People Shed Light On Conspiracy Theories That Actually Turned Out To Be True
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Sometimes suspicion can turn out to be true. And when the truth does out... Lord do the conspiracy theorists love to let loose.

Every tall tale and drama can sound like a fairytale on the peripheral, but every now and again we're proven that the strangest, weirdest people, we're giving us some facts.

Redditor forthemotherrussia wanted to discuss all the "what ifs'?" They asked:

What Conspiracy Theories turned out to be true but most people still don't know about them?

I don't normally subscribe to "theory." Show me the proof! Why is that so hard?

Lights Up

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"The lightbulb conspiracy. A bunch of lightbulb manufacturers got together and agreed to lightbulb lifespans and costs for a few decades, holding technology back. Lightbulbs are supposed to outlast the people who buy them by now." ~ Wahooney

All the reasons...

"Chernobyl wasn't lost because of one mistake. Pre-crash checks revealed problems, but no one took it serious." ~ AngryPortal1234

"It's been a long time since I learned about it, but I'm pretty sure there were engineers/scientists that took it very seriously. They were just forced to proceed more or less. I'd be surprised if people didn't take it seriously, as it was a poorly designed reactor, and some people working there had to have known that." ~ somethingIforgot

One Shot

"CIA heart attack gun. A gun that shoots an ice block dart containing some animal Shellfish poison that dissolves destroys in the body. This poison would cause a heart attack, believing the victim dies under natural circumstances."


"Propaganda Due, an Italian masonic lodge that included many high profile people. The stuff they were up to is insane, and also resulted in the government of Italy passing a law prohibiting secret societies. They were behind journalist murders, press takeover, government policy, bombings etc."

"". ~ emix75


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"The CIA was involved in smuggling cocaine into the U.S." ~ MrGiabris

Oof, that is a lot to digest.

dirty business...

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"The King of Spain evaded money and had/has very very dirty business because of his total legal immunity that authorizes him (constitution hasn't changed as for the current King) to literally do anything." ~ Guipucci

Motor Issues

"The Great Street Car conspiracy -- the fact that the USA had one of the most advanced and developed public transit systems in the world in the 1950s, and it was deliberately curtailed, stopped, and dismantled in concert between the government, GM, Ford, and other car companies, leading to the promotion and expansion of the inefficient, wasteful suburban sprawls that dominate America today -- all for the principle purpose of selling more cars." ~ theDashRendar


"MK Ultra." ~ LyannaCeltiger88

"Part of why it seems so unreal is how much of a total freaking mess it was, and the incompleteness of our knowledge about it! There was no overarching hypothesis being tested, no proper scientific rigor. Just throwing crap against the wall to see what happens. Generally a lot of drugs given to people no-one would miss to see what the effects were, but also other substances to see what the effects could be."

"When we think of conspiracies, we typically think of competent villains, but this was just a mishmash of whatever questions popped into the brains of whoever was giving orders with a large dose of Red Scaremongering thrown in (if mind control exists, we can't let the Soviets discover it first!)." ~ Malaeveolent_Bunny

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No Vegan

"Big Egg attempted to run a slander campaign against Vegan Mayo companies. They went as far as contaminating food and causing safety recalls in some cases until it was all exposed in a lawsuit." ~ shadowheart1

"I've worked in management positions in kitchens for over a decade. In the rare case I do receive proper training."

"There's always a section about people freaking with food. And I always think throughout the whole thing. Who the heck is gonna do that? I was always thinking psychos, killers, terrorists. My dumba** never though if the competition." ~ JillsACheatNMean

Into the Woods

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"Didn't the US government try to commit terrorist attacks against Americans in order to blame Cuba as an excuse to go to war, but Kennedy wouldn't let them?" ~ LR-II

"It was proposed. Operation Northwoods." ~ Re-AnImAt0r

Founded: February 4, 2004

The objective of the LifeLog concept was "to be able to trace the 'threads' of an individual's life in terms of events, states, and relationships", and it has the ability to "take in all of a subject's experience, from phone numbers dialed and e-mail messages viewed to every breath taken, step made and place gone".[1]
The LifeLog program was canceled on February 4th, 2004, after criticism concerning the privacy implications of the system.[4][5]

Founded: February 4, 2004;

~ CompositeCharacter

Dear Fred

"Fred Hampton was assassinated by Chicago PD." ~ Wazula42

"Not only was he assassinated by FBI, the only reason we know he was is because a group of ppl broke into the pentagon on Independence Day or something when there was low security and leaked documents to press." ~ UCPines98

"man from Tuared"

"I don't think a lot of people know they found the origin of the "man from Tuared" story. Basically the story goes back in like the 50s a man was stopped at an airport somewhere in Asia. His passport said he was from a country called Tuared. The country does not exist."

"The police couldn't figure out who he was and took him to a 4th floor hotel room. The man disappeared without the guards seeing him. There has been plenty of speculation of who the man was. Secret agent was probably the biggest theory. The whole story was based on an actual event but nowhere near as intriguing as the conspiracy theories."

"Over time it became a legend that's mentioned a lot with stories like the Somerton man. Recently they have found the original story of the man from Tuared and it is very different then the legend it has become."

"" ~ AlfaBetaZulu

Be Humane

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"Rabbits were legally classified by the USDA as poultry at the behest of the rabbit industry so that they did not have to comply with the HUMANE SLAUGHTER ACT." ~ slonneck


"Anything regarding the Panama and Pandora papers. It's crazy how people just skipped over this to crap talk streamers for making money." ~ Revenge_Is_Here

"The Pandora Papers are new, so you're not going to see much. They also reported, as did the Panama Papers, that much of what they saw was perfectly legal."

"Panama Papers investigations are ongoing. As of April 2021, various countries had recovered at least $1.36 billion and filed charges against several people, garnering some guilty pleas and jail time. At least 80 countries have opened investigations." ~ NetworkLlama

Absolute Power

"Nixon wiretapped the democrat party headquarters to determine their strategy and then tried to use his power as president to cover the crime. Obviously it's now not seen as a conspiracy but I'm sure there were strong allegations at the time." ~ erisod

"Watergate was bad, and it rightly lost him the presidency. But his backchannel torpedoing of LBJ's Vietnam peace talks should have ended his career years before we got "gate" added to the end of all scandals ever." ~ meeeeetch

Wasted Time

"In the US, tax companies like H&R Block and Turbo Tax lobbied the government to intentionally keep taxes absurdly difficult to file so that you'd be more likely to pay for their services. The IRS has all the information needed to basically just send you a bill to review once a yeah, but they instead ensure that citizens have to fill out needlessly complicated and extensive forms confirming what the government already knows just so tax companies can receive an obscene amount of money annually." ~ Enjolraw

Who Cares?

Who Cares Judge Judy GIF by Lifetime Telly Giphy

"People don't care about the NSA monitoring and surveilling everything we do. The idea that the government is wiretapping every phone and computer in the US was considered tin-foil hat ridiculous just a few years back. Now it's been proven by heroes such as Snowden, and no one gives a crap." ~ Yusi-D-Jordan

Lights On

"Planned Obsolescence. Manufacturers actually design their products to fail so we become repeat consumers. I believe it started w/ lightbulbs. The in the 1920s the lightbulb competitors met and agreed to stop making the bulbs last long. There is currently a lightbulb that has been on since 1901–obviously a bulb before the plan was set in place." ~ rot10one

The drama is endless. What will this list look like in 10 years? I shudder to think. But now I have to start some research.

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