Controlling Boyfriend Won't Allow GF To Pass Gas And Now She's Nervous To Move In


Girls fart. I know, OMG. And this one poor soul has a boyfriend who won't let her pass gas in front of him, to the point where she has to hold them in - and it hurts! OP feels like after three years, her boyfriends "no farting rule" is ridiculous, and is the only thing standing in her way of moving in with him.

obviousthrowawayfart asked Reddit if her boyfriend is being unreasonable, because it hurts to hold in farts!

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My (F25) boyfriend (M31) and I have been together for nearly 3 years.

By this stage you would expect us to be comfortable regarding all bodily functions and mishaps, however he has a strict 'no farting' rule and it makes me extremely uncomfortable to spend long amounts of time with him because I have to hold them in for so so long.

I have a sensitive stomach and holding so much of that air in is painful. Yes they are loud but they don't smell! Not one bit!

I think because he doesn't have that much gas then he expects me not to either. I also feel the typical 'girls don't fart' stereotype is very relevant here.

This is the only thing stopping me from moving in with him as in all other regards he is perfect and someone I envision spending the rest of my life with. He is loving, respectful and in all other aspects he blows me away (pun intended)!

Am I being unreasonable to feel upset and uncomfortable about this? How do I go about discussing with him that it hurts to hold them in?

EDIT: wow I truly didn't expect this much of a response. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to reply. To clear some of the questions, yes I could walk into another room however they are a constant battle all night and it terrifies me to think of living with him and having one accident slip out or for them to let loose when I sleep!

I think my best option is to having a conversation with him about how it is making me feeling and try my best to avoid situations in which he could possibly hear me.

Other than that, I will be letting them fly.


Do it anyway.


Farts are supposed to be funny!

When we lived together, my ex and I would make a joke out of it. It was something that was comical to us. Everyone poops so why not laugh about it?

I'd fart in bed then cover her head with the sheets. It was all good fun.

We did not break up because of farting however. The farting was something I'll look back on fondly. I'm glad she is still my friend, bound together by a love of making each other smell our farts.


"Gas him up like it's World War I."

I agree. Fart all over the place. Gas him like its WW1 up in this bitch.


This guy got more than be bargained for.

I mean i got angry because my gf didn't want to fart, i encouraged it. Now she won't stop. Help.


There's got to be a compromise.

My mom was against farting in front of others and I was raised that way. When you feel one coming on, politely leave the room or go to the bathroom. When I met my SO he was brought up extremely differently where everyone in his house believes "better out than in" and they all (mother,father,sister) let them out whenever. It doesn't matter if we are in bed,on the couch or eating dinner, when one of them needs to fart they will do so and no one even blinks or looks at them. It is so normal to them. I'm now at a point where I will fart in front of my SO but not in front of others. I will still excuse myself and do it in the next room or bathroom.

I would honestly just have a chat with him and ask what he wants you to do and if you can find a happy medium.


"No farting" is not a real rule.

Is this for real?! Stop acting like this "rule" of his is actually a thing and do what you need to do. If he refuses to find a way to deal with your basic biological needs (like, I don't know, whatever he'd do if his boss farted during a meeting), then wish him luck finding his legendary non-farting soulmate outside of a RealDoll catalog.


OP is going to fart anyway, what's the boyfriend gonna do?

I'm going to go with calling him out on it and doing as many as I possibly can until it's no longer a big deal.


How exactly would this rule be enforced?

How does he expect to enforce this "no farting rule"? Ridiculous.


Plus, farts make nice gifts.

Jart. Fart in a jar. It's a thing.

Let's call this a Bart. Fart in a box.


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