People Share Their Craziest 'F*** This, I'm Out' Experience

People Share Their Craziest 'F*** This, I'm Out' Experience
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A common piece of advice is to trust your instincts and listen to your gut. Odds are if a situation gets a little dicey, even if it's one you haven't been in before, you can predict what a possible outcome might be. When your insides start screaming, "Eff this, I need to leave," then you should probably listen, just like these people did.

Reddit user, u/Scared_Sh-tless_123, wanted to hear about:

What was your "F-ck this sh-t I'm out" moment?

Any Principal Who Won't Support You Isn't A Principal

I'm a middle school teacher, and it's also worth mentioning that I'm a very petite woman and most of my students are bigger than me. Many year ago when I was considered one of the young and pretty teachers, I was walking down the hall. An 8th grade boy slapped me on the @ss and mentioned my car's make and model, implying that he was going to wait for me in the parking lot.

I immediately went to my principal who told me that reporting the incident would "reflect poorly on me" and I "don't want a complaint like that in my file."

I put in my resignation from that particular school the next day. The more I mention it, the more I realize that many teachers have similar experiences.


Oh Man, Even The Military?

Getting called up for active duty (will keep branch and state unnamed) only to encounter 99% of the others not wearing masks Indoors nor distancing and mocking me for wearing an N95 since I have high risk family members in my "orbit." Contract expired soon after that debacle and did not re-enlist!


Sometimes, Getting Out Is Worth The Pay

I worked in the wedding industry on-top of a full-time office job, and we were generally scheduled out months ahead of time. My best friend since kindergarten was getting married, and his brother texted me in March about his bachelor party which was going to be happening in June. I wasn't going to be able to attend his wedding which I was bummed about, so I really wanted to at least go to his bachelor party.

I immediately went and logged into our scheduler and requested the time off, as well as sent a text to my boss letting her know what was going on. She was always fairly accommodating, provided we gave an ample heads up. She granted my request and I thought things were all good. Flash forward to early May, I received an email stating I was booked for the day of the bachelor party. Simple mistake probably. I texted my boss (mind you, I could still see the texts about the time off request) and asked what was up.

She said that she had no idea what I was talking about, and that if I went to the calendar I would see that I did not have those days off. I told her that I had taken screenshots of everything and have proof that the time was granted (texts from her, the email conversation, as well as the days marked as "off" on the scheduler). She told me I was crazy and to not put words in her mouth. I called her, while I was at my other full-time job, and told her I was done. I would do the 3 weddings I was already booked for but that was it.

The f-ckers didn't even give me my final paycheck, but honestly, not dealing with them anymore was worth way more than the paycheck.


You Can Wait Until You Get To The Bathroom

I'm a lab technician. One day I was taking blood from potentially the millionth person of my life (I try not to dwell on sad statistics) when I told a man he needed AFTER his blood work a urine sample. Buddy whipped his dick out and pissed in the cup while I was currently holding a needle in his arm. I decided then and there no more and currently am finishing a bachelors of science hopefully a masters as well while waitressing.


"You Think I Can't Count?"

When I quit my job at a hobby shop. Me and the owner went through inventory before the weekend(because I had the entire weekend off) and confirmed everything was fine. Sunday night he calls me screaming about 2k of merchandise being missing and claiming it's my fault. When I pointed out that I had been at home and if anything had happened it would have been his fault he started saying sh-t like "You think I can't count?" so I hung up and never went back.


They Wouldn't Let You Leave?

Some promoter literally gave me $80 to go into his Vegas strip club with my friends. Said he would "throw in the limo and VIP package" if we tipped the driver because his other reservation cancelled. When we got there, we got different color wristbands than other people and were told we could ONLY leave though their taxi when we left. That was our only option.

One friend tried to leave and the bouncer wouldn't let him out. He came back and told us what was up. Nothing was adding up so we booked it out of the fire exit and down the street.

That was how I got paid $80 to go a strip club. Pretty sure we were going to get robbed when we left and would probably have been drunk.


Bad Boss Is Bad Boss

I was a shift lead at a fast food joint located inside of a gas station. Our manager was worthless at hiring people, so we were perpetually understaffed for months. I was working 50-60 hours a week. Absolutely ridiculous. However, company policy was that there HAD to be two people working at all times.

This particular day, someone called out. Nobody would come in to cover the shift, so the manager was forced to stay and work a double. She decided that since the only reason she was there was because we would have to close otherwise, she was just going to hang out in the office and chat with the gas station employees. 3 hours into my shift, and I have been single handedly running the front counter, the drivethru, making all the food, doing prep and doing dishes. The dinner rush hit, I had like 4 cars in the drive thru, 8-9 people inside, and then I ran out of onions. (Because I couldn't get the prep done)

My mind just quit. Brain turned off, emotions went cold. I ripped off my headset, told the people inside that they weren't getting their food, walked into the office and tossed my name tag, manager card, and hat at my boss. When she turned around in shock all I said was good luck and walked out the back.


Systemic Racism Is Definitely A Reason To Leave

During my studies, I had to undertake a three-week internship abroad in the fields of logistics. I went to Senegal in the local branch of a international company. It was run by French men.

On the first day, they took me to lunch at an expatriate restaurant. As we were served by locals, they kept on rambling about how everything was awful in this country. They spoke to our waitress, who was a kind senegalese young lady, in a very condescending way. It was « well-calibrated » so they couldn't really be blamed for racism when it truly was. I started feeling [uncomfortable.]

Fast forward to day 5, someone knocks at my door. A Senegalese employee says he's having troubles with his printer. As I follow him to his office, he can't stop apologizing for bothering me in my « important tasks » and as he walks he looks at his feet. He's very [uncomfortable] and explains that only white people can help. I'm confused and uneasy, especially as I know these employees are skilled. I enter his office and there are about 6 of them gathered around the printer, here to thank me non-stop for helping. All staring at the ground, no eye contact possible. I solve the problem and everyone apologize again for bothering someone from the direction.

On that evening, I walked out of the office and never came back. Five days of a seeing white direction making their employees feeling like subhumans. I was done.


Too Much Stress Is Not Good

I was bartending/waitressing for a bar and bistro for about a year. Throughout the whole year my manager would hurl abuse at me with sexist comments too. Would get in trouble for drinking water during my shift all the time. I ended up picking up another job at a restaurant so I was trying to work at both and it became too much, so I handed in my 2 weeks at the first job.

My manager told me that if I left now I'd never get the hours I wanted and that I needed to be there full time for the remainder of my last 2 weeks. He would stress me out so much I was having anxiety episodes and ended up needing a emergency MRI because the doctors genuinely thought I was having a seizure or possible stroke. After getting the MRI a doctor told me not to return back to work for my health. So 5 minutes before my next shift I called up and told them I was never coming back.


Meth? Too Much For Me.

Me and my brother were chilling outside a 711 talking to a homeless guy and he offered to take us into an alley and let us try some crack.

Still not sure if he wanted to rob us...or let us try his crack lmao.


Trust Your Gut. Protect Your Kid.

Just a few weeks ago actually. It's a long story so I'll try to boil it down to basics.

My wife of the last 3 years has cheated on me repeatedly, used her depression as an excuse to abuse our children, manipulated everyone she knows, had repeated breakdowns and refuses medication.

About 6 weeks ago she asked me to leave so we could "get our sh-t together". I brought our year and a half old baby with me, and after a few days to actually think about it, I decided I wasn't coming back and started the process of filing for custody.


When The Boss Breaks Their Own Rules

I was hired as a temp, on day 91 I was told that they in fact didn't have to hire me after 90 days and they were gonna keep me on as a temp.

I clocked out for lunch and never went back.


That's How You Quit A Job

Recently I was hired by a company to be a foreman. My job was laid out in my interview as follows: Plant maintenance and welding. I would run a crew of 4 guys and do odd jobs at a potato plant 10 miles from my house. This is what I have done for other various companies for the last 15 years.

After taking the job they asked me to help another foreman doing the same thing at a different potato plant about 80 miles away. I agreed as it was for a few days.

Fast forward 3 weeks. I am still driving 160 miles a day and we have been doing concrete and asphalt prep for a week.(not my vocation) The boss casually mentioned at about 2 in the afternoon that we had to finish a particular part of the project before we left and that we would be there at least till 8p.m. I told him I couldn't work late on short notice because I had plans and still had to drive home. He said " if you don't pick up the pace you will be leaving earlier than that." I told him I agreed and since this wasn't the job I was hired for that I was done. He replied with " see ya" and I said probably not.


Underwear Is Serious Business

Some young woman and an old lady were arguing about stolen underwear in our communal laundry room. Young woman called for her cracked out boyfriend who came running in with a gun drawn screaming bloody murder.

Noped right out. Then moved out that weekend.


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