Many moons ago, when I was just a wee high school student, one of the girls in my class learned that she was pregnant and by that, I mean other people spread a rumor that she was pregnant.

Why did this happen? Apparently, she ticked off one of the other popular girls. As you can imagine, this made things rather awkward between her, her teachers, and her parents (who thankfully believed her about the rumor not being true).

After the ruckus died down, she had a good sense of humor about the whole thing, which I imagine influenced that popular girl's decision not to bully her anymore. Hopefully she can still laugh about this now, wherever she is.

And she isn't the only one to be the subject of a rumor, malicious or otherwise, as we were reminded by Redditor Cute-Chemistry-4766, who asked the online community,

"What's a crazy rumour you've heard about yourself?"

"I rarely spoke..."

"I rarely spoke in school and half of my year group thought I was mute.."


People always think this about the quiet kids!

"I used to carry my backpack..."

"I used to carry my backpack with me to the same bar every night after work. I did this probably 3-4 times a week for months. One night one of the other regulars came up to me and, with tears in her eyes, offered me a place to stay."

"...Except I had my own place. A pretty nice one. Right down the road."

"Apparently, it was going around town that I was homeless!"


That's hilarious. You should have given her a tour of your apartment.

"A couple of those guys..."

"Rumors at work were constant. I was apparently sleeping with at least four different people, sometimes in the lifts at work as well. A couple of those guys were in relationships too at the time."


Why do people say things like this? Rumors like this can be especially damaging to people's careers. (Maybe that's the point?)

"That I was having..."

"That I was having a sexual relationship with a coworker, while planning a wedding with my fiance."


Hopefully things weren't too awkward with your fiance! Rumors like these are terrible.

"I apparently died..."

"I apparently died in Iraq. After the rumor was proven to be false, I was flooded with friend requests on Facebook."


Thankful you didn't actually die in Iraq. But wait, did you actually even go to Iraq?

"I was in the hospital..."

"That I killed myself. My ex best friend told people in school that and then my mother started getting condolences from people."

"I was in the hospital for a heart surgery at the time."


There are always people out there who will take a relatively simple, innocent situation and make it far more dramatic than it actually is.

"By the way..."

"A guy I worked with in California asked me out on a date because he'd heard I was gay. In reality, I just dress really well and have an impeccable sense of style."

By the way, we became besties after that, and I was even his wingman at gay bars on many occasions. We did not, however, have sex."


This is the wholesome story we didn't know we needed. Glad there's a happy ending to this one–and that you're great friends!

"That I hooked up with a guy..."

"That I hooked up with a guy on a first/only date. He actually refused to take me home when I asked and made me feel really trapped and unsafe. Then he lied to all his friends at our small college."


Glad you got away from this guy! He sounds like a total creep. You dodged a bullet.

"I learned that I was out..."

"I was out because I had to have surgery. I spent a week and a half recuperating at home. When I came back, I learned that I was out due to 'mental issues.' Some guy who I had never spoke to went around telling people this."

"I should have shown everyone the scar to prove that I had actually had surgery."


Maybe you should have. The ultimate power move.

"Sounds pretty tame..."

"That it was my birthday."

"Sounds pretty tame but I walked into a room with sixty people and they all immediately started singing happy birthday to me. Nothing I could do but stand there, let them finish, and then sheepishly thank them and explain the mistake. Funny as hell, in hindsight."


This is hilariously awkward and I'm pretty certain your life is a sitcom.

Here's some simple advice, people: Don't spread rumors. Just don't gossip about anyone, because it might come back to bite you. Sure, some rumors are more innocent than others, but they're absolutely more trouble than they're worth.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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