People Confess Which Completely Normal Things Make Them Feel Uncomfortable
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I'm often in an uneasy state.

I think we're all mired in the same feelings.

That's why we're always on edge.

It makes us in tune with the seemingly normal things that are actually stress markers.

Redditor SnakegameonNokia wanted to discuss what aspects of life just leave us all a bit -or very- uneasy. They asked:

"What normal thing makes you feel uncomfortable?"

Normal isn't always normal. That is just... normal.

You're Caught

Stealing Mike D GIF by Beastie BoysGiphy

"Walking through the stolen product alarms at store exits always makes me nervous even though I've never stolen anything in my life."



“Introduce yourself.”


"In college we had to do so many ice breakers that they lost meaning. I told people my fun fact was that I speak Spanish and then I realized that wasn't that exciting in a college setting since basically everyone there was bilingual. Then I said I can make coffee in eleven different ways."

"But I was always awkward. Once, we had to tell a partner our favorite movie and I said 'Pan's Labyrinth!' And he said, 'Oh I've never seen it!' And I said, 'You should see it, it's good!' And he responded, 'Yeah, I mean it's your favorite movie so I know you think it's good...' And at that moment I was like how is everyone but me so outgoing and why is talking so hard."


Escape Fail

"Bumping into people I knew in high school."


"I moved across an ocean from where I grew up. I was at a pub in London a few years ago, and at the bar someone yells 'OH MY GOD [real name]! Hey! It's John! Hey!' Guy I went to high school with a decade ago in a completely different country at a bar in one of the busiest cities in western Europe. There's no escape."

User Deleted


"People saying my name while I'm working because I'm wearing a name tag, a lot of people do it to feel more of a connection or whatever, it makes me unbelievably uncomfortable hearing strangers call me by my name without me introducing myself."



Silence Be Quiet GIF by IONGiphy

"Having to talk to someone when there's silence. Sometimes I just wanna be around you and chill, or I just don't feel like talking. Doesn't make me sad or anything."


I love silence. Embrace the quiet.

Look Away

Staring The Rock GIF by WWEGiphy

"Eye contact that lasts more than a second or two."



"Interacting with extended family. I rarely see them, so the conversation feels forced. Plus I can't just say anything that's on my mind like I would around good friends, or else I'd risk becoming the topic of family gossip for all the wrong reasons."


"My dad is mad I’m not going to the family reunion. I have completely opposite political, social, and well basically everything opposite of them except our lineage."


“Places I’ve Pooped”

"Pooping anywhere but home."


"There’s a stupid app called 'Places I’ve Pooped' that let’s you drop a pin on a map everywhere that you take a poop. It helped me be a bit more 'adventurous' about it (if that’s the appropriate word) because it felt like a game I needed to complete. 'All four toilets at the office? Check.'"


Shut up...

"Dominating the conversation and not letting me have a turn to talk where interrupting is the only way in."


"I have this problem in groups, where I have something relevant to add to the conversation and even try to start my sentence where there’s a small gap, but I always get talked over. Then by the time there is a chance for me to speak, they’re onto another subject. I hate it."



titus andromedon singing GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtGiphy

"People singing in front of me. Like sincerely, unironically singing. I have no idea how to react to it. If a partner ever tried to serenade me I would moonwalk off a bridge."


So many of these things drive me crazy. Uncomfortable is an understatement.

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