Confused People Reveal What They Hate That Everyone Else Seems To Love

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There are just some things in life we will never understand, especially when it comes to the tastes and likes of others. What people chose to wear, eat, sing or what activity they choose to partake in can leave one dumbfounded. How many times can you really watch THAT movie? Can we please discuss something else, anything? Do you even own a mirror? Those are just some of the questions I often find myself asking when trying to figure out my people. Or people in general.

Redditor _u/poopellar asked everyone What do your friends love to do that you absolutely hate? Open your horizons.

Tell me a story about their day, then when I try to tell them about my day he'll just go to his phone or get up and leave while I'm mid sentence.

This weekend I was telling him a story at breakfast. His wife got back from the bathroom and he left to use the bathroom. I wasn't done with the story. When he got back he just continued like I wasn't talking. And not like "Oh hey I have to use the bathroom brb" like just gets up and leaves.

I know he doesn't mean to do it but it really hurts my feelings... Like I put effort into hearing what you have issues with and offer advice and what have you. It'd be nice to feel like my issues are interesting sometimes too...


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Take me out to eat for my birthday and get the waitresses to sing and smear cake in my face.


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To be irresponsible. FFS I'm not going to a party in a town a few dozen kms over without knowing how will I get back home. And even if I did, you can bet I wouldn't spend all my money on booze.

They got stranded there, over 50km from home, with no money, with no one that could go get them, at 8 am.


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Calling out to strangers pretending to know them. Walking up to them. Having a proper conversation and after they convince the stranger they met somewhere before saying oops wrong person...


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Two different groups of friends. One loves heading out to places on the weekends where there's always pounding music and shots, the other would rather stay in and watch netflix all weekend.

It's killing me trying to drag either group towards a happy medium. I just want to go out somewhere for casual drinks where we can actually hear a conversation.


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Buy the most expensive clothes and then not wear them again and buy more after a month or so.


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League of legends, toxic crap! I like to play games for fun, not to get into arguments with people who act like their live depends on some stupid game.


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Making fun of me.


Once they start, they just won't stop, and everything you do or say, no matter how innocent, would just become more ammo for them.



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Magic the gathering. Now I shouldn't say I absolutely hate the game, I just never could get into it. What I absolutely hate is when we all get together to hang out, and they all end up playing for hours while I sit there not caring.


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Get together at 9pm. I get it, you need to put the kids down first or you want to come home and 'get ready' after work but for the love of god I am in bed by 10:30.


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Going out and bar hopping. Too much money and too many people. I'll get faced at home, thanks


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I have friends who are in a really crappy punk band. I like punk, but their band is god-awful.



Go and put noise canceling ear plugs in?



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Unbeknownst to most of my friends, I am still a virgin. I don't like hearing them talk about sex. It freaks me out.


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Taking pictures to post on social media. Can't we just do something without having to talk about how many likes we're getting!? It's so annoying to me, I couldn't care less. I mentioned this to one of them and apparently it was offensive. We're in our mid-twenties. No one gives a s**t that we went out. Also I think it's embarrassing to take a bunch of pictures over and over because they don't like any of them, like get over yourself!


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Horror movies. They go to the cinema on the regular to see whatever slasher-jump-scare movie is playing, but I just don't enjoy it. I tried. I really did.

Now I either go and see a different movie that's playing at the same time, or just meet them for drinks afterwards. It's a good system.


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Get together and talk about their children. I liked it before when they had a personality and I could talk about more than 1 topic.


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Hang around the mall. They never even get food while they're there, they just look at clothes for 2 hours and leave! I just wanted Auntie Anne's.


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This bar and grill that allows children after 10 p.m. My roommates and I come from the same city and they're friends with some mutual acquaintances who have a daughter, so they always go to that place on Saturday nights because they can't be assed to pay for a babysitter.

I'm not even a kid person in the first place, I refuse to have my Saturdays held hostage to a child.


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Going somewhere "nice" almost always entails some complicated booking system where we're told we'll get our table for 90 minutes only, and we have to jump through hoops if the party is larger than 6, somebody needs to leave a credit card number. You can sit down till everyone's there. Half your group just want to instagram stuff so there's that. The food is good but fussy and overpriced, you don't want to say it but the steak you had at your local spot for a fraction of the price is more pleasant. If the order is not quite right you feel awkward or that you're making too big a deal of it. Everyone's sort of anxious and tense because we're all uncomfortable both psychologically (ehh this is a place where some drinks cost more than my car) and physically (had to dress up to fit in). just can't resist them.

I'm all for places that have better quality food, I'm 100% about getting out of my comfort zone and yes, sometimes it's nice to be a little fancy. When I look back on some of the "ohh let's go somewhere special!" evenings, objectively speaking I did not enjoy it.

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