Couples Confess Whether They Are Having More Or Less Sex Due To Self Isolation


Hey, how's self-isolation going?

If you're part of a couple, odds are you've spent a lot of time together in the last few days. Hopefully, you're all keeping safe, washing your hands, and discussing how much sex you're going to be having. The outside world seems like it's not going to be settling down any time soon, so laying down some ground rules would be helpful for the longevity of your sex life.

Are you going to have more? Or less?

Reddit user, u/sswitch404, wanted to get the inside look when they asked:

Do you think couples right now are having more sex because they are home together longer or less sex because they are home together longer? Why?



I have a healthcare-adjacent role so I'm working from home but incredibly busy. My husband doesn't really have any sort of rigid schedule. We have a three year old. He's taken the kid out, with a packed lunch and snacks, to a nearby state park to play and roam and explore every single day this week since it still allows them to be adequately far enough from other people and allows me to get some work done in peace and quiet.

Believe me when I tell you, that dude is definitely getting laid.


That's how you get a second kid. And a second kid while make you wonder what you did with all your free time when you only had one.


Give Each Other Space. It'll All Come Together.

The exact same amount. We have kids; one boy is 3 so not in school yet, and the other is 5 and in kindergarten. So our activities have always been confined to at night anyway. And being stuck inside instead of being out working is fine anyway, we are both homebodies; being locked in with video games and movies and books is a dream come true.

Since this whole thing started, life has felt very much the same, and we still have sex once or twice a night after the kids are asleep. No fights between us, we both know how to give each other time and space throughout the day to dip into our own hobbies


Isolation Is The Wall

In a long distance relationship with my SO. So it's safe to say that we are having way less sex than we want to.

I honestly wouldn't mind spending isolation with him as I miss him a lot :(


What's The Point Of Showering?

My husband has not showered in 4 days as we are self isolating so he is not at work. I'm living on either pyjamas or leggings and no makeup. We are having far less sex than normal. We are gross and we know it.


No Time For Foreplay

Im a slow starter, I cant get it up just by touching her boob once. So I need laugther, closeness, etc. Usually its bad since theres not too much time with both of us working extra hours and being tired after 10-12 hrs of work everyday so this quarantine is perfect, I can just chill with her in our bed, watching movies, doing nothing.


Routine Builds Repetition

Well.. the situation here is practicaly the same... Me and my gf work in the same company for 5 years.. and that simple fact just turned our relationship into a routine based relationship.. we came to a point that someone asks: do you wanna make love? And the other one says: yeahh let's go.. I just miss the raw desire for having sex, that wildness... Idk exactly what I should I do, cuz i look her in her eyes and I see my soulmate, but in the other hand I think thay my sexual need aren't being fulfilled as they should..


Finding The Strength Within

It was happening alot already but it's definetly happening more now. We're finding strength in each other during these uncertain times, and we're also very grateful to be with each other through this.


What A Blissful Time

From my own fortunate experience, couples are having way more sex! My fiancé and I have been having more sex in the past week than we have in a while! It's nice to be that much closer all the time to someone you love. That's my own experience, though.


Kids Ruin Everything

Less, sadly. We both frequently worked from home when the world was normal, and those days were some of the best loud freaky fun love making sessions ever. All the kids were in school and we had the house to ourselves.

Now everyone is home.

All the time.

A-- Wednesday came and went with a silent quickie before the kids were all up.


The Flow Stays The Same

I would say roughly the same amount. i.e.

If you have sex on the regular - it will likely stay regular.

If you have dry spells and it usually is a special occasion thing... well, its not going to change that either.

Now if the only time you have sex is with someone other than your SO, well I imagine your sex life dwindling to sh-t.


A Lot Of Mistakes Being Made

Work at a pharmacy, there has been an increase in viagra prescriptions and Plan B sales. Birth control prescriptions are about the same as any other time


That's not surprising. It's not like you have to take extra BC pills because you're having sex more often :)


First-Hand Experience


My roommates had sex three times this morning or maybe one time but over 5 hours.

Edit: They're at it again but they put the TV on loud thinking it covers the sound this time.


This might be a little too revealing of my own sex life but are people really that loud when they f-ck? I feel like it never gets "louder than the TV, volume turned high" loud


With these guys it's more I have amazing hearing. The ones before them were parents of toddlers who would wait an hour after putting their kids to bed, blast the volume on a movie or the faucet in the shower, then screwwith pure abandon as loud as porn stars.


Sometimes, It's Outside Interference

I got 3 forms of birth control. Called teenagers. Oh well...


Yeah, same here. So much for loud sex and chasing each other through the house while they're at school.


Zero Lesson Planning

My wife is a teacher and is home for at least 4 weeks. Sex has umm.. picked up a bit.


GF is a Kindergarten teacher, can second that. It's the break she needed.


The Fear Is Real

I'm six weeks pregnant and my husband's afraid of kissing me bc he's afraid he might give me COVID (or something) - he's the one going out making grocery runs, etc. So no, there's not more sex. There's no sex. And I'm starting to get morning sickness...

Edit: I'm actually 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant (not five). Bc I can't use a pregnancy calculator properly...


Could Mean One Or Two Things

I don't know how it works out for couples, but I write smut for a living and people are definitely buying more erotica.

Either people are home alone taking care of themselves or they're at home with their partners and just desperately, desperately want some alone time.


Trapped Before The Crisis

Well given that my spouse and I finally made a decision to separate a week before the s*** hit the fan, there is absolutely NO sex happening lol.

We are practicing awesome social distancing in our own house


A Slow Come Down



At first "oh yeah we can finally have sex now" then its "I'm bored, let's have sex." Then its "God just leave me alone for a minute."


Why Be Exclusive?


There's going to be a divorce boom and a baby boom. And those events aren't mutually exclusive.

Edit : I've been reminded, by a friend with depression, that there's probably a suicide boom on the way too.

Personally I have a feeling that the next few days/weeks/months will bring out both the best and the worst of humanity.

Please try to help out your friends, family and total strangers wherever possible, and I'll try to do the same.


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