Dating and the search for love and companionship... What a nightmare.

This journey plays out nothing like in the movies.

Every Prince or Princess (or everything in BTW) seems to have a touch of the psycho.

The things people say during what should be simple dinner conversation can leave a dining partner aghast.

Like... do you hear you?

Redditor detroit_michigldanwanted to discuss all the best ways to crash and burn when trying to make a romantic connection. They asked:

"You're on a date and it's going really great. What can another person say to ruin it completely?"

I once had a guy ask me if I was willing to follow him into the woods, depending on the price of the meal.

Yeah. No steak is worth that.

Plans After...

Wait What Wtf GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy

"Thanks for the ride but I have a date with someone else, I figured you wouldn't drive me if you knew I was going on a date with someone else and I really needed a ride."

"Online dating, talked to her for a while, finally got the courage to ask her out and then she said that as we got there."


Mirror Image

“'You look just like my wife!'”


"I did have a guy tell me I reminded him of his son. I don’t believe English has a word to adequately describe my feelings at that time."


"That would definitely do it."


Third Wheel

"'Hope you don't mind if my mother joins us.'"


"Actually had a girl do this on a first date because she had anxiety issues. Honestly wasn’t bad except that 90% of the time she was silent and her mom talked over her."

"I didn’t mind that much and wouldn’t have minded trying again when she was more comfortable except that she was let go at the company we worked at and she deleted her social media profiles and she never responded on her number. Ah well."



Lying Simon Rex GIF by Simon Rex / Dirt NastyGiphy

"'Hey bro aren't you gay? I made out with you last night.'"

"Random dude I've never seen before in front of my (f) date."


Was he lying though?

Filter Issues

"'You looked better on Tinder.'"


"Isn’t it basic knowledge that everybody looks slightly worse than the worst picture you can find?"


The Past

"'My ex used to do that too.'"


"Yep. I’ve definitely had two otherwise-decent-guy date-situations sour because the ex-comparisons just would not stop flowing. No woman wants to be seen as interchangeable—I’m not here to perfectly fill that ex-sized hole in your life. Focusing on the present moment and a future we could build together is a courtesy we need to grant each other in earliest dates of dating."



"'I'm an alpha, you cant handle my top energy.'"


"I actually left a dude in the middle of dinner, in part, for saying this. I ordered an Uber under the table while pretending to listen to him. Went to the bathroom, and never came back. That was when I was young. Now I’d just say, 'How about we enjoy this meal in silence, before we head our separate ways.'”



"'Mother says I should be back by 9.'"

"Saying 'mother says' just feels weird."


"That gives me Norman Bates vibes."


"'Mother says alligators are aggressive because they have an overabundance of teeth, but lack a toothbrush.'"



just kidding jk GIFGiphy

"'If you were going to be murdered, what method would you prefer. Purely hypothetical. Obvs.'"


If it looks anything like a Dateline NBC episode... RUN!

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