People Dispel Common 'Facts' That Are Total BS

People Dispel Common 'Facts' That Are Total BS
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Some people will just believe anything.

And if you call a statement a fact long enough, many people take it as gospel.

Some facts are absolute truths, others can be malleable.

Science changes.

History evolves.

Lies are exposed.

And research is an actual art form.

Redditor OfficialVickiLuv wanted to share the truths we need to know, so they asked:

"What is a common 'fact' that you know is bulls**t?"

There is no such thing as an alternative fact.

So let's start there.

Not a Forest

the ice pirates shaving GIF by Warner ArchiveGiphy

"Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker."


"I used to believe this one. I was very disappointed when I learned it was BS."


Both Sides

"There are two kinds of thinkers: Right brain people are who are creative, and the people that use the left side who can do math."


"Try telling that to psychologists/psychiatrists who do research/clinical studies/trials. I’ve been denied dozens of times to partake in research studies revolving around mental health, specifically depression, and anxiety."

"Why did they deny me [even tho I was a perfect candidate]? Because I write with my left hand. And apparently it would make their study 'invalid' because they 'don’t want to interfere with results.'"

"Please tell me how excluding a large amount of people from a research study would somehow give you the correct answer for treating mental health for everybody?"


Find them...

"That you have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing."


"Especially with children, the quicker the police can get to the 'crime' scene the fresher the evidence and easier to follow leads. I used crime in quotes because there could have been a crime or the kid might have just wandered off."

"But it's not just for kids though... If you know someone is a home body and never leaves home and you know something has happened, by all means call the police. Even if they like to take random trips, it never hurts to inform the law."


Crackle... Pop

"Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis."


"Probably just normal. Cracks are just little bubbles of nitrogen that settle where there's space. They don't build up over time, once the space is occupied by a little bubble then no more can join it. A knuckle that hasn't been cracked in 50 years is the same as a knuckle that hasn't been cracked in a few hours."


Give a Howl

Angry Wolf GIF by CuriosityStreamGiphy

"Alpha wolves being real. The guy who did the original study disproved his one study and gets mad when people get it wrong now... lol."


"Came looking for this, also extrapolating this BS to human beings and 'sigma,' go read. The articles are all available. It's nonsense that people still believe s* like this with access to everything in their hands."


The wolf pack is always ready.


Facts GIF by Judge JerryGiphy

"A 'factoid' is an often repeated statement that isn't true, but is now believed to be true due to people saying it all the time. Its not a mini fact, or like, fun piece of trivia."


Breakfast Companies

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The quote was made by Kellogg's to make people buy more cereal. If you search up articles that say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, most are sponsored by Kellogg's."


"I’m not sure Kellogg’s made it up. In my country there’s a saying that’s been around forever that alludes to the importance of breakfast that goes 'have breakfast like a king and dinner like a poor person.' Kellogg’s might’ve simply exploited an existing popular belief."


Hey Stumpy

"Caffeine makes you short."


"This one makes me laugh. I've been drinking coffee since I was like 9 years old and turned out 190cm tall."



"Potatoes absorb toxins. The amount of people that believe putting potato slices in your shoes or wear them around your neck as a holistic medical treatment is shockingly high. It’s just oxidation."


"I recall seeing a antivaxx meme that said if you had to get a COVID shot to put a potato slice at the injection site to absorb all the toxins. I’m all for sharing that idea if it makes people get vaccinated."


Look Out

Flying Fox Bat GIF by Barbara PozziGiphy

"Bats are blind."


"I remember getting into a really stupid argument shortly after high school with a friend over this who just couldn't believe that bats weren't actually blind."


"Fine. Bats are legally blind."


Now I've learned more.

Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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