People Reveal What Happened To The Cool Kids In Their High School After Graduation


All of us wanted to be one of the cool kids in school - but very few of us actually were. Honestly, though, based on the comments in this article that might be a very very good thing.

Reddit user PoisonousChicken asked:

What happened to the 'Cool Kids' from your school after they graduated?

And yeah ... we're suddenly thankful that at no point in our schooling years could we ever have been cool. Apparently it works out as a bit of a curse pretty often. Of course there are some success stories here - but there are also a whole lot of cringeworthy cautionary tales. You ready? Here we go.

Life With Cheat Codes

Coolest kid in my school was one of those charismatic prodigies. He got full ride scholarships, he partied with the jocks, played magic with the nerds, talked to me about building computers and always kicked my butt at counter strike... and he played 4 instruments before he was 15. I think he got a degree in Chemical Engineering, then went back for one year to get a Music Theory degree too... then after 5 years of working he decided that he wanted to be a doctor so he went back to med school and eventually started his own practice.

Dude was playing life like he had cheat codes on. One of those people you just kind of wish would go into politics.

- Razvee

One Out Of Three

One went to jail for drug possession with intent to sell, one dropped out of college and works at a mall kiosk, and other quit his cushy corporate job and started a non-profit that provides shelter, food and job resources to homeless single mothers and their children.

- ronnie_boy

RIP, Katie

Popular girl in middle school. She used to bully me since I was the shy quiet kid with no friends.

In high school life got better for me and I wasn't bullied anymore, and I didn't see much of her. She got into drugs but remained the pretty popular girl with lots of friends.

A few months after we graduated, she stabbed and murdered someone, another kid our age, in a botched robbery with two of her friends.

Rot in prison Katie.

- megavenusaurs

Peaked In High School

They all got fake tits, married old bald guys for a few years, popped out a kid or two then took off with half his money. Now they drink way too much wine, post about how being a stay at home mom is the hardest job EVER and have leather skin and try to sell me makeup on Facebook.

- UnicornH0le

Stayed For 30 Years

Well, the captain of the cheerleading squad left after graduation, but only long enough to go to university and get a teaching degree. She came back to the school as a teacher, became the faculty adviser for the cheerleading squad and recently retired. So, she stayed in high school for 30 years.

- Fredzout

Down South

For most, I genuinely don't know. For one boy, he had dreams of moving down south to get away from the cold winters, as well as experience life in a bigger city. A big aspiration was also to break into the music industry. A very polite, happy, charismatic boy that everyone liked. He did make it down south, had some steady work, and even was playing music here and there.

You know how sometimes you get certain feelings about someone, but you don't know why. Little things they say and do just cause you to get a particular aura from them. I always got a feeling that he was carrying a lot of sadness internally. I remember him getting a little defensive about smoking stating that he liked the way it made him feel. This feeling of joy lead him down a destructive path of drug experimentation in order to find greater joy.

He overdosed and died this past weekend.

- eclantantfille

MLM Messages

They stayed in our same boring town, in the same relationships, had babies at 18 or 19, joined MLMs and are now flooding my social media inboxes with messages that start out with, 'hey girl, it has been too long...'

And end with, 'would you like to host a party/buy my sh*t?'

- brexallday

King And Queen

Prom king died of an overdose at 30. Homecoming queen ran over a little kid in her car a year after graduation. She went to jail for a year or two.

Most of the other cool kids went to college, got normal jobs, and have pretty decent lives (or so it seems). Good looking spouses, nice homes, nice cars, a couple kids,etc.

- ljt624

The Soap Opera House

They got everything. The homecoming queen never went to college, went to the right bars instead, married rich and has a house that could be on a soap opera with a ton of land. She doesn't work.

- Snooglekatz

Nothing Changed

As far as I can tell, most of them went off to college, married each other, and moved back to our stereotypical "new money" Southern WASP suburb. The guys sell real estate, sell insurance or sell cars. The girls are mainly nurses, interior designers, or also in real estate. They all look the same and they all still hang out together.

- kandel88

Be All That You Can Be

They all joined the army together. One is a paratrooper, the others are either armored corps or airforce. One of them was in the medics course with me. They're all fairly happy and much nicer than I had remembered. They still meet up every now and then.

- throwawaytoastme

Painful Amateur

Former class president is an amateur stand up comedian... it's painful to watch.

- e1larse

Forbes And Porn

One was in Forbes a few years ago due to her online pet store company being successful, ones an actor and was in a couple movies, one was in porn for a little while. Not sure about the rest.

- Rickoversghost

A Walk To Remember

A few are anti vax moms. Which is honestly the worst. Where we live it's easy to fall into drugs so alot of the popular kids went that way. Lastly, our top athlete, who was super smart, dropped out of UC Davis to have a walk with God. Haven't heard anything from him since.

- am95mc

No Movie Ending

A lot of them ended up doing well thanks to their social skills. The few run ins ive had with them have been pleasent. I guess part of me is jealous that those kids who were kinda assholes to me in high school are happy and successful and didn't get the movie style ending where they ended up fat and miserable but how can you really be mad that they matured into better people and are happy? So honestly, good for them.

- SupremeLeaderSnoke

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