The story of Jayme Closs's miraculous escape from Jake Patterson has filled our newsfeeds for several days now. The latest development in the case involves the $50,000 reward that was offered for information about the previously missing teenager.

Jayme Closs is only 13 years old, but she has experienced more trauma than anyone should at any age.

Closs went missing in October of 2018 after her parents were murdered.

On Thursday, Closs was discovered by a discovered by a woman, Jeanne Nutter, walking her dog 60 miles from Closs's home.

Nutter went on to bring the young girl to Peter and Kristin Kasinskas' home.

The Kasinskas proceeded to call 911 which led to the subsequent arrest of her abductor and parent's murderer, 21-year-old Jake Patterson.

Woman who called 911 after Jayme Closs escaped describes suspect

When Jayme was still missing, the FBI offered a reward of $25,000 to anyone who could provide information about her whereabouts. The company that the Closses worked for, Jennie-O Turkey Store, went on to match that, bringing the total amount of the reward to $50,000.

Since her escape and recovery last week, questions about whom that reward money should go to have sprung up.

At first glance, the money seems to belong to either Nutter or the Kasinskas. However, on Tuesday, Peter Kasinska told the Associated Press that he and his wife don't want the money. In fact, they believe the person truly deserving of the reward is Jayme Closs herself.

In the words of Peter Kasinska,

"She got herself out."

Many people are applauding the couple for their consideration and selflessness.

Many agree that Jayme is the true recipient of the reward.

Nutter has yet to share her opinion on the situation.

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