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Schools can be silly places, sometimes.

While everyone's school years are different, and everyone's experiences are unique, there is some common hilarity to be had in those moments. You know the ones, that stick in your brain harder than anything you might have been accidentally paying attention to in Chemistry.

Some are hilarious, some are awkward, and some are simply tragic, there is no doubt these will be the events that will always be remembered as "those times."

*The following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm.

Reddit user, pokeboy626, wanted to know about "that" time at school when they asked:

"What was 'the incident' in your school?"

Sometimes it's one kid, looking to make a name for themselves, that can be the memorable moment of the year. Are they always "legal?"

No, but it wouldn't be memorable with the law behind them.

You Got Gumption, Kid

"The kid got drunk, broke into the mayor's office, put on a hockey sweater from the towns team with the mayor's name on the back and and smoked the mayor's cigars sitting in his chair."

"He we went home passed out and found the shirt the next morning. The balls on this kid...he when back to the office, admitted the whole thing and returned the shirt. The mayor wanted to meet him to give him sh-t, but we ended up liking the kid so much he gave him a job."

"Which he promptly fucked up by stealing more sh-t..."


If You Wanted To Be Memorable, Mission: Accomplished

"There was a kid at our school who was the quiet, sticks to himself type. Not sure who he hung out with if anybody. On our graduation day, he showed up in a jack sparrow outfit and jumped on stage and whipped out his family jewels before being carried away. Yes he did receive his diploma regardless."


Good Teachers Can Turn Anything Into A Lesson?

"We once had to dissect some pig eyes during biology class in grade 9. One guy ate one for 10 bucks. 2 years later the same guy jumped out of the physics room during class, which was on the third floor. He landed easily on some grass without any major bruises. Multiple guys promised him money for it, the total was more then 200 euros. He never received anything and got expelled for a weak."

"The next physics class we calculated his travel time, impact speed and so on. It was definetly a pretty smart move by the teacher, as we were all having a blast during these calculations"


Maybe it's not just one kid ruining things for everyone. Maybe it's multiple kids, over multiple years, over multiple instances bringing everything down and making a lasting, negative impact.

Suffering Someone Else's Consequences

"I’m not sure if this is what you mean but…"

"In high school someone slashed all the bus tires and everything at our school was cancelled, extracurricular activities, end of year celebrations, even took away our yearbooks because no one came forward."

"After school ended, we found out people from another town slashed the tires. It sucked so bad."


You're No Belushi, That's For Sure

"During HS the seniors every year would have a massive food fight in the cafeteria during the week before summer break. My junior year, staff put up cameras, called in security & told students that if anyone started a food fight that year, they'd not only be caught but risk not walking at graduation & school would stop allowing off-campus lunch for everyone."

"Well, the inevitable happens, massive food fight, off-campus lunch cancelled & the school claimed to be "investigating". Nobody was caught despite several kids seeing who started it, multiple video cameras & 3-4 security guards watching the whole room."

"Found out later after that year's graduation that it was 3 a-holes from the senior class who started it, one of which was the assistant dean's kid so none of them got punished."


You Take It Seriously, But Enjoy The Ride

"Bomb Threats. Junior year we started getting bomb threats daily. Usually around 9AM and we would evacuate the school and go to the football field and wait all day while the searched the school. This happened at least 3 times a week for over a month. It became our routine and we started keeping ice chests and lawn chairs in our trucks that we would grab on our way to the football field. It was actually awesome lol."


Kids Can Be The Literal Worst Sometimes

"My high school won a concert from a local radio station with Vitamin C and O-Town. The DJ from the station hosted it and students threw gummy penises at him and held up signs making fun of O-Town like "Let us sing!" The school was forbidden from having concerts for four years."


Not everyone's school days are filled with positive memories, and it's important to understand the trials and troubles many youths are going through. Listen, keep an open mind, and help when you see someone needing it.

Always Follow The Rules Of The Bus

"A student was decapitated, which is to say his head was ripped violently from his body, this happens while he was hanging out of a bus window, which was pulling away from the high school... he got caught between the bus window, and a telephone pole."


Something You Never Want To Happen

"A kid killed himself, people rarely came into contact with him before hand. He would just show up to school and leave early before second half of classes."

"Later we learned that his parents and teachers put him in all sorts of honors programs and he was going through college level courses in sixth grade. He was overwhelmed with the pressure after junior year. The school was very observant from that point on."


If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

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