People Explain How They're Still Facing The Consequences Of Something They Did When They Were Young

Being young is most definitely the time to make mistakes. You deal with minimal consequences at all times and can generally learn without it taking a toll on your greater life.

But the sad thing is that that is not always the case. Sometimes something you do when you are very young actually does follow you around for the rest of your life and fully brings more pain and consequences.

So when Redditor Wismond asked:

"What is something you did when you were younger that you are still facing the consequences of?"

They had some sad stories to tell.

Social Falls

"I was taken from my mom at age 10 and put into foster care. After a while social services found my dad, who left right after I was born and who I had never met."

"Eventually I was asked who I wanted to live with, my dad or my mom. I said my dad, because I had always wanted one and being torn from my mom basically severed our bond through trauma."

"It turns out he and my step mom were abusers and I was abused for 6 years before I ran away. Still haunts me to think who I would have been had I chosen my mom. Now I'm estranged from them all."-Emmalema_dingdong

Begone Hearing

"When I was about eleven or twelve I had a cold and as a child I'd had otitis a few times. It was winter and I was outside without anything covering my head and ears."

"My mum told me to put something on otherwise I would get otitis again. I didn't. That night I woke up with unbelievable pain in my left ear."

"I was awake all night, crying from the pain, tried to sneak out of bed to find painkillers but whatever it was that I found it did not help."

"Eventually the pain went away but so did parts of my hearing. Never told my mum about it. Still have hearing loss on my left ear."-DenyEverythingTA

Crouching Forever

"I started working on a farm when I was 16, worked there for nearly 10 years. The way we sort of crouched over to pick herbs for 6 to 12 hours a day f**ked up my spine."

"I have trouble standing for more than 10 minutes now. I also now understand why my grandmother, who worked on farms for more than 50 years pops painkillers like candy."

"The bone itself is gone and because it's gone it's exposed the sciatic nerve which is apparently a vindictive little b*tch because if I twist wrong or bend over too far it gets hit/pinched/ compressed and just ruins my day."

"According to several different doctors I have 3 solutions. Just deal with it, dope myself up on painkillers or have the problem vertebrae fused together which won't actually eliminate the pain, just lessen it. "

"Oh and I'd have to learn how to walk again so no thank you."-AmLikelyDrunk

These things may have built up over time or been instantaneous, but they hurt regardless.

That Ankle Pain

"I broke my ankle and stretched the tendons badly skateboarding when I was 16. My dad told me to deal with it and didn't take me to any hospital or doctor to check it out. I kept it wrapped and followed protocol I found on the internet."

"As an adult I now have terrible pains in my ankle whenever I'm walking too much or working too hard. Got it looked at around 27 and I have a piece of my ankle bone missing. Probably could've used that medical attention, dad."-evanjw90

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Not Even Once

"Smoking. I quit 9 years ago."

"It took me three tries but I finally decided to quit in 2012. My ex-wife and I were smoking on the balcony of our apartment."

"My baby girl was lying down on the floor on the futon of our bedroom and some of the smoke got sucked inside and she started coughing because of it."

"I said 'I'm done,' put my cigarette out, and crumbled the half-full pack up. And that was it. It went from the hardest thing to the easiest thing in a span of 5 minutes."-UnbeardedPedestrian

Being A Doormat

"I was a shy awkward girl that willingly accepted whatever happened. Unfortunately my parents didn't help as they would always badger my sister for speaking up which caused me to hide even further into my shell."

"You never realize how much can be taken away from you or taken advantage of you until you hit your ultimate limit. It's a price that can last for years."-VulpixBlades

Always. Bend. Your. Knees.

"I had a treehouse that was about 10 feet off the ground and I would regularly jump out of it."

"Being an idiot, I wouldn't brace myself when I landed because I thought I looked cooler doing it that way. Just straight up land on my feet without so much as bending my knees."

"Well guess who's got sh*t knees before they've hit 30."-Technicolorlovr

These stories should serve as cautionary tales to anybody who reads them.

How To Raise Habits

"Overeat and eat poorly. Please please please teach and demonstrate nutrition and exercise to your kids."

"It is SO F**KING HARD to defeat a lifetime of bad habits when you're in your adulthood and already feeling the effects of ill health from years of bad eating habits."

"And no I don't just mean 'force them to eat their veggies' and thus just create a totally negative relationship with healthy food."

"You have to find ways to make their importance clear and introduce new ways of eating healthy. Don't just feed a kid whatever they want whenever they want. I see that SO much and the end result is not good."-kpsdarlin

No More Lies

"I couldn't stop lying about things I had done because I was so worried people would lose interest in me if I didn't seem super interesting, until I lost track of my lies and couldn't stop."

"I ended up burning bridges with a lot of awesome people that I may have been great friends with, who we shared so many commonalities, awesome personalities, people I genuinely liked."

"I literally have no friends now and have trouble even being able to hold conversations with anyone any more. I did it to myself, and I regret it so much that I have dreams about things turning out differently all the time."

"It SUCKS, and if I could go back in time, I'd grab younger me's tongue immediately and tell me people liked me and wanted to be my friend, even if I felt like I was boring or not pretty enough."

"I'm glad I said this, finally. I had to say it somewhere. It's been driving me crazy, when it finally hit me how deep and insane it had gone."-TastelessAlien

Credit Ain't Free Money

"Overspending. Got a credit card as soon as I turned 18. It had a limit of £5000 and I was not financially responsible."

"Cut a long story short, more credit cards, horrible cycle of debt, had to dig myself out of it."

"I got out of debt at 32, lived pay check to pay check for a while. I'm 37 now and this year is first year of my life I have savings."

"If anyone out there has crippling debt, don't feel hopeless, there's always a way out, even if it takes years. You can do it!"-jennyrob669

Do you see yourself reflected in any of these stories? If so, the time may be now to get it under control so you don't face these difficult and sometimes dire consequences in your personal future.

You've got this! You can do it. Learn from your peers.

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