People Share Their 'Looking For Copper But Found Gold' Experiences


Sometimes, the good things in life show up when you least expect them to.

This isn't common--usually you end up with less than you wanted. But every once in a great while, you are rewarded more handsomely than you thought you would be.

u/EntitledFolder asked:

What's your "looking for copper but found gold moment?"

Here were some of those stories.

A 21st Century Friendship

Was looking for temporary entertainment on a lazy morning on Twitch. Found someone streaming for zero views and stayed. It turns out we have a lot of similar interests and we've been friends ever since.


Money Money Money

I had the salvage rights at a landfill for the day, I was 20 years old, I was expecting a lot of aluminum cans and shit. Some stainless, some copper.

A military truck pulled up and dropped an aluminum shed, with four heavy panels.

I removed two bolts from each panel, and got several hundred dollars for them.

Clean aluminum, made a bunch of money for about 15 minutes of work.


Twue Wuv

I sent a reddit message to some rando I had a nice conversation with in a thread. I don't really know what I was expecting and I almost never send random reddit messages like that.

Skipping straight to the interesting bits, I moved across an ocean to be with her, we got engaged, and are currently riding out the pandemic on the couch.

She's my soulmate. :)


Literal Gold

My first gold ring I accidentally found with my metal detector. I was looking for large lead civil war type bullets (that signal the same as copper pennies), that I had found in the area, but they were later than the civil war era..... and I get a typical penny/bullet signal and go to dig it up and I see the shine of gold in the hole.

Was completely by surprise. I had given up trying to actively find gold because it signals the same as trash metal like aluminum and there are just TONS of aluminum beer/soda can tabs littered all over since the 1960s.


A Surprise

I started talking to a guy on OKCupid who was cute, checked most of the boxes, didn't seem insane, but I didn't honestly see it going anywhere. I was just dating around. Nearly 3 years later, he's sitting next to me, sharing memes from Reddit while I type this.


Mah Duuuuuuude

Finally got off of night shift last summer, I decided to get out more on the weekends and see more local bands and stuff. I also figured that I've been single for too long now, it's time to try this whole casual hookups thing even though I know I'll be bad at it. I ran into a few girls at several shows, but I'm bad at making a move quickly so it was going nowhere.

At one show I see this dude I've met once or twice at karaoke out with this girl that I vaguely recognize from Pokémon Go. I'd met her when the game was new and there was chemistry there, but back then every second or third sentence she mentioned her boyfriend so I figured that was a no-go. Raids were introduced into the game and the few times she'd be at raids she was always with some dude so I figured this was her boyfriend from before and didn't look into it more.

So I went to say Hi and he introduced me. Alcohol was involved, so I followed with "Actually, I think we met once before..." and after telling the story of our past encounter her eyes lit up and she said "You're my dude!!" Ran into her at shows twice more before we started going out, now we're pretty close.


A Chocolate Surprise

At one point in a dark time in my life, I really wanted candy but the shops were closed. I decided to have some peanut butter instead, and found that the last time I'd eaten peanut butter I'd mixed a whole bunch of m&ms in!


Finally No More Distance

Two years ago I went to Hawaii with my family for a vacation. It was around the holidays, and I decided I wanted to kiss someone on new years, because I'd never actually had a new years kiss. Me and my best friend who had travelled with us were hanging out at our hotel hot tub when some guys rolled up just chatting amongst each other. I was immediately attracted to one of them and we struck up a conversation and he was shockingly nice and funny. We hit it off and he was my new years kiss, and we kept in touch and hung out for the remainder of the trip.

He would send me photos of his hikes, and he would take me on walks through the parks and we would joke like we'd known each other forever. It was honestly almost disturbing how comfortable we were around each other for being virtually strangers. I expected it to end as a really nice overseas fling. He lived in California and I lived in Alberta, so we didn't expect much to happen, yet he still kept reaching out and acting like nothing had changed, and we talked every day. Its crazy to me how I went into this just wanting a new years kiss and found this really genuine person.

Happy to say we're still together after two and a half years, he's the love of my life, and we're closing the distance this summer.


Separate Yet Together

Fell out with my best friend of 15 years, we did everything together and it still hurts to think about sometimes. We were like the stereotypical girl best friends in a teen movie. I was trying to meet new people, gain some more friends, and expand my horizons. I began talking to someone who was not normally the type of person I would hang out with, but he was really nice and we had a lot in common.

Three years later, he's not only my best friend but my boyfriend. He is the kindest soul I've ever met, my biggest supporter, always pushing me to do and be my best, and I am thankful he came into my life when I needed someone the most.


There Are No Leagues

So here is the story: when i was about 15yo i was on a date with this girl, at the time i thought she was waaay above my league but apparently she was interested in me so a few months go by an we are still dating. One day we go to my house to watch a film, after the film was finished we went up my room and she saw my gaming computer. Apparently she was a gamer girl and now 3 years later she is still my girlfriend and the fact that she loves gaming made her my gold instead of my copper.


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