People Confess Which Extremely Common Skill They Never Quite Mastered
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I admire musicians. Pianists, guitarists, drummers, violinists, and every other instrumentalist deserves to make a decent living for doing what they love.

After all, they've dedicated years of practice to get to where they are.

While creating music is a specific skill set, however, not everyone is capable of doing it.

So it's confounding to think how some people can't do the most basic things, that aren't taught or learned, that others are perfectly capable of doing.

Curious to hear examples of this, Redditor RefrigeratorDry495 asked:

"What is an extremely common thing that others can do but you can’t?"

It's cruel how the mind can seemingly play tricks. These are some mental capabilities envied by others.

Decisions, Decisions

"make up my fking mind."

– ITTrillionaire

Short Term Memory

"Remember what was said within the past 5 mins."

"ADHD isn't easy to deal with."

"I need to upgrade to AD4K."

– Draiko

Let's Focus

"I have a very hard time doing mentally taxing work with other people around. Lots of nights and weekends."

– patricksaurus

Now, Look Here

"Keep eye contact while speaking to someone."

– AidilAfham42

"Same here. I wish I knew how to fix this, maintaining eye contact with someone for more than a second or two is like holding my hand under hot running water, I can only do it for so long until I have to pull my hand away."

– LayClespool

The Mind Wanders

"Keep a hobby. Everyone I know has at least one hobby if not multiple. Sometimes a lifelong passion."

"Meanwhile I can't stick to one for more than two weeks."


The name of the game is: Let's Remember People's Names.

And You Are...

"Remember names."

– Ronotrow2

"I was told that when you get introduced, you use the name in the first 5 sentences talking with them."

"I tried that. Now they look at me as I am a weirdo and I still can't remember names."

– comicsnerd

Who Did What To Whom?

"I can watch 6 damn seasons of some show, and still won’t be able to tell you any of the characters names."


The Anxiety

"Yep, same here."

"I dread people saying 'Aren't you going to introduce us'. No actually, I may have known these people for years, and could tell you all sorts of things about them, but to remember their names I'll need to go check my phone."

– carlovski99

Let's get physical. If you can.

Get Down

"Kneel comfortably, goddamn knees."

– craigmaddiehopsital

"I see people just sitting on their kneecaps and I'm like how."


Taking The Plunge

"Dive into water. It's not that I'm bad at it. It's that I just can't make myself do it."

– Molly_Michon

Fitting In

"Wear ear buds."

– extod2

"And here I thought my ears were just deformed or something. I see people walking around, doing activities, heck my teens do chores with them in. All the bending, jostling, turning of the head, and they stay in their ears. I can't move or they'll fall out."

"Hell, they'll fall out in a few minutes even without moving. I've tried several different kinds over the years, have concluded my ears are just not normal, and gave up on the earbud lifestyle."

– Fang_Jolima

Some People Just Have This Power

"Snap my fingers."

– sdsxnx

It seems most people are good at recognizing faces.

Even in a pandemic era where we are surrounded by masked faces out in public–where they are required or recommended–people seem to easily acknowledge others with their eyes and know exactly who they're seeing.

I'm not that person.

Friends I haven't seen in a while may recognize me when they bump into me, but I apparently have a puzzled look on my face as my brain tries to analyze their face.

After they identify themselves, I squint a little and then pull off an unimpressive performance, explaining to them how my mind was elsewhere at the moment they spotted me but I knew who they were all along. I never do. It's embarrassing.

It takes a while, but eventually, I come around.

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