People Break Down Which Common Practices Need To Die Out Immediately

When you think of some of the worst trends and fads that have happened over the years, there's been some pretty bad ones. Hair so big it took three cans of hairspray, keeping the flash on when taking a mirror selfie, or putting lead in everything from gas to paint.

There's always going to be a practice that's silly, ridiculous, or down right harmful.

We went to Ask Reddit to find out what the most common practices are that just need to end.

Redditor NameDNamENaminG wanted to know:

"What popular thing NEEDS to die?"

The first step in ending something is calling it out.

Using children for clout.

"Parents using kids for likes."

- thaaat_one

"Welcome to Ryan's World!"

- xwulfd

"I think Ryan's parents use him for millions of dollars rather than likes. Hope the kid has a normal childhood."

- poopellar

"Similarly, parents who think it's funny to video record their child recovering from anesthesia (when it's natural for them to be delirious, panicking, and hyper-emotional), then sending it to Ellen DeGeneres."

"I find it so disgusting parents would do this, at a time when their children are most vulnerable and need constant care after a physically traumatic event like surgery."

"These are your children. Put down the camera, I guarantee you no child will see that video and go "oh I'm glad all my friends and schoolmates will get to see this!" Posting these videos publicly, I'm just going to call it what it is, is parents bullying their own children. They just don't know it's bullying because so many other parents do it, because a lot of parents are oblivious to the very concept of parents bullying their children, and they figure that since it's their own child making them laugh that it's okay, despite the child having no feasible way to approve or discourage anything happening at that moment."

"And if we want to see this disgusting trend gone, disgusting people like Ellen need to stop giving it the spotlight."

- QuarantineTitans

"Pranks" that are actually causing harm.

"'Pranks' and 'social experiments' which involve harassing people in public."

- Johndoe448

"'Welcome back to generic prank channel today I'm going to blow up a children's hospital and see their reaction.'"

- Casual_woomy

"The Results Were MINDBLOWING."

- HighDefPlasmaTV

"A good prank is one that even the 'victim' enjoys."

- willstr1

"'If your target isn't laughing with you at the end, you've done something wrong.'"

- Gongaloon

"People should take a look back at the old Candid Camera show pranks to get an idea of what a harmless prank looks like."

- PM_MeYourSmilingFace

On a similar note, TikTok Challenges.

"Unsafe TikTok challenges."

- darkuen

"TikTok as a whole."

- GoPhinessGo

"Problem is if TikTok goes, another app will come in place and same sh*t would happen."

- Lonely_Cycle_1059

"People forget that TikTok wasn't even the first thing to replace Vine, that was There will always be another."

- Random_Imgur_User

We can't even tell the difference anymore.

"Worshipping politicians and celebrities."

- TPFB_Daneslayer

"Politicians being celebrities."

- Handsome121duck

"Celebrities being politicians."

- bruins9816

"I don't have a problem with the rich becoming politicians I have a problem with my politicians becoming rich."

- Skittlesthepugs

"I think neither are good. We have enough rich people in office. Extremely wealthy people tend not to have the concerns of the common person at their hearts."

"Hell, they don't even know what it's like to be poor or struggling most of the time. I'd much rather have some middle class people that actually know the struggle, or lower middle class even. At least they can relate to people having a hard time."

"The other is worse though, absolutely. If they're making money from lectures, sure. Why not. But when they're taking kick backs, that's a whole different issue. And mostly the root of our problems."

- appleparkfive


"Same with people who glorify working an ungodly number of hours every week. Research has suggested that your productivity declines after about 50 hours of work. Work, then sleep. It's all worth it."

- OhSh*tItsSeth

"And the ones who glorify never taking a day off. It's ok to stay home sick, please for everyone else do."

- countessvonfangbang

Plus, we need to actually get paid for our work.

"Working 50 to 60+ hours a week, but not getting paid more since you're salaried."

- Catandmousepad

"Quit a job about 6 weeks ago because of this. 82k salary, extremely high stress job, was expected to work every night and as soon as I woke in the morning. Also was on call 24/7/365. Its an awful way to live."

- ahk1188

"How about 'working more than 35 hours a week at all for any reason'?"

- sotonohito

"Pharmaceuticals having commercials. Why are you spending millions(billions?) In advertising for products people need a prescription to buy?"

"Cousin is a doc and days it makes it a pain when patients come in and are hell bent on certain meds they saw commercials for."

- Catshannon

"A while ago I had occasion to sort through a bunch of medical trade publications from the early 90s and earlier, before pharmaceutical companies could advertise to people directly. Ads in the doctor magazines were way different."

"Turns out when you're advertising medicines to regular people, it's all athletic older people hiking in mountains and biking and kayaking and stuff. When you're advertising medicines to doctors, it's a lot more, 'Here's a 6-page technical breakdown of what this substance actually is and what it does on a molecular level,' and 'Prescribe this medicine if you want to reduce nausea in patients who experience extreme nausea as a symptom of this one specific disease.'"

- jeffseadot

"'Side effects may include death.'"

"Absolutely serious, half of them say this. I used to joke about it."

- earthsprogression

"The USA is one of only two countries that do it legally."

"New Zealand is the other country."

- Phrankespo

"I live in NZ and I've only ever seen ads for over the counter things like hay fever, clear eyes, paracetamol things of that nature. Several years back one of the pain relief, think it was Nurofen, got done for advertising their pills had targeted pain relief which was total bs."

- Nuknuknz

Just as every trend, most of these things will cycle in and out of popularity. Sometimes it takes a few months, sometimes it takes years.

We will just have to wait and see what horrible thing happens next.

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