Cosplayers Share Which Costume They'll Never Ever Do Again
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Cosplaying is a ton of work. Making a costume can take literal months. And then, you have to wear it all frickin' day--it's probably hot, sweaty, heavy, and gross in there.

And sometimes, cosplaying that character is 100% not worth the effort. Sometimes you have to hang up the spiky wig and say, "I tried that, no thank you" forevermore.

Reddit user aasrg1802 asked:

Cosplayers, what's one cosplay you will never do again and why?

Here were some of those answers.


"Pyramid head."

"A whole slew of reasons ranging from it is very hard to move/see/eat/drink/literally anything and this is the complaint with just the head."

"Now add in a skirt/dress like bottom and the sword."

"It is very uncomfortable to walk, hard to sit down and if the weather makes a slight turn to cold you really have no way to put something on that doesn't look completely ridiculous."- skaliton

Rock N Roll All Night.

"Ryuk or any shinigami in death note because it was a lot of work for people to just think you were from kiss."-BigBirdHasAllMyUwUs

I'm Blind Mummy

"One year I did Pinyatta."

"It was fun as hell but It was a layer of fabric, a layer of EVA foam, and then all the fabric on top."

"It was absolutely roasting and next to impossible to see."-ElectronicFerret.

Why Wouldn't You Ask First

"Professor X.

"The only reason I chose it was because I had torn my LCL and still wanted to attend the event so I rented a wheelchair so I could get around the event."

"So many people came up and sat in my lap thinking I was just cosplaying as him."

"Thank goodness my friend's parents lived close and we went and grabbed ice packs that we threw on my knee so people would quit doing it."- sasksasquatch.


I Wanna Be In Photos Too

"Not exactly cosplay, but I went to a Halloween party as Waldo once."

"Terrible idea."

"Everyone wants you hiding in the back of their photos, and you hear 'haha I found you' at least 800 times."

"Never again."- Katholikos.

I Am Slender


"I got really into the craze back in the day being a 6'3" skinny dude, and I thought of myself highly for having been a Marble Hornets fan far before the game was ever released."

"The issue is that I have a big head/nose, so through the morph suit you'd just see all my features, including my dark brown hair and smooshed nose."

"I ended up having a sore nose for days, and the soles of my morph suit were extremely darkened from walking around in platform boots for hours on end."- MylesJacobSwie.

Not To Mention The Drugs

"Dr. Rockso."

"Nobody wants to see that. "


"Real reason is while fun, I have no place to put anything, no pockets, nowhere to store cash/ID, and if it's cold, forget about it."

"Also, seriously, NOBODY wants to see that."

"I kept it screen-accurate."

"No 'kid-friendly' steps."

"And I wore it to age-appropriate events."- AlphaTangoFoxtrt.

dan james run GIF by MuchGiphy

How Can Your Real Hair Even Do That


" Back in college I had long curly hair, and a girl who was amused by it, straightened it, and used hair-spray to get it to stick straight up."

"Then I used black spray on it, though it was so big - I would have been better off going super saiyan."

"After college I chopped my hair - so impossible to do it justice again."- CharonsLittleHelper.

Dum Dum Dum Dum Dadum Dum Dadum

"Darth Vader."

"Wore it for years in two-hour stints."

"Vision is awful and zero skin is shown anywhere so it's hot."

"Real hot."

"Lots of wiring for lights and sound mean there's always something that can (and does) go wrong."

"Lots of kids coming up and randomly pressing buttons on the chest."

"Plus the cape is hard to control."

"Now I keep him permanently displayed on a 6'5" mannequin."-shinyviper.

darth vader GIFGiphy


"Faye Valentine for Cowboy Bebop."

"Not because of awkward guy comments, but because of other lady cosplayers that would come up to me and talk about how Faye is a good starter cosplay because I guess it's not intricate enough?"

"I got tired of the condescension."- beetjuicex3.

Watch where you point that thing!

"In 2007, i went as Anbu Kakashi, crafted most of the cosplay."

"I made a foam sphere for the chidori with bolts of chakra, sewed that prop to my glove."

"Walked the entire exhibit hall of SDCC, it was a crowded family weekend."

"Very exhausting to fix the wig and avoid poking people with my prop."- bursttea.

Once was enough.


" Two hours of body painting, then to be in a convention hall aka human oven for six hours, and to not be able to use my fingers, or eat, and so many weird waifu type guys trying to put their arms around me in pictures, like yeah man good luck with that."

"Have fun being dyed green for the foreseeable future."

"The cosplay was incredibly rewarding to wear though, so many kids thought I was really her!! "

"And cosplaying anyone popular is guaranteed to garner a lot of attention at these things, it was fun for the day, but never again."- megxnii.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Flirting GIFGiphy

An unwanted target on your back.

"Katsuki Bakugo from MHA."

"The cosplay itself wasn't bad, but the reaction from the 12-year-olds was tiring."

" I don't plan on cosplaying this character again unless I can find myself wanting to be called 'daddy' or be verbally abused again."

"Also Midnight from MHA."

"I love her character, but the costume is made to be provocative and kinda kinky."

"I have no issue with this, but I'm tired of being hit on."- Spavesnip.

"I was cosplaying tsuyu Asui from mha."

" Not to mention it was my first con and I was 11, but grown men kept constantly coming up to me and calling me baby, waifu, etc."

"Needless to say I won’t be cosplaying her again anytime soon."- origami_spaget.

The moment has passed.

"I will never cosplay my Lolita dva."

"It was very cringey and my parasol started to break throughout the con I was at."- NeitherPatient.

Can't wait till everyone see's my costume, just wish I could!

"The Legion from Dead by Daylight."

"It was my first cosplay and was overall a fun experience but the costume had one problem."

"The mask rendered me completely blind."

"Also the week after I wore the costume to a con The Legion got a huge nerf so I think it's best I retire that costume."- F4LL4W4Y

Waited too long.

"Rose Quartz."

"I love her character, she's well rounded."

"She was hailed as a hero but was discovered to have done bad things, which means she wasn't perfect, and that's great!"

"But after the SU movie people absolutely despise her, even though she doesn't deserve all the blame being put on her by the show and subsequently the fandom."

"I'm exactly her body type and have been working up to doing a really good cosplay of her, but there's no way in hell I'm going to a con and getting yelled at and assaulted for cosplay as one of my favorite characters."

"It makes me so sad cause I was really excited about it too."- DucksInPlants.

Steven Universe GIF by Cartoon NetworkGiphy

Who's making all that ruckus!

"Gamzee from 'Homestuck'."

"Or any troll, but this one was ruined in particular."

"The grey paint I stupidly put on my arms as well got onto everything cause I couldn't afford a grey morph suit, one of my horns fell off and broke, and the worst part was the clown horn I had with me as a prop."

"I never actually used the horn to make noise 'cause it was really loud, so it was just for looks."

"Was waiting for a 'Homestuck' based panel and it fell from my hand at some point, a Kurloz infront of me in the line began to step on it furiously and made a lot of noise."

"Guess who got yelled at for it by the panel hostess?"

"Me, of course."

"I only ever did that cosplay the following year, and got stalked by someone dressed as Equius and Karkat who wanted very weird GamzeexEquius photos."

"I've had regrets for years now because of it, since I had another troll cosplay (Meulin Leijon) I wanted to do, but didn't cause I got food poisoning the year I wanted to wear it and the tail went missing."

"Fun times."- imperiousMaximus.

Can I get a picture?

"Even though it's hands down my favorite cosplay I've ever made, I don't think I could ever bring myself to wear my Yubaba/Haku to a con again."

"My previous experience was miserable."

"I was in a full Victorian gown. high collar, long sleeves, many layers, a corset, stockings, a giant wig, and had an 8 ft long lifelike Haku puppet attached to my back."

"All this in the dead summer in NC."

"It was a mixture of being UNBEARABLY hot with the AC inside not being much help."

"It was almost impossible to walk 5 steps without being surrounded by a hoard of people for photos which made everything from eating ,bathroom breaks, or any type of schedule impossible."

"Don't get me wrong, I LOVE people asking for photos and wanting to handle Haku."

"But when you feel like you're going to pass out from the heat, starving, your arm is screaming from supporting your dragons head all day and your bladder is about to burst, it can get a little frustrating and overwhelming."

"I was also involved in the contest later that night so I couldn't change out of it until around 9pm."

"We'd been there since around 11:30 am since our hotel was too far from the con."

"I really pushed myself too far to the point that I was SO sick I have Lupus, so I'm essentially mildly allergic to the sun/heat and sore the next day that I couldn't bring myself to go back wearing my Lust cosplay, and I'm so thankful I didn't because I could barely handle walking around the vendors in flip flops."

"I think if I do ever decide to bring Haku out again, I'll make myself a casual Chihiro to balance out the comfort level."

"Until now, my best boy has a home hanging from the ceiling in my living room."- Mossyfoxx.

Comfort is key.

"Blake from Rwby in a maid dress."

"Quick background: I don't watch Rwby, my friends had decided we'd do group cosplays for each day of the weekend and I got to pick for Friday so I felt I had to go along with whatever they chose for the next two days."

"I didn't have enough time or reference to make her actual outfit so I wore a black and white maid dress, cat ears, and borrowed my friends ridiculous heels (because I didn't own any myself) that I kept tripping and losing my balance in."

"I was so uncomfortable because I've actually never worn a dress that short or tight before I usually cosplay male characters and I've never worn heels that high."

"Between my feet killing me, being super self-conscious and knowing nothing about the character because my group all watched the show and I didn't."

"I will never do that again."

"I'm sticking to cosplaying male characters."- DorianTheGreye.

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Cosplay is not for the faint of heart. And please, wear deodorant.

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