People Confess Which Conspiracy Theories Made Them Think 'They Could Be On To Something!'

Now believe me, I'm not a rush to judgment conspiracy person.

In fact, those people tend to drive me crazy. How do you live in a constant state of paranoia?

You really don't believe there is a set-up behind every intention or hidden meaning behind every press release? That's no way to live.

I have argued and debunked many a nutty belief over the course of my life, but lately, a few thoughts have gotten me wondering. I'm not ready to join a club or even have a heated discussion but I may do a little research. It can't hurt.

Can it?

Redditor Zoozoo95 wanted to hear about the thoughts being floated about that sound suspect, but upon further examination made you wonder... could this hold some water? They asked:

What's a conspiracy theory that you heard that kind of made you think, "huh, what if they are right"?

There has got to be some shady goings-on with this supply chain nonsense. I refuse to believe we can't access our goods without this much drama right?


Sasha Cougar GIF by University of HoustonGiphy

"That the province of New Brunswick is denying the existence of Eastern cougars so they won't have to designate a huge bunch of land as protected wildlife habitat." ~ Numerous_Salt

Run the Clock!

"NBA refs are still rigging games. It's not as straightforward as making sure one team wins, since a lot of high-roller gamblers are betting on things like single quarters, individual players, or over/unders. One example that really stands out is last year, there was a game between the Mavericks and (I think) the Kings where it was the final seconds and the score wasn't close so the players were just letting the clock run out."

"And the ref called a technical on Luka Doncic for seemingly no reason. Turns out, the one free throw for the technical was the difference between the over and the under hitting. When Tim Donaghy was caught fixing games, he said he wasn't the only one and was going to wear a wire for the FBI, but someone tipped off David Stern and it never happened." ~ ElToberino

They were right...

"My mom's choir practice actually being my mom cheating. They were right. My mom had been acting strange and was irritable for a couple of months, so I talked to my friend about it and told him I assume she's going through menopause and it will eventually pass. He immediately said she might be seeing someone else."

"My parents have always been the type of people who cooked and gardened together, traveled and even worked together for a while. My mom never showed any interest in any other men, not even a comment about someone looking good. They got along really well so I just assumed there must be something else going on with her. Turns out he was right." ~ yukiatsusan


"David Miscavige, the chairman of the Church of Scientology definitely murdered his wife and is getting off scott free for it. Him and his wife got into a pretty heated argument in 2007, and she hasn't been seen since. Lawyers hired by David claim she is still alive and devotes 100% of her time to work at the church of scientology, which is why she hasn't been seen since August 2007."

"In 2013, a former member of the church had filed a missing person report that was closed after a few officers had "spoken and seen Mrs.Miscavige", even though there's no evidence whatsoever of this meeting. All missing person's reports now are turned down since this investigation is forever closed." ~ ihatenuts69

Norma Jean

marilyn monroe hello GIFGiphy

"Honestly, Marilyn Monroe's death. I know she was troubled and had her fair share of drug use but I think she got to a point where she was a liability with her involvement with JFK." ~ kyle71473

Poor Norma Jean. Hollywood, heck society as a whole, really ruined it for her.


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"The FBI had many reasons to assassinate MLK. The FBI saw him as a threat to capitalism for supporting many socialist ideas like universal basic income, etc. The assassin even admitted he was hired by someone who may have been part of the government." ~ Rabbet_yt


"There's one crank pushing the conspiracy that there was no single Zodiac killer. Rather the letters were a distraction created by dirty law enforcement officers to cover up killings connected to their drug trade. His theory doesn't quite hold together, but it's based on the idea that the murders were so different, different weapons, different kinds of victims."

"And that the letters and phone calls contain things found in initial police reports, but might have been falsely reported. The idea being that only someone with access to police records could write them. I don't remember all the details, but it's at least an entertaining theory. Much better than the books we get every year "My father was the Zodiac killer because he wore glasses in the 60s." ~ Pontus_Pilates


"Germany's government opened the night clubs one week before elections. Some people joked that they did it so young people were to hungover to vote -> less progressive votes." ~ zimzilla

"The reason all UK elections are on a Thursday is because when the rules were written they thought the voters would be the least drunk on a Thursday." ~ TheNewHobbes

Well... DUH!

"A lot of rich and powerful people didn't want Epstein alive. With the number of millionaire/billionaires that are psychopaths or similar, there must be a few super rich serial killers out there. By extension there must be people making money supplying victims in the same way Epstein was supplying girls to the wealthy who wanted to scratch an itch."

"With the money, power and influence would come governments and intelligence agencies willing to overlook or cover up terrible actions for leverage. I'll take the low hanging fruit. The Epstein "suicide" was outrageous. I've never seen an issue in recent memory where the far left and far right were in complete agreement and equally outraged over the same issue."

"Calling it a "conspiracy theory" doesn't do it justice. It's a hypothesis, and a highly likely one, that he was killed or was allowed to kill himself. The cameras malfunctioned and the guards fell asleep... FFS that is some lazy plot writing." ~ ihatenuts69


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"The government helps spread some of the more ridiculous conspiracy theories, so when a real conspiracy comes up, no one really cares because it's not anywhere near as wild as all the other dumb crap." ~ JerHat

Epstein is an obvious non-conspiracy. It's a disgrace.

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