People Confess Which Simple Things Make Them The Happiest
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India Arie sang "It's the little things and the joy they bring" twenty whole years ago (go ahead and take a moment to process that. We OLD, fam!) and the lyrics to that undeniable bop are still just as relevant as ever.

Except maybe the lines about phone calls - nobody calls anyone now. We have voice notes and messaging apps for that, India.

The last time I used my phone as a phone I had to actually search for the icon to make that outgoing call. Grumbled about how it could have been a voice note the whole time.

"This could have been a voice note" is the 2022 version of "this could have been an email" - but aside from that, Arie's lyrics are nothing but truth.

Reddit user praguru14 asked:

"What simple things make you happy?"

And it's time to talk about the little joys in life because honestly, we'll take the shot of happiness wherever we can find it.

India talked about sweet tea with honey, calls from her siblings, and time with her parents.

Let's see what Reddit thinks about when they focus on the little joys.

A Storm

Storm Thunder GIFGiphy

"A thunderstorm and a window that's cracked open just so"

- Because-Im-ginger

"I love watching thunderstorms. Even after my house was hit by lightning when I was 12. Still fascinated by them."

- tingulz

"Lovely :’)"

- gameoverman89

Me, Myself, and I

"Alone time"

- SwedishKiwiGuy

"That was my first thought, too!"

"I love alone time in the forest. Just having a walk by myself. Or a drive while listening to music."

- My-Color-Is-RED

"The joy of alone time is one of the reasons I run in the wee hours."

- Jmen4Ever

So Detailed

Tree Drone GIF by DeeJayOneGiphy

"A clear, sunny day where the temperature is about 70 degrees with a slight breeze, and the sky is a deep blue."

"Sitting in a park or a forest clearing, breathing in fresh air, and the green of the trees contrasting the blue of the sky in just the right way."

"A small stream flows behind you as you stare at the sky."

- Benjamin_Wrench

"You just described my afternoon. Right down to the small stream that flows behind my home."

- Frosthinz

Road Trip!

"I live in the east coast."

"When I see a car with plates from somewhere far away like Alaska, Oregon or California I like to imagine the people in that car doing the long road trip to get to the east coast. That they had some adventures, saw some beautiful sights and made some special memories on the road."

- PlanetOfTheAprons

"That's so wonderful."

"My husband and I are both from the Northern Territory (Australia), but we live down south now."

"Every time we see a car with those white and orange Territory license plates that are all numbers - and especially if the car is sporting red dirt they haven't managed to wash off - it always makes us smile and point it out to each other."

"Like seeing a distant relative we haven't seen for ages, and we always have a look to see if it's someone we know."

"It's like seeing a little piece of home."

- FormalMango

"West coaster here, I do the same thing with you guys :)"

- Tor_2ga

"So wholesome!"

- Barnowl79

Special Someone

Power Couple GIF by Bob's BurgersGiphy

"When my husband and I have the whole weekend off together, and we're on the same sleeping pattern (which is really rare for us.)"

"Just spending time together, hanging out. Eating a lazy lunch and watching movies all afternoon."

"Being with him makes me happy."

- FormalMango

"Same with me and my girlfriend. We really enjoy each other’s company."

- Danoof64

"That's beautiful."

- Illustrious_Charge88

Book Smell

"Book smell"

- Zalucrat

"Ah, yes. Before I start reading, I bring the book close to my face and do the page flipping thing with my thumb and take a big whiff"

- pineappleprincess_13

"Or the smell of a store full of used books. It’s kind of a dusty book smell."

- diet_pepsi_lover

"My school had a store room with a bunch of textbooks, stationary and reams of paper."

"I used to love helping out my teacher or the librarian fetch things from there cause I got to spend a few minutes just breathing in the book smell. It was so calming."

- tintin93yalls

Humans best friend

White Dog GIFGiphy

"My dog"

- arthurdent00

"I love my little (though not actually little because she is the size of a normal dog) dog."

- MZFunkyboi

"After almost every walk, my dog hops up on his blanket, digs around on it for 30-45 seconds until he gets it just the way he likes it, then plops down with a satisfied grin on his face."

"Makes me smile every damn time."

- lbeaty1981

Connection and Clean

"I really like sweeping."

"It makes me feel connected to the rest of humanity....Pretty much everybody who has ever lived has swept at some point."

"Also, immediately clean floors is nice."

- father_jarman

"Thats a neat point of view!"

"I'll have to mull that one over at the end of the day when I'm sweeping up the days metal chips from the floor around my machines."

- TheRuralEngineer


raining GIFGiphy

"Rain on the roof at night while being tucked up in bed."

- Smurf_x

"Rain itself makes me happy."

"I'm one of the few people who absolutely love rain. Instant morale boost in my everyday life."

"Whether it's droplets, drizzle, torrential, cold or warm, I take every chance to go outside."

"When I'm having a bad day I often think: well, at least it's raining."

- EingestricheneOktave

"I agree about the rain. Not when it's cold though."

"But if it's warm, I like to go outside and stand in it, sometimes. It feels nice."

- teddypa1981

"Bonus points if there's rumbling thunder in the distance."

- LetterkennyGinger

Human Moments

"Everybody who posted before me is getting an upvote because it is so comforting to see all the intimate moments we share as humans even when we are apart."

"Been on a 6 year long mental health journey and sometimes this wholesome stuff shows me the compassion that isn’t often advertised"

"Let it ride my doods"


Your turn.

What little joys do you find yourself leaning in on?

Let's share some happy in the comments.

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