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Even though Friends aired its last episode nearly 16 years ago in May 2004, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are still two peas in a pod.

To celebrate Aniston's birthday—at least on Instagram—Cox decked herself in a costume that looks WILDLY similar to her former co-star.

When Aniston and Courtney met up for Aniston's birthday, Cox arrived with similar dirty blonde hair and those tell-tale Aniston glasses.

During the best friend hang, they took a second to document the moment.

They look like a couple of happy clams with absolutely zero qualms about Aniston's turning 51. Keep on, keeping on, Jen

See the post for yourself and feast your eyes on an honestly unnerving replication, as well as a heartfelt message from Cox.

Aniston was endeared.


Likewise, plenty of Courteney Cox's Instagram followers were swooning over the post.

Half for how adorable it was and half for how uncanny the side-by-side resemblance was.

Many of the comments came from celebrity friends of the Friends friends.




For some, the resemblance was eerie.

The rest of Aniston's birthday was spent celebrating at the Sunset Tower Hotel with Cox and plenty of other stars, including Chace Crawford and Elisabeth Moss.


It's not the first time Cox and Aniston have endeared the masses since departing from their fictional Monica and Rachel friendship.

While announcing George Clooney's Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2018 American Film Institute with a snarky nod to Clooney's cameo on Friends, the two showed what close, silly pals they are.

But nothing does the job quite like a supercut of Monica and Rachel's best moments together.


Friends complete series is available here.

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