People Explain Which Conspiracy Theories They Genuinely Believe
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In this world, there are many things that don't have a rational explanation. Why is it we don't have any of the original footage from the moon landing? What happened to Amelia Earhart? How many of the things we believe to be true are really cover-ups?

Not having the answers to questions like these lead to conspiracy theories. I have always believed that the Bermuda Triangle sucks objects into other dimensions. Why else would there be so many disappearances in that area?

Some conspiracy theories are really crazy, but others are pretty plausible.

Curious about those theories, Redditor Meddling_Pickles asked:

"What conspiracy theory do you genuinely believe?"

It's All His Fault

"That Adam ate the apple first and blamed it on Eve, thus the Adam's Apple."

– keirden

Cause of Death

"Dorothy Killgallen, the only journalist who had an interview with Jack Ruby, was killed by the CIA in her sleep"

– crazeyawesomettv

"It wouldn't surprise me at all. It wouldn't surprise me if Jack Ruby turned out to be hired by the CIA. Or Oswald, for that matter."

– KidsTheseDaysYknow

"Marilyn Monroe was murdered, or it was involuntary manslaughter"

– PersonalityLost5228

It Was Rigged I Tell You!

"Ever since Alex Trebek left Jeopardy, there has been this sudden and convenient "rise of the superstars" where contestants are getting very long win streaks, far more than what we used to see on the show. I think Jeopardy is rigging their contestant selection process to artificially increase the likelihood of long win streaks in order to boost ratings."

– Firree

Dangerous Ego

"Trump never wanted to be president. Looking at it through the lense of a man who doesn't want to be there, but has far too much ego to admit it, makes the way he handled his time in office make waaaay more sense than any other explanation. And his ego is so big he'll still run again."

– chariotherr

Cookie Thief

"That despite what my roommate says, she’s eating my food when I leave the house. I had 17 Oreos when I left, I came back to 15."

– Apprehensive_Oven924

Hard Truths

"gogurt is just yogurt"

– Thugger4L

"no. no….. i refuse to believe this. source? citations? please send me your bibliography in MLA format"

– TheGoddessHylia

The More You Use

"Chapstick provides instant relief, then makes you lips more chapped so that you have to keep using it."

– LorryToTheFace

"This is accurate and similar to pledge furniture polish that actually increases the amount of dust on the furni"

– Pow4991

Disney Is A Snowman

"Earth is flat"

"Just kidding"

"Probably the one I could believe is the one that says that Disney is frozen until they can find a cure for him, and that the movie Frozen was only made so if people searched Disney Frozen, the movie would appear instead of the theory"

– kcyccyck


"Roswell New Mexico crash was in fact aliens."

"Only conspiracy I believe."

"But maybe cause it was the first one I discovered as a kid. And I loved aliens."

– Champion-of-the-Sun5

"Idk if this is a conspiracy theory, but I believe aliens could be real. After all, if our planet can support life why can't others? I think if they are real then we have a way greater advantage due to our advanced technology and stuff like that. But who knows."

– SpencerTheMenace

"That aliens exist. Now I know that makes me sound like some buffoon but hear me out. The Universe is 46.507 light years and there’s still more out there, out of the trillions of planets in the universe we are the only life forms? Sound crazy to me."

– DarthGolrath

​The Never-Ending War

"Cold War has never finished and is still going on to this day."

– Mrgray123

"I believe that the Cold War never ended. Otherwise we wouldn't still be spying on each other. You think that the Russians hacked the election just for shits and giggles? No, they wanted us to get into a civil war, and Trump was the perfect candidate to divide our nation. Our military budget is the highest in the world and if Russia were to cause a rift between us, it would be that much easier to either take us over, or make sure we didn't interfere with whatever plans they have, including expanding its borders. If their plans for invading Ukraine and attacking Finland would succeed, there's the chance it will attack others until it eventually took over Europe. With their country getting bigger and bigger, we would get smaller and smaller until Russia delivers the killing blow. When they say, 'divide and conquer,' they mean divide and conquer!"

– N0nethelesser

That last one is so true to modern life!

The term conspiracy theory has a negative connotation, but they are around to explain the unexplainable. To give us an answer when no one else can provide one.

And who knows? These could all be true.

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