Cosplaying is a ton of work. Making a costume can take literal months. And then, you have to wear it all frickin' day--it's probably hot, sweaty, heavy, and gross in there.

And sometimes, cosplaying that character is 100% not worth the effort. Sometimes you have to hang up the spiky wig and say, "I tried that, no thank you" forevermore.

u/aasrg1802 asked:

Cosplayers, what's one cosplay you will never do again and why?

Here were some of those answers.


Pyramid head

a whole slew of reasons ranging from it is very hard to move/see/eat/drink/literally anything and this is the complaint with just the head.

Now add in a skirt/dress like bottom and the sword. It is very uncomfortable to walk, hard to sit down and if the weather makes a slight turn to cold you really have no way to put something on that doesn't look completely ridiculous


Rock N Roll All Night

Ryuk or any shinigami in death note because it was a lot of work for people to just think you were from kiss


I'm Blind Mummy

One year I did Pinyatta. It was fun as hell but It was a layer of fabric, a layer of EVA foam, and then all the fabric on top. It was absolutely roasting and next to impossible to see.


Why Wouldn't You Ask First

Professor X, the only reason I chose it was because I had torn my LCL and still wanted to attend the event so I rented a wheelchair so I could get around the event. So many people came up and sat in my lap thinking I was just cosplaying as him. Thank goodness my friend's parents lived close and we went and grabbed ice packs that we threw on my knee so people would quit doing it.


I Wanna Be In Photos Too

Not exactly cosplay, but I went to a Halloween party as Waldo once. Terrible idea - everyone wants you hiding in the back of their photos, and you hear "haha I found you" at least 800 times.

Never again.


I Am Slender

Slenderman. I got really into the craze back in the day being a 6'3" skinny dude, and I thought of myself highly for having been a Marble Hornets fan far before the game was ever released. The issue is that I have a big head/nose, so through the morph suit you'd just see all my features, including my dark brown hair and smooshed nose. I ended up having a sore nose for days, and the soles of my morph suit were extremely darkened from walking around in platform boots for hours on end.


Not To Mention The Drugs

Dr. Rockso

Nobody wants to see that. Kuh-kuh-kuh-YEAHHHH

Real reason is while fun I have no place to put anything, no pockets, nowhere to store cash/ID, and if it's cold, forget about it. Also, seriously, NOBODY wants to see that. I kept it screen-accurate. No "kid-friendly" steps. And I wore it to age-appropriate events.


How Can Your Real Hair Even Do That

Goku. Back in college I had long curly hair, and a girl who was amused by it straightened it and used hair-spray to get it to stick straight up. Then I used black spray on it (though it was so big - I would have been better off going super saiyan).

After college I chopped my hair - so impossible to do it justice again.


Dum Dum Dum Dum Dadum Dum Dadum

Darth Vader. Wore it for years in two-hour stints. Vision is awful and zero skin is shown anywhere so it's hot. Real hot. Lots of wiring for lights and sound mean there's always something that can (and does) go wrong. Lots of kids coming up and randomly pressing buttons on the chest. Plus the cape is hard to control. Now I keep him permanently displayed on a 6'5" mannequin.



Faye Valentine for Cowboy Bebop. Not because of awkward guy comments, but because of other lady cosplayers that would come up to me and talk about how Faye is a good starter cosplay because I guess it's not intricate enough? I got tired of the condescension.


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