The Companies That Customers Vow Never To Give Their Money To

The Companies That Customers Vow Never To Give Their Money To
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Big or small, companies need to make money, and the only way to do that is for customers to buy their product or enlist in their services.

Most companies try to create products or services that will help people. However, some companies lose their way and end up making bad decisions. They become almost evil. That’s when the customers stop coming.

People rarely want to buy from a company who is doing bad things. From the company CEO said some disparaging things to the company treating their employees with zero respect, anything can turn customers off a company.

Redditors know this all too well. They were happy to share the companies they would never want to give money to, and why.

It all started when Redditor 3Dmee asked:

“What company will you never give your money to?”

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself


"The Wrong Amazon is Burning”

– tokyobandit

"Jesus! How did I have to scroll so far to find this? My partner refuses to use Amazon, ever. I'm a hypocrite who was gifted a Kindle... occasionally when I'm feeling broke I'll buy an e-book. I justify it by telling myself that I'm supporting the author, but really I'm just an a**hole."

– waiting_for_Falkor

Leaves A Bad Taste In My Mouth


– Smoke-00

"Had my wifes (gf at the time) friend want to reconnect and meet me after not speaking for a couple years."

"We go to lunch and her dad is there, no big deal. She gets nervous and pulls out a folder and starts trying to sell us on this Amway stuff."

"Turns out her dad does it and got her to join up. Also what do you know theres an Amway thing down the road lets get some stuff."

"I had no idea what a MLM was at the time but knew it felt like a scam of some sort. My wife and I grew up poor and knew to lookout for scams like this."

"Imagine using your own daughter to get people to sign up to this."

– Batesy1620

Evil Incarnate

"I would say Nestlé, but they are an octopus of malice that have their tentacles in every f*cking thing, it’s really hard to not buy something and accidentally give them money"

– nakedboi03

"For those interested, the app buycott has a barcode scanner that can tell you if a product you want to purchase is from a group of preselected companies or participates in select unethical practices. You can really vote with your dollar on the companies you want to support with this. This has saved me from accidentally purchasing anything from Nestlé because I will be dead before they peel one measly cent from my hands. If you don't know...go find out. You won't be the same. Pure disgusting greed."

– Happy_Chick21

"i try to stay away from Nestlé and chick fil a"

– chickennuggetoverlre

It's A Big Big World

"My grandma absolutely hates Walmart. She’s always talking about growing up, her town was all small business and everyone knew one another and supported their local businesses"

– BigThistyBeast


"Young people now may not remember when there were small independent stores everywhere."

"You know how everything is chains, giant big box stores, and Walmart now? There was nothing like that in much of the country in the 1980s, you had family run grocery stores, butchers, clothing stores, furniture stores, etc. everywhere."

"Walmart’s strategy of selling the cheapest-made products from overseas drove them all out of business, while they treated their employees horribly, had their workforce subsidized by tax funds, and got tax breaks from municipalities for their stores."

"They pay their employees so little they qualify for food stamps, I had friends who worked there in high school, and they gave them a start time but no end time, they just had to agree to be there until they were no longer needed, ignoring laws regarding the employment of minors, not to mention the trouble they’ve gotten into for violating labor laws regarding overtime."

"All to funnel unimaginable wealth to one specific family, the Waltons, sucking the life out of communities and humans everywhere."

– Trssty

The Wrong Family

"Any Kardashian/Jenner related companies"

– That_Engineering6795

"If you're buying Disney+ you're paying them down the chain in some form."

– white_male_centrist

"This should be everyone’s answer"

– geauxandy72

Scary Bad

"Wells Fargo. How many times do they need to get in hot water over sh!tty business practices before people lose confidence?"

– eieioelena

"I used to work for them. They deliberately screwed over veterans in fraudelent scheme after fraudelent scheme. Total pieces of sh*t."

– realitygroupie

"My answer as well. Predatory practices, institutionalized fraud, screw those guys."

– palookapalooza

Should Be Illegal

"Pfizer, i still havent forgiven them for failing to disclose that the 'anti-depressant' i was given as part of an extended clinical study, worked by suppressing certain hormones, causing other hormones to flourish."

"I was 18, about 112lbs (anorexic) when i started. 6 months later, i was 220, and had to wear a large B Cup sports bra to wear shirts."

"I am a man. Also started balding, but gettign hairier on my back and gut, and broke out in acne, had lactation events, etc."

"Yeah no warning that they knew about those symptoms, which they did, and no compensation, even though they failed to disclose these side effects, which they were required to do by law."

– lowexpectationsguy

The Man Makes The Machines

"Tesla. I'd love an electric car, but I don't want to give money to that pompous a**."

– uncreativemynameis

"Same. I was all on board to buy a cyber truck but this d**khead has gone too far."

– atxdevdude

Missing The Good Old Days

"I don’t know if anyone has said it yet but Nintendo. They really haven’t been releasing many good games since 2018 besides a few gems. But that’s not even a reason really. Their scummy business practices, mistreating their fans, copyrighting many things (most notably soundtracks of their games uploaded to YouTube), and taking down any fan game that gets popular makes them a terrible company pan imo. 2020 was the last year I supported Nintendo until I realized the scummy things they actually did in 2021. And even then, I was skeptical of many business decisions they did. I wish I could go back to to the 2006-2017 days of Nintendo."

– thatonedragonslayer

But Not Really Though


Sent from iPhone"

– system_reboot

Yeah, sounds about right!

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