bring an already immunocompromised pregnant patient to the hospital in the very beginning of an unpredictable pandemic for something they don’t really need to come in for, sure. Smh."



Eating Fast Tic Tac GIF by The BacheloretteGiphy

"I had a boss at a fine dining restaurant that would check to see if all his staff had breath mints and then he would make us buy them and if we didn’t, it would be deducted out of our paycheck."


Hospitality bosses can be meglomaniacs. They are obsessed, it's unhealthy.

Not an ATM

Okaay What GIF by ABC NetworkGiphy

"Worked at a convenience store and my boss actually asked me if he could borrow $1000 to pay for part of the beer delivery because they wouldn't have enough. Quit not long after that."


Mighty Winds

"Used to deliver for Papa John's. One night the weather was cuh-razy, tornado warning and constant lightning/winds. They kept taking orders. The winds were so bad they kept pushing my car out of my lane. One driver was so close to a lightning strike that he was visibly shaken and disoriented when he somehow made it back. They let him sit and recuperate in the manager's office for awhile, but we still had to deliver orders."


No Thanks...

"I was called to cover for a temp who quit on the spot off hours. I responded that I already was 2 whiskeys in and didn’t want to get into my car to drive to the site. He responded that since I was coherent enough to have a conversation with him I was ok to make the 30 minute drive to the office. I told him I wasn’t about to risk a DUI for him and hung up."

User Deleted

Hell No

"A long time ago I worked at a grocery store. They decided to no longer get the cleaners that came in with special gear to clean out the compactor, presumably to make extra money. The compactor began to stink to high heaven. I'm talking rotten meat, produce etc. So they asked me to climb inside and clean it. I laughed at them and said no."

"I told all my co-workers to say no. One did not listen and went in and cleaned it, he had to go home because he stunk so bad and reeked for days afterwards. There is a reason a specialist comes in to clean it, wears a Hazmat suit and has the machine disconnected with another person standing there making sure no one turns it on."


you'll figure it out

Looking Let Me Think GIF by TipsyElves.comGiphy

"Run a nursing home laundry room with no experience and no training. I didn't even know how the machines worked. Industrial laundry machines are not like your home washing machine. The extent of my training was having an under qualified supervisor telling me 'you'll figure it out.'"


“clean up”

"Worked at a sh**ty college town pizza place that paid me $5/H plus tips under the table. It would get insanely busy on days when there were football games and boss required all hands on deck. 12+ hour days were not uncommon when there was a game."

"I got to the store at 10am (2 hours before opening) and worked until 3am the following day. By the time 2am rolls around and the crowds finally die down and we start closing shop and cleaning up, my boss pulls back the entire front counter (which was on wheels) to reveal dozens of little roaches scattering everywhere."

"He gave me a broom and told me to 'clean up' the roaches. I waited for him to go out back to smoke his cigarette, I took everything from the tip jar, and left. Never went back."


Shark Bait

"My boss had me put together a remote control inflatable shark in a closet in secret. I work in a sales office with a pretty fun culture (well now I’m mostly remote and it’s actually a lot less fun ). I have no idea where they sound this shark but he had me put it together in the marketing departments closet to surprise everyone."

"It actually was very hard to get together so the most ridiculous part was the amount of actual work I was missing. And had to grab my boss for a 2nd set of eyes like 3 or 4 times."


Little Floofs...

"Ex boss. He asked me to kill a litter of kittens by throwing them over an embankment. I was driving the front end loader over to a pile of bark chips that we had covered up for quite some time. I pulled back the plastic cover and see a fuzzy grey pile. It turned out to be a fresh litter of kittens (eyes haven't even opened)."

"I phoned it in to my boss and he said that there was no time to help them, and to just toss them over the embankment because we had customers waiting. I scoffed, hung up the phone and immediately called my girlfriend to come pick up the little floofs to take them to the local shelter."

"He's an ex boss for a reason. Honestly I was not surprised that he asked me to do that. The dude was a complete f**king prick. He's confided so much nasty crap to me that I could write a book. I found a picture of the little ones that I took before they were rescued."


'on call'

dance girls GIF by L2MGiphy

"Would we like to go 'on call' (for free) if the one person scheduled for the Saturday shift needs help or calls in sick. A weekend away for a team building exercise paid for by ourselves, including travel, accommodation, food & expenses. In our own time. No thank you."


4 big jugs...

"My boss at a grocery/retail store told me to pour 4 big jugs of this industrial glass cleaner down the sink drain in one of two public washrooms, they’ve been in the back so many years one chewed through the plastic and melted all the paint off the shelf, honestly don’t know how I didn’t damage my vision with the chemicals in the air, long story short I ended up with a few chemical burns on my arms and hands with not as little as an apology."


Keep it Running...

"Worked at Disney World at Space Mountain for 4 months on an internship. Long story short one day we found a LOT of human crap in the waiting line. After we made the appropriate calls to have it cleaned up the supervisor that was there told me not to stop the line and keep the ride running."

"After the supervisor left I immediately called the front of the line and told them to stop letting people in. Same supervisor also told me I 'should have kept the ride running' one day after I hit the e-stop in the unload area because I heard what only could be described as a tank of CO2 breaking open any time I sent a cart through."



"To jump into a cardboard compactor to un-jam it."


"I had a manager who used make fun of me because I emphatically said no to doing this exact thing. Absolutely the f**k I will not. They went on about safe guards and how i wouldn’t get hurt, or I was afraid of the 'ghost' in the compactor. No, but malfunctions do happen, all the goddamn time. No. I won’t do it."



come again over it GIFGiphy

"I stock overnight at Walmart. The average speed 1 pallet of goods takes to stock is roughly an hour and a half for the dairy section when you work on it by yourself. My boss asked for it to be done in 20 minutes."



"I worked at an independent retailer. The owner pocketed a lot of money and never wanted to spend anything. We had a massive rat infestation. Instead of getting help my boss had me create a position just for wiping rat pee and crap off of beer six backs before being put out."



"Dress up in an animal mascot costume and snowboard down a slope because the usual guy had got messed up drunk the night before and they were worried he was going to vomit inside the costume again. I’d never been on a snowboard in my life."


I hate bosses. Except the ones here on this website.

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2. Beyond The Gyno Veil

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Oh boy. This was the most harrowing thing I've been through. This was how I found out a girl I was dating had end-stage terminal cancer. She was on the phone with me as she walked into her “gynecology appointment”, then proceeded to put her phone in her purse, but I think she mis-tapped or something.

I listened to a 30-minute conversation that was to the effect of: “You have four months to live. There are no treatment options”. She'd been aware of it for three years but refused treatment because essential oils can cure any malady, am I right???


3. Thin Wall, Huge Separation

woman using laptop while sitting on chairPhoto by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

My fiancée at the time—three months from the wedding—used to use my laptop all the time for social media and stuff while she was watching TV. She comes to me one night and says she thinks stuff isn't working out and that we should talk about whether we should really continue. I'd not felt any problems that I didn't just dismiss as wedding planning/financial stress. So I explained that and she said she wanted to sleep in the spare room that night to think things through, to which I agreed.

I wasn't very happy with it at all, so I decided to go get my device and watch some YouTube before bed. She had her Facebook left open on my user account—completely normal. Then I see a notification from her ex-colleague.

She was live-sexting him with just a thin wall between us. I instantly knew I'd never forgive that, got dressed, quietly snuck away into my car and drove to my mum’s. She didn't even realize I knew for days. Didn't speak to her at all after that. All communication was through her own parents, who were devastated.


4. In What Reality

woman in brown shirt covering her facePhoto by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

My boyfriend left his phone on the sofa while he excused himself to use the restroom. A text popped up, and I automatically looked. We had great respect for each other’s privacy, so, of course, I didn’t read it, but I did see the name. He came out of the bathroom, and I asked who “Jane” was. He had never mentioned her.

“My niece,” he answered. He came from a large family, and I couldn’t keep track of all of his nieces and nephews. We went back to the movie we were watching, and I never thought of it again. We had a wonderful relationship. The kind of love that’s made up to sell books and films. It was the most real thing in my life.

I had been twice divorced, and it was only with him that I learned what real love is. My own parents really didn’t love me. I wasn’t just happy with my life; I was ecstatic. Nothing else mattered because I was loved. It was five years of absolute bliss. I agreed to work late one day and was texting him during my break.

He told me our plans for the night, which were going to dinner with his best friend. He said he would tell him we’d be a bit late. I had to go back to work. I got home that night to find the best human being I had ever known was gone forever after trying to get into the shower. It was a massive heart attack, they said.

The only thing I remember is screaming and crying. It couldn’t end this way. He was far too young and healthy. It’s been almost two years later, and I am still in shock. Two days after he was gone, I got a message from “Jane.” Jane was the woman in his other life, as in he had two lives—another home, another woman, etc.

I still don’t understand how this was possible, but she had definite proof. Proof that she shoved in my face. She didn’t know about me either, so I felt bad for her. She was everything he couldn’t stand. I’ll never get over this. I’m just an empty shell now. I quickly stopped messaging with Jane as I could not take it.

All I remember about his infidelity is that text message. He’d never lied to me, so why wouldn’t I believe him? Now, I have no idea what was a lie and what was the truth. I thought losing him was as bad as it could get. Boy, was I wrong! What he did doesn’t make me love him any less even though sometimes I wish it did.


5. Earth To Dad

white, red, and black Jyoti Travels bus passing the streetPhoto by Indrajeet Choudhary on Unsplash

One time, back when my dad used to be a coach bus driver, he left his phone on after calling my sister. It was in his pocket while he was still on the job. The radio was on inside the bus and my sister, who was still listening on the other end of the call, could hear that it was playing our local station.

My dad often listened to this station and phoned in for quizzes and anecdotes. Then my dad heard something super strange. My sister had called up the station and managed to get the radio host to make a live air announcement to tell my dad to turn off his phone.


6. Over-Staying Their Welcome?

man and woman sitting on bench facing seaPhoto by Matt Bennett on Unsplash

My in-laws are EXTREMELY religious, and we just got them their first iPhone—the first smartphone they’ve ever had. In the middle of me showing her parents how WeatherBug works—we were outside, wife was not—she texted me a spread-eagle shot of herself from the bedroom with the words "I can’t wait for them to leave so I can literally go to town on you in bed". Let’s just say things got very awkward.

It may have been small as heck on the banner, but they were both wearing their glasses and paying very close attention. Nevertheless, not a single word was said about it and they left 15 minutes later.


7. Demon Slayer

white ceramic toilet bowl with coverPhoto by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

I'm a dispatcher. got a call from a gentleman reporting an issue with his toilet. For whatever reason, it was a bit hard for me to understand exactly what the problem was, except that it definitely involved his toilet. After a little while, I determined to the best of my ability that the toilet was overflowing and he didn't know what to do.

Although plumbing issues are absolutely not an appropriate reason for calling an emergency number, it wasn't unheard of. To a certain extent, I can understand the thought process and people have certainly called it for less. After a bit more talking, however, I realized that he had not called about a plumbing issue. It wasn't water that was coming out of his toilet, but demons.

The demons were spilling out of his toilet and he needed help. I put in a complaint for law enforcement and kept him on the phone. It was a busy evening and the officers wouldn't be able to get to him for a few minutes, so I asked if he could close the toilet lid. He said he could and he did. I asked him if this stopped the demons from coming out of his toilet and he told me it did. This made him calmer and I was able to release the call.


8. Missing No Detail

a woman with a surprised look on her facePhoto by engin akyurt on Unsplash

I was heading to my school’s office of career services to have my resume reviewed. I got a couple of texts from a guy vividly describing what he wanted to do with me, but I didn’t open my messages since I was thinking about the meeting. I used my laptop to show my resume. The career services woman started reading it over.

She was giving me some feedback, and the notifications I didn’t clear on my phone from the texts all popped up on my screen. The notifications were there for a couple of seconds and she definitely saw them. As my face burned and I turned bright red, she just primly said, “Now those aren’t the “skills” we’d list on your resume, now are they?” Not only was I mortified, but this middle-aged lady also had to go and roast me too. It was the most excruciating hour of my life.


9. Time Is Money

orange and white medication pillPhoto by Christina Victoria Craft on Unsplash

A patient called and left a voicemail for a refill on his prescription. He thought he hung up, but he didn’t. Instead, he proceeded to negotiate a price with someone for the refill he had just requested.


10. Woman Overboard

black ip desk phone on black wooden tablePhoto by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

A colleague of mine dialed into a meeting of two or three managers plus about 25 sales representatives, only for everyone to suddenly go quiet. One person told him the meeting was canceled and he could drop the call, as they were just chatting about sales stuff. He pretended to hang up and stayed on the line. That's how he found out the truth.

They were basically planning a mutiny because they didn't like that their regional manager was a woman. They had a whole strategy for how they were going to cause a massive screw-up that would cost the company a ton of money and make it look like it was her fault so that she would get fired. The idiots even did a little "are we all in agreement" roll call at the end.

We worked in a call center, so his end of the call was recorded. Within a week, every last one of them was fired and within a month they were replaced.


11. Cheating Thievery

100 us dollar billPhoto by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I was borrowing my boyfriend's computer to send him some pictures from his computer to his phone. In the upper corner, it was non-stop messaging from girls. I clicked on one, and she sent pictures. I found out he was sending money to women. My money. Several hundred dollars.


12. Honesty Is The Best Policy

man holding telephone screamingPhoto by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

I once worked as a secretary in an office that for some reason got pocket-dialed a lot. During one such occasion, I got to listen in while some gentleman from New York absolutely roasted one of his employees. The employee said, “Well what the heck do you expect me to do"? The boss's response was legendary. "Honestly, Tom, honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm sleeping with your sister, you would be out of here right now”.


13. I Hope You Were Taking Notes

turned on LED projector on tablePhoto by Alex Litvin on Unsplash

It wasn't me, but my professor used to have his laptop hooked up to the projector up in front of the class. While he was going through a presentation one day, a text popped up on his screen from a woman and all it said was "I have herpes.” He stopped connecting his laptop to the projector after that.


14. Surprise Features

yellow Volkswagen carPhoto by Rahul Bhogal on Unsplash

I moved to Japan a few years ago, and early one day, I was at a market and saw a tanuki statue with its junk on display. I took a picture and thought it’d be funny to send my brother a message reading "UNSOLICITED DICK PIC!" then send it. Halfway around the world, my brother was doing some late evening car shopping.

He’d recently been in an accident and totaled his car so was in the market for a new one. He’d handed the salesman his phone so he could see pictures of the damage, and the guy was looking through them when the words "UNSOLICITED DICK PIC!" showed on the screen. The guy nearly dropped the phone trying to shove it back.


15. Think Of The Children

woman in white button up shirt leaning on blue wallPhoto by Nivedita Singh on Unsplash

I once went to a friend's house to borrow her phallus-shaped cake pans for a bachelorette party. We sat there for a few minutes talking about them. She had two different sized pans, so there were some jokes told…then I noticed the most mortifying thing. I was sitting on my phone and had pocket-dialed the Child Welfare Provincial Emergency line.

It was on speed dial because I worked for a Children’s Aid Society at the time. It was so awkward.


16. Bad Timing

a man is holding his head with his handsPhoto by Bansah Photography on Unsplash

My best friend in high school was in the process of being grounded and having his phone taken away, and as he was handing over his phone to his mom he got a text from me that said "Hey, I found your mom's bedroom toy" accompanied with a picture of a medieval battering ram. He told me that they both saw it right as the transaction was taking place, then held each other’s gaze silently for what he described as an eternity.


17. Learning Bad News

girl sitting on chairPhoto by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash

One day in high school, my history teacher brought her 4-year-old daughter on one of the last days of school when we were doing practically nothing. The teacher handed her daughter her iPad so she could play, and a few other students and I were talking to and playing with the daughter and showing her games on the iPad.

My teacher must have had her iMessage set up on the iPad and forgot because it kept getting texts from her husband such as, "She's just a friend," and, "Well maybe we need to finally go through with it and end this once and for all." I had to turn on do not disturb.


18. Troubleshooting

man using IP phone inside roomPhoto by Berkeley Communications on Unsplash

I work with a guy who used to work at an IT helpdesk. He made a habit of muting himself and very aggressively cussing out whoever it was he was on the phone with, then unmuting himself and acting as if nothing happened. I knew at some point he was going to miss that mute button. One day I’m on a conference call with him, another company, and another individual at the director level within our company for some troubleshooting.

After a bit, we decided to call it a day and reconvene in the morning. Suddenly, we heard him unleash a string of loud expletives followed by silence. The director said, “Excuse me”? After a brief second he dropped off the call and we apologized on his behalf. But it didn't end there. He came in the next morning with an immaculate story about how he spilled hot coffee on his leg and had to drop his pants outside his car.

He showed everybody in the office this massive burn mark on his leg. The interesting thing is that he had been on this call with us for about four hours, away from his home, and in his car this whole time with no access to a fresh pot of coffee. If there was coffee in his possession, it was very likely cold by this point. My guess is he realized he had messed up, so he went home and staged an injury to avoid persecution, but we’ll never know.


19. The Elephant In The Room

gray elephants performing on circusPhoto by Becky Phan on Unsplash

An old woman called, extremely confused, because she said that there was an elephant in her back garden. I question her but she is insistent that there is a fully grown elephant in her garden. She’s frightened—probably because she thinks there is a giant elephant in her back garden. The immediate assumption is that this woman may have dementia.

An officer is sent to do a welfare check on the poor woman. When he got to her house, she let him inside and took him through to the kitchen to look out into her garden and, yep, there was an elephant, and it was eating her plants. The officer called for backup. Turns out there was a circus relatively nearby and the elephant had escaped overnight.


20. Just Like The French

mcdonalds fries in red mcdonalds fries cupPhoto by Mak on Unsplash

I had this roommate in my sophomore year of college, and we had a very weird, close personal relationship. I was in my Spanish professor’s office hours, and she was waiting for me at the cafeteria to have lunch together. Just before going in, I texted her and asked her to get me some fries, and then I turned off my phone.

I was showing my professor my paper on my laptop forgetting that I had iMessage on my laptop. A message from her came in, and I’ll never forget the look on his face: “I’ll get you fries but only if you sensually feed them to me while you call me daddy,” That was my last time visiting his office hours!


21. Of Angels and Demons

woman's facePhoto by Danie Franco on Unsplash

I had a job where I was in the position to write-off a substantial phone bill because the customer said her mother was dying overseas. She said her mother had dementia and needed to hear things in her daughter’s voice to believe anything, including the doctor’s instructions. She was heartbroken and sobbing about how if she had the kind of money to pay this phone bill, then she would have just gone back to her country because the flight would have cost less.

She was right about that. I wrote off the entirety of the phone bill. She cried like a jilted lover in a rom-com and went on and on about how people like me are angels sent from heaven. After we were done I wished her a good evening and she obviously thought the call had ended. She turned to someone and said in a perfectly normal voice, “Well, that worked”!


22. So That’s What You Really Think Of Me, Huh?

white and blue yacht on sea under blue sky during daytimePhoto by Alina Kacharho on Unsplash

I was with a group of friends and this person gave me their number. I often save people's names with a detail that reminds me of who they are—such as James From Chicago, for example. So this person was talking nonstop about their yacht when I met them. So I wrote something like "Gary Hasayacht" as their name in my contacts. Anyway, he sent me a text but it didn't go to my phone for a while because we had a bad signal. Then it popped up when my phone was in clear view right in front of me.

He sees the text, and his name as it's listed on my phone, and then goes “You know, it's really not that big of a yacht”...I wanted to sink into the floor, he definitely thought I was hitting on him and/or a gold digger.


23. Guest Again

woman in black and white long sleeve shirt sitting beside man in white dress shirtPhoto by Sebastian Coman Photography on Unsplash

My sister-in-law was staying with me for a week, which I didn’t really want. My sister knew about it and messaged me, “How are you dealing with (her name)? Do you need to pretend to have a nap again lol?” My sister-in-law was using my tablet at that time and saw the notification pop up. She hasn’t stayed with us since.


24. Silent As A Fish

boy in gray shirt using black laptop computerPhoto by Thomas Park on Unsplash

My daughter's school had an author come on a Zoom call to do a reading of a book called The Pout-Pout Fish. The school wanted to get the kids in on the reading, so the teachers set it up so that the kids would join in towards the end. They rehearsed it as such: “Okay, everyone, on the count of three, we'll say ‘blub blub blub’” and proceeded to read the book.

When they got to the part where they wanted the kids to join in it went something like this: “Okay, everyone, on the count of three. One...two..." and whoever was in charge of the meeting unmuted 300 children at once at the count of two. It was chaos. Imagine 300 children screaming “BAAAAHHHAAA BLUUUUBB AAAAAAAAHHHHHH SKKKKRREEEEEE FFFIIIISSSHHHHHH BBLLLUUUUUUBBBB” until they immediately muted everyone again.


25. Perfect Date

people inside building sitting and eatingPhoto by Eric Tompkins on Unsplash

One day, I met a guy from Tinder in a pub for our first date. Things were going well. We were having a laugh and flirting. After about an hour, I took out my phone to show him a funny meme and up popped a notification from my new period tracking app saying, "Today's the day! You're ovulating!" I swiped it away quickly.

I don’t think he got a good look at it, but I was still worried he'd think I was some child-obsessed weirdo who timed my dates so random Tinder guys could impregnate me. I turned off ovulation notifications after that.


26. Kiss And Tell

a close up of a magazine on a tablePhoto by Doyoun Seo on Unsplash

I accidentally pocket-dialed someone and left about a two-and-a-half-minute voicemail of my son and me badly singing “Kiss” by Prince. But I had made an even more fatal error. See, the person I called was a DJ, who then turned it into a five-minute song mix. It was given to someone I worked with and eventually it made the rounds.


27. A Bit Of A Mess

dog's facePhoto by Milli on Unsplash

A Hangouts notification popped up on the screen while the new boss was standing behind me to train me on a new program. The message from my husband asked, "How's the Pooper?" I was so focused on the task that she saw it before me. I only noticed when she collapsed to the floor uncontrollably laughing. I read it and immediately lost it too.

In tears from laughing, we were frantically talking over each other. She was trying to apologize for the unprofessional reaction, and I was trying to explain that Pooper was our dog's nickname because he was getting over a bout of diarrhea! The rest of the office was so confused!


28. Fluent Sarcasm

silver iMac with keyboard and trackpad inside roomPhoto by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

A couple of decades ago I was at a meeting with a few BizDev guys from a Japanese company we collaborated with. At the end of one of the design sessions, one of them said something to the others in Japanese and one of our artists who looked the part of a large, late-90s rapper responded in fluent Japanese. The meeting stopped, they stared, then asked for a few minutes alone.

Apparently, the exchange was: "I hate working with these guys, why do we continue this"? Trev, the rapper, said, "Of course you do. I mean, just look at us" or something to that effect. Ahh, memories.


29. Generational Problems

woman in white top wearing eyeglassesPhoto by RepentAnd SeekChristJesus on Unsplash

I was showing my grandma pictures. She chuckled and quickly gave me back the phone. I saw that my husband had texted me, and my stomach dropped: It said, "I hate it when I'm pooping and my junk touches the water. Big junk problems." We laughed, but my husband is still horrified by the thought of my grandma knowing about his "big junk problems."


30. How To Lose 150 Pounds In One Day

a man holding his stomach with his handsPhoto by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

In the early days of Facebook, my former father-in-law was just starting to discover it and connect with old friends. He was having fun seeing who gained weight, who got divorced, who’s a millionaire now, and so on. One guy he connected with gave him his phone number, so my father-in-law called him. The guy didn’t answer, so he left a message.

He said something like, “Hey Bill, it’s been a while. Just wanted to catch up. Give me a call back”, then he hit the end button and jokingly adds, “and I heard you got fat”! He looked down and to his horror the call was still active and recording the message. It probably sounded like, “….and I heard you got fat!….oh no! Oh my God, it didn’t hang up. Oh no, it’s still recor….click”.

To my knowledge, Bill never returned that call.


31. Want You Back

person in white long sleeve shirt holding black smartphonePhoto by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

A notification from a story app I play popped up while my boyfriend was holding my phone and said something like, "Mike misses you! Come back and play!" or something like that. Of course, all he did was pull the drop-down menu down to see the full notification and laugh. He teased me about it for hours.


32. Budding Bromance

red chevrolet crew cab pickup truckPhoto by Mary B on Unsplash

A few years ago a guy was on the phone with my boss while we were in his work truck. He had the speakers on and I could hear everything. The guy goes to sign off and out of habit from talking to his kids he said, “Okay, love you. Bye”. But this is what made the moment perfect: My boss didn’t skip a beat and replied, “Love you, too, brother. Bye”.


33. Get The Picture

people standing in front of white wallPhoto by Jimmy Jin on Unsplash

I was working at an Apple store as a Genius and was helping an older woman with her phone. This woman had to be in her late 60s early 70s, as sweet as could be, and was having some minor problems with her phone. So, she handed me her phone and just as she did, a message popped up with a picture of a toilet full of poo.

The message read, “How many times do I have to tell you to flush the stupid toilet?!” Not knowing really sure what to do, I gave it back and told her she had a message. She took the phone, half smiled, closed the message, and handed it back telling me, “Sorry about that, sweetheart, my daughter can be a bit of a jerk.”


34. Karen Mode Enabled

red and white leather padded chairPhoto by Sam Moghadam Khamseh on Unsplash

I once got a call from one of my three least favorite patients at a dental office. Her tone was always accusatory, even when she was calling to ask if we were open that day. After we hung up, I saw her call again on the caller ID.

I couldn’t pick up because I was now talking to another patient in person. Then I noticed line one (her line) is on for a long time…like she’s leaving a...five-minute message? I check my voicemail and indeed, I have a long message of her walking around a grocery store with her daughter.

She had pocket-dialed me. I listened to the whole thing. She was trash-talking our office, but the thing is she kept outlining how we went above and beyond: “Oh, they think the problem is resolved just because they called me back three times and I didn’t answer after I didn’t text them back”.

It was clear we were giving a ton of effort to this patient and she was unhappy anyway. She thought it made us look bad. About a year, later she finally transferred to another dentist. They asked for records and I sent X-rays and such. Eventually, she filed a complaint against that dentist.

I don’t know why. Anyway, we were asked to provide our records to the state board. When that happens you dig up everything you possibly can or it can look like you’re hiding something. I knew just what to do. Luckily, I had saved that voicemail, included it in an mp3, and sent it down on a thumb drive with everything else.

I don’t know if they even listened to this woman needlessly complaining about excellent service, but I do know her complaint was dropped by the state board.


35. Please Don’t Fill ‘Er Up

person crying beside bedPhoto by Claudia Wolff on Unsplash

I had a lady call who was sobbing so hard I could barely understand her. I determined it wasn't a medical issue, but she wasn't making much sense through the sobbing. I finally got her to calm down a little so that she could relay what the issue was. She said that she was at a full-serve gas station (I didn't even know those existed anymore).

She told me that the attendant had pumped too much gas into her car, but she had only asked for $20 and they had filled her tank. Then she broke down sobbing again. I asked her if the attendant was being rude or if they were threatening her (because I still couldn't figure out what the crying was all about). She said, "No, the attendant apologized and they gave me a receipt for the gas."

“OK,” I said, “Then what is the issue?” She burst into tears again and said that she was afraid they would chase her down if she tried to leave and say that she had stolen the gas. I went over what the attendant said to her again, and that clearly the attendant acknowledged that it was a mistake, so she was free to leave.

She was still sobbing when I said I had to let her go because this was not a matter for us. The very next call I got came in on the non-emergency line and it's the attendant from the gas station. She's super worried about the lady having the meltdown over getting at least $20 in free gas. The attendant was pretty sure that the lady wasn’t fit to drive due to all of the tears.

The attendant was just as baffled as I was over the lady's reaction to free gas.


36. The Call Is Coming From Inside The House

white smartphone near laptopPhoto by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

I was invited to my friend's house for a girls night. My friend has a kid and when I arrived it was already past his bedtime, so I decided not to ring the doorbell but to call my friend on her mobile and ask her to let me in. I dial and then...nothing.

I wait and wait for the call to go through, but nothing happens. Okay, then. I hang up and try to get my friend's attention by gently knocking. It works, she lets me in, and we begin drinking. Shortly after, my friend gets a voicemail and listens to it. She goes pale, swears, and plays it for all of us.

It's some pretty loud heavy breathing. The sound of someone getting it on, basically. Gross. We're all pretty freaked out, wondering who would do something like that, and if they called her phone on purpose or if it was just some random dialing a random number.

After much discussion, she decides to use the "call this number back" option, and as she is too spooked to talk to whoever might be on the other end, I bravely volunteer, prepared to cuss out some pervert for messing with my friend. You can guess where this is going.

She hands me the phone, having already dialed. Everyone is waiting with bated breath and my heart is beating like crazy. It rings, rings…And my own phone on the table starts ringing! Turns out that when I was waiting in front of the door, completely out of breath after having biked there for 30 minutes and then climbed four flights of stairs, the call did in fact go through to her voicemail.

My heavy breathing sounds remarkably like getting it on.


37. Can I Take A Message?

silver imac on white tablePhoto by N.Tho.Duc on Unsplash

I was using my roommate's desktop Mac, and any notification you get on your iPhone will appear on-screen on all of your other Apple devices. I was on the computer in his bedroom while he was in the kitchen getting a snack, and he received a phone call from an unknown number. I saw the notification pop up on his screen.

I had an option to answer the call for him. I thought it would be funny if I took the call before he could answer it on his phone meaning he would have to run through to his bedroom where I would be silently laughing myself to an early grave. I clicked to answer expecting it to be some kind of cold-call, but it wasn’t.

That voice on the other end, amplified by my roommate's gratuitous speaker setup, went, “Hello. This is official business.” My soul then left my body. I absolutely cannonballed out of his room making the most apologetic eye contact I have ever made with a human being. He’d been caught in a “traffic incident” while out.

They got his contact details from the dashcam footage of his registration plate. They were calling him in for some questioning. It was a wonderfully devious experience, for which I was absolutely not prepared, and we have never spoken of it since.


38. That’s Wassup

white and gray concrete buildingPhoto by Giovanna on Unsplash

When I was a college exchange student in Germany I asked my mom to call my home university's housing department on my behalf to inquire about my assigned dorm room for the next school year. You couldn't book online back then and their telephone hold times were legendarily long. To call the university from Germany was way too expensive, so my mom called on my behalf.

She explained that I was abroad on exchange, but when the lady put her on hold to check on my assignment, she didn't mute the phone. My mom heard, “This lady is calling for her daughter. When are these parents going to make these kids grow up and manage their own lives"?

She then returned and told my mom that I didn't get my first or second building request, completely unaware that my mom had heard her. Guess who got their first building and room pick upon return?


39. Friends Are A Blessing

black and yellow smartphone casePhoto by Denis Cherkashin on Unsplash

In high school, my friends and I started this thing where we gave each other funny contact names in our phones based on inside jokes. My high school friends’ contact names are things such as Baby America, Sugar Mama, and even weirder names. When we were juniors, there was a girl who was obsessed with a friend.

This led to me changing his contact name to “Booty Lord” with some rather suggestive emojis following it. Everything was fine and dandy until a few months later, when I had forgotten about it. I was applying for a leadership position in a club where I was a member and was required to have two letters of recommendation.

For the second letter, I asked one of my teachers, who was a very conservative man in his late 70s, if he could write one for me. Being a lazy man, he told me to write the letter myself with all the things I wanted him to say in it. Then he’d sign. After I finished writing it, I handed him my phone to let him read it.

I needed him to approve it before I printed it out. About 45 seconds after I gave him my phone, he, very loudly and incredulously, said, “Booty Lord?” and gave me a horrified look and shoved the phone back into my hands. That was hard to explain.


40. A Creature Of Habit

woman wearing eyeglassesPhoto by Mosoianu Bogdan on Unsplash

During one of my cold calls at a call center, I was speaking to a seemingly very sweet if not a little sad-sounding old lady. She very politely told me something like, "No, I don't think so, it's just not a good time". We said our goodbyes, but as I'm navigating my software to hang up I realize she was still on the phone. Then it got really creepy.

I hear her walk a few paces, presumably to a sink where the faucet starts to run, and then she begins talking to herself. She repeats only that one phrase on a loop as if she's rehearsing it: "No I don't think so, it's just not a good time". She said it over and over in the same cadence and tone, for roughly two minutes before the creepiness got the better of my curiosity.


41. Sorry, Mom

a tablet computer sitting on top of a tablePhoto by David Švihovec on Unsplash

My roommate’s mom visited and we decided to go to lunch. While waiting, my roomie took out her iPad. We started playing Sorry. She didn't think of how all her devices were linked because a, "u wanna bang," text notification came on her screen. That was mortifying enough—but what came next was so much worse: A thumbnail of the dude’s junk. Sorry indeed.


42. Let Them Eat Cake

six teal icing cupcakes with sprinklesPhoto by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

I work in a hospital and last week the operator was having a conversation with someone at 3:00 am. She did not realize it was broadcast over the entire hospital PA system. The conversation went like this: “I can’t believe they gave those nurses stupid cupcakes for nurses week. They should have gotten a bonus instead”.

I just about peed my pants laughing, but you know what? That lady was spot on.


43. Picture Perfect Parenting

turned on gold iphone 6Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

My father-and-law and I were looking at pictures on my phone. My wife texted me, and the banner on the top of the screen read, "I've been a bad girl. I need a spanking…or maybe just a hard pounding?" Dude looked at me. I answered, "What kind of daughter did you raise?" He did not laugh as hard as I think he should have.


44. Beyond Tasteless

woman in black headphones holding black and silver headphonesPhoto by Charanjeet Dhiman on Unsplash

One time I got a call from some lady at a call center, and from her voice you could tell she was a hefty type of gal —she was the heavy breathing type. Anyway, the call ended but I didn’t press end since I assumed they would. They didn’t. I could hear this lady talking to her coworkers about fried liver and onions.

The way she talked and gushed over it made it sound so lewd. It was disgusting. She said she has it at least once a day as her meal. She even made slurping sounds followed by some type of moaning. I’ve never felt so disgusted in my life listening to someone describe food.


45. She Who Shall Not Be Named

brown rotary dial telephone in gray painted roomPhoto by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

My grandfather was once on the phone with his mother while his mother's sister was sitting beside her. When his mother went to hang up she said, “Love you, bye” as normal, but she forgot to hang up. It went from normal to tragic in an instant. The sister said, “You don’t really love him do you”?

To which his mother said, “No, not at all". Unfortunately, she outlived all her kids, but she passed on last year and I still refuse to call her my great-grandmother.


46. Did You Want Something?

two women laughing and holding a smartphonePhoto by Shingi Rice on Unsplash

My boyfriend has a friend that I have always suspected is in love with him. Once, she was showing me something on her phone, and a text from her mom popped up saying, “I still don’t understand why you can’t get with [bf’s name].” We pretended it didn’t happen.


47. The Math Ain’t Mathing

blue and white train under white clouds during daytimePhoto by Vadim Artyukhin on Unsplash

On my 21st birthday, I stupidly drank myself into oblivion. At the end of the night, I staggered over to the skytrain where there was this glorious 10-foot-tall stone abacus. Naturally, one's first instinct while under the influence is to play with an object of such wonder. It absolutely crushed my hand and broke through my fingernail.

But do I need a doctor? No way! I sauntered onto the train and proceeded to bleed profusely. A stranger handed me a glove to wrap around the wound and the rest of the night was a blur. Apparently, I had pocket-dialed my significant other when I sat on the train and he could hear people trying to offer me help while I screamed, "Don't trust the abacus! Screw the Abacus"!

Apparently, this went on for a long time before I started telling people that I injured my hand in the war. The moral of the story? You can't trust the abacus.


48. Scary Teenagers

woman walking near buildingPhoto by ian dooley on Unsplash

One of my classes in high school had a group chat to talk about homework and stuff, and when the nickname function got introduced, a lot of people ended up with exactly the type of nicknames you would expect from high schoolers. I was showing my dad a picture or something when the messenger bubble popped on the screen.

It said, "hxrny hardtick sent a message." My dad just like, awkwardly coughed and then stood up and walked away before I could explain. He never brought it up again, and I never got in trouble for it, so it could have been worse. I'm sure my dad was mildly traumatized seeing that on his teenage daughter's phone though.


49. The Way Of The Dododo

a person holding up a cell phone with the muppets on itPhoto by Brad on Unsplash

One time when I was using voip software on my work computer I was leaving a message for a client about data conversion services. After I left the message I thought I had hung up and I started singing the Jim Henson song, “Mana Mana Doo Doo Dododo”. Then noticed I was still on the call, so I hung up. I thought it was the wasn't.

The next morning I come in to check the conversion voicemails. There was a very clear and professional message left by the client. He left his contact number and said to have a nice day followed by a short pause. Then he starts to sing the same song from the first message, picking up where I had left off when I realized I was still being recorded by the voicemail.

It was hilarious and made my day.


50. Nothing to Hide

woman in black tank top covering her face with her handsPhoto by Julia Taubitz on Unsplash

Oh boy, I have one and it is famous at my company now. I was the one to see the notification.

I teach English in China and two years ago I arrived at my first job about a month late thanks to visa issues. I survive the first two days OK and now it’s Friday and I get invited to a co-worker’s apartment to hang out, have a beer and meet some other expats. There's just a handful of us chatting and drinking casually.

Sometime later people have walked off or called it a night and it’s just me, a guy and a girl sitting on a couch. The guy shows me his phone, he wants to show me this mobile game that's very popular here in China. As he's doing this, a message pops up. It reads:

"I want your body in my mouth right now." It’s from the other girl in the room.

Me and the guy make brief eye contact immediately and then I look at her. She goes beet red and leaves the room. I'm then informed that I am the second person other than them in the company to know that the two of them are an item. She wasn't a shy girl at all and we now frequently make reference to this event.

And here’s a bonus happy ending: Mr. Body and Ms. Mouth are getting married this summer too!


It's a small world, and nothing proves this more than when you randomly bump into a friend or someone else you know (or used to know) accidentally.

I've bumped into old friends at my local library, gym, and Starbucks. It's not all that strange, and if we used to be good friends, it's nice to catch up.

However, sometimes, we bump into friends in weird places or through some strange coincidence. I switched workplaces and apartments a few months ago. On my first day, when I took the train home, I bumped into a co-worker at my previous workplace.

We didn't know each other too well, but it turns out we live in the same neighborhood and take the same train home!

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