Conspiracy Theories People Absolutely Believe Are True

Conspiracy Theories People Absolutely Believe Are True
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We've sure been hearing the term "conspiracy theory" a lot lately.

And if history has taught us anything, it's that it would do us all good to avoid them altogether as they are rooted in falsehoods tied to clandestine government plans and sinister plots–which, yeah, doesn't sound good.

But like anyone spinning a rumor, people tend to latch on to spurious information that cannot be verified by science or fact because it's just easy to go along with it without taking the time for research.

But there are some conspiracy theories that do make us wonder if there is something to them.

Curious to hear examples of these, Redditor BipolarSkeleton asked:

"What conspiracy theory do you completely believe is true?"

A majority of extremely wealthy people or organizations tend to be very secretive. What must they be hiding? These Redditors have a few ideas.

Money And Violence

"a lot of rich people help terrorism and movements to destabilise a nation or a region to make money from its resources or people."

– leleloy

The Pawn

"In my home city (in the UK) a heroin dealer was convicted of lacing his product with poison and causing the deaths of homeless people."

"In court he claimed that the local council payed him off to get rid of some of the homeless people in that way."

"His defense was 'why would I kill my customers.'"

"I have met one person that worked with the council and believes the story to be true, and years later I met some people that had worked with a homeless charity at the time. They claimed they knew it was the case but there was nothing they could do to prove it expose it."

– Big-Bad-Boris

In-Person Learning ​

"This one pertains to my university, but some people may have the same experiences with theirs."

"So students who choose my university send applications in by December. The entire COVID shutdown happens in March, around the same time university acceptances are starting to be sent out. Each first year student has guaranteed residence."

"Everyone is wondering what the new teaching model will be, and it’s announced that it’s mixed. 30% in person, 70% online."

"At this point, if you’re in first year, and all your courses are online, why pay for residence? You can do class online. But the university sees these discussions, and know they’ll lose A LOT of money if they don’t have students in residence."

"So what is announced? Almost EVERY first year has at least 1 person class. Meaning? They have to be on campus. MEANING, they have to live in residence."

"Idk if this makes sense to anyone but I thought it was interesting."

– Annoyingdragonvoid

All About Appearances

"Everyone I tell about this tells me I'm overreacting and it's just a conspiracy. But I strongly believe large companies who use eco friendly products around customers only do it to make themselves look good, and to make the customer feel like pollution is their fault when they use for example, plastic straws. When in reality using eco friendly straws barely dents the amount of pollution the company itself makes behind the scenes."

– Foohberry

People have speculations about high-profile individuals.

Slave 4 U

"That Britney Spears is either being held hostage or otherwise in a very compromised situation."

– _ellgee

Captured Or Deceased?

"Shelly Miscavige is either dead or being held prisoner by the Church of Scientology."

– anon

Shady FBI Director

"J. Edgar Hoover had ties to the mob and gave preferential treatment to certain crime families/organizations while crushing others."

"Also, his stranglehold on American intelligence made him a figure presidents feared."

– mindfeces

Failed predictions led to last-minute detours.

Change In Plans

"Disney absolutely believed that Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 election, so they started building her animatronic for the Hall of Presidents well in advance, and after trump pulled off a victory, instead of starting from scratch they just kinda made a couple half-a**ed adjustments to the Hillary model and put it up on stage."

– Unique_Unorque

Script Re-Write

"Trump winning literally ruined the season of South Park that year because they wrote it with the intention that trump/garrison would lose."

– chaamp33

While people are free to believe anything they firmly know to be true, it's wise to do a background check before another Pizzagate happens.

Don't be that person who goes down a dark rabbit hole and becomes confused about what is or isn't reality.

Because news flash: the earth is not flat.

Hate to break it to ya.

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