Annoyed People Share What Screams "I'm Entitled"

Confidence is key. Confidence is sexy. Nothing looks better on a person than confidence. We've all heard the turns of phrase stating how important confidence is. But we also know that person who walks around so confident that they're arrogant, but we can't quite figure out WHY since, honestly, they're kind of lame. Those people take confidence to a toxic, entitled place. One reddit user asked:

What screams "I'm an entitled POS"?

Honestly, we want to thank Reddit for putting together a list of the warning signs that we sometimes miss - in others and in ourselves. Check out some of these stories.

The Line Matters

People who ignore lines and cut in the front, like their time is more important than every other person patiently queueing. Last week, this lady at Whole Foods put her cart at the entrance to a checkout line, and left to go grab some more items. She was flabbergasted when she came back two minutes later to find that you cannot in fact block off a lane for yourself.

Who Are You?

*"Do you know who I am?" *Classic entitlement move for the least impressive members of the entitled community. We get it. You're the nephew of someone who once inherited something. You can hit a baseball 20% of the time you bat. Your mom pays someone a lot of money to make her look like she's still 37. Yay for you.

Just Say No

That sincere look of disbelief when someone says no to them. It´s a sight to see.

I work as a lifeguard at an amusement part and I get this look all the time, it's amazing. I constantly have to tell parents that their newly born baby can't ride on this, or any really, of our water rides, they all give me this look of disbelief. Some try to barter with me saying they will just hold their child the whole time, neat what happens when you pass out?

Also a rule of our river is that everyone has to be in a tube, only exception is an adult pushing a child in one. I'll tell parents that they can't carry their kid and with out looking at me will tell me " o he doesn't like the water, and will cry if I put him back." When I tell them that doesn't matter they will put the kid in the tube and when the kid starts screaming bloody murder give me this look of satisfaction. Before they pull the kid back out I tell them "Thank you!"

Hopefully they realize I don't care if their kid is upset or not, I care if their kid is safe. If your kid hates water why are you at a water park? The rules apply to everyone.

Be Nice

Talking down to servers. God, I hate that. Especially the people who do this and literally aren't aware that they're doing it. I was chatting to a guy at the bar a while back and he was telling me how polite and friendly he was and then he turned to the bar to order a drink and was so rude and snappy with the bartender. He then went back to regaling me with how great he was.

I just walked away.


Complaining hugely about trivial stuff.

About five years ago at my job, a woman came in with her teenaged daughter and they both ordered grilled cheese sandwiches with fries. I took them their sandwiches and everything was fine. A little while later I went back to the table to ask "how is everything" only to be greeted by one of the most ridiculous sights I've ever seen. This woman has taken every single fry off of her plate and lined them up on the table, and counted them. She tells me that her daughter has more fries than her and she wants me to go back and get her another grilled cheese that has "more than fifteen french fries" (the fries at that place were big thick steak fries). I was so baffled but I just went and got her another side of fries.

Then I realized they do it because some people give in to the demands. There's a reason why governments say they won't negotiate with terrorists.

Daddy's Got Money

People who brag about their parents' or family's money. People who come from wealthy families but are like "i'm not rich, my parents are rich" and act like everything they have, they got themselves, and completely dismiss the fact that the only reason they had the opportunities they did to get the things they have now is because of their parents wealth.

Their health (access to good quality food, a large clean home, less likely to be abused) education (private, or just a well funded public school because of the postcode) and connections (parents knowing people in college, knowing people with potential job openings at much higher starting level than normal people) and just all around freedom to make mistakes that other people just can't.

When you know you always have something to fall back on, you're able to take big risks with big payoffs. Risks that poor people just can't afford to take.

But no, none of these things shaped who you are, you did it all by yourself and poor people are just lazy.

Military Wives

Military Wives who think that the rank of their Husband makes them important.

Back when I was a boot fresh out in the fleet, I was living in the barracks and their was always an E-5 on watch in the lobby making sure the barracks dwellers were not trashing the common areas and smoking only in the designated areas. One particular guy's wife would always spend the entire day in the lobby on the couch watching TV like she owned the place when her husband was on watch. She'd go out to the smoke pit and smoke and then tell other actual military members to pick up trash and get onto them if they strayed to far from the smoke pit while smoking. Always saying something like, "I could go get my Husband if you don't do what I say"... an E-5...

And of course there are the Officers wives or college aged children that will be out at a bar or some other social place and act snobby toward you once they find out you are enlisted.

Take Out The Trash

Coworkers who refuse to do things around the office because it is not their job or below them.

Even managers/accountants/engineers/doctors/etc have to take out the trash or carry a heavy box sometimes. Get over yourself you arrogant twats!

People For That

I used to work in a movie theater. I saw a little girl collect her garbage to throw away, her mother saw too and said "No, just drop that on the floor. They have people for that."

The Name Dropper

Non-nonchalantly says "oh, is ________ in today?" or "I'm golf buddies with ________."

The dealership I work at has the owner's family name in big letters on the front. If you're an employee, you pretty much know who the family is because they're in and out regularly. One of the grandsons, we'll call him John Carman, is working in sales/management. He's super down to earth.

One time I had a guy in for a transmission service. He looked at his bill, then got all indignant and said:

"What do you mean I'm being charged this much? I know John Carman!"

Well, he happened to be in the room. He stopped working, looked the customer up and down and said "No you don't."

The guy responded "What's it to you, buddy?" super condescendingly. I then piped up and said "Uhh.. that's John Carman." Needless to say I haven't seen him back in the dealership for anything in about 6 months.

H/T: Reddit

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