College Students Share The Best IDGAF Moments From Class


College students are paying too much to deal with the bullcrap. So don't fire at them--they'll fire right back with aggressive apathy.

u/moderate_man18 asked:

What was the most "I don't give a f*ck" moment you've seen in college/school?

Here were some of the answers.

Grades Altered

It was just high school, but there was a girl in one of my science classes that got into the teacher's gradebook to alter her grades while he was in the lab. The lab was connected to the classroom with a door that was open at the time. She would periodically look over her shoulder with this exhilarated grin on her face, but you could tell she really wouldn't have given a damn if he caught her. As far as I know she got away with it, and it was hard not to root for her.

There was also the incident during an algebra class where some kid pissed in the trash can, but I didn't see that one firsthand.


Noped On Out

Physics 2 final. It was an absolutely brutal exam, like the kind that makes you question everything about your major and your intelligence as a whole. The kid sitting in front of me flipped through the exam, sat there in complete silence for about ten minutes, then just got up and left. No visible anger, no acknowledgement of any of the 200ish people in the room… just right up the middle of the lecture hall and out the door. It was somehow terrifying for the rest of us


The Arrest

Police showed up at our high school with K-9 dogs to sniff the lockers. A dog started barking right outside our classroom and one of the students knew it was his locker. He at first tried to make a run for it, opening the door only to have a barking dog in front of him. Ignoring the teacher who was screaming at him to sit down, he then ran to the window and climbed out, but found himself in a courtyard, with every door leading back into the building locked.

Students and teachers from every classroom connected to the courtyard were at the windows watching in bemused disbelief. It was at this point where his "I don't give a f*ck" attitude kicked in and he gave a defeated shrug as he calmly sat down on a bench and started smoking a joint until the cops came out and arrested him. We gave him a polite ovation as he was escorted away.


Burst In

Thermochemistry class, we had homework due so more people showed up than normal. Prof was halfway through a lecture on the Boltzmann distribution when the lecture hall doors fly open and a kid quicksteps down the stairs in FULL lab gear (lab coat, goggles, gloves). He hands in his homework at the front, looks at the projector screen, turns around and quicksteps back up the stairs and out the lecture hall.

Prof was mid-sentence.



I tested out of all of my classes throughout the year and replaced them with TA periods.

By the end of the year, I was a TA 6/7 periods. As a result, administration couldn't do shit if I broke rules (I.e. swore, wasn't in dress code, etc etc) because I made shit run. Half of the front office, the photo and tech teachers, and some teachers that taught AP all depended on me.

I also ended up winning "worst case of senioritis" by a 100% landside.



First year of college, eng comp 102, girl was definitely enrolled in the class but hardly showed, walked in 15 minutes late one day, looked at the screen, saw bubble outlines, turned around and left. Can't say I didn't want to follow, I know it was only 102 but the class felt like first year high school English. Unsure if it's worse that the prof thought most of us were dumb enough to need to relearn all this basic bs or that three-quarters of the class clearly was. I hated that teacher, probably why this particular incident sticks out.


Too Much Brainspace

I have a personal IDGAF moment from college. I chose "Intro to Arab Culture" for one of my bullshit Gen Ed requirements in freshman year of college. This class was brain-dead easy up until the very end where we had to come up with a presentation on our own for a big chunk of our final grade. My first year of college was a rough transition for me so I just decided with everything else going on... I wasn't going to do the project. I couldn't have cared any less about it at this point.

Fortunately, the professor for this class was a lovely older Saudi woman who positively loved me. I made 0% progress on completing this project--I didn't even contact her with an excuse. I just didn't show up to give a presentation. She gave me a C on the project and I ended her course with a B.


Too Hard

My uncle told me the story.

Physics and Mechanics in his last year of University before getting his Masters' Degree in Civil Engineering.

He took the test on no sleep, scores a 9 out of 42 (21.4 %)

Highest score in the class is him.

His professor literally had to curve the exam over 78% so EVERY SINGLE STUDENT passed the final with at least a B-minus. Their exam was 75% of the grade.

Therefore, EVERY STUDENT who had at least passively participated in class got at least a C.



I was in a class called "Intro to Media Tech" because I needed some fine arts/tech credit to graduate. My teacher was a man we will call Mr. S, he was awesome. He knew I was leaving to boot camp for the Marines 2 weeks after graduation and that I was just there for the credit, so he cut me some slack throughout the year. At my school you could exempt from a final exam if you had good enough grades and attendance.

So finals time came around at the end of the year, Mr. S asked who wanted to exempt and I raised my hand. He laughed and said something to the effect of "Come on Bigbodybuzz07, you skipped 1/3 of class this year!" and moved on. At the end of class that day, after everybody had left, I decided to swing for it. I walked up to him at his desk, and asked "Mr. S, do you REALLY want me here for that final?" He looked at me for a second, looked at the Marine Corps poster on the wall in the classroom, and said "How does a 90 sound?" I said thank you, shook his hand, he wished me luck and I went on my way. Mr. S if you are still out there, you are the f*cking man!



In high school this kid was smoking weed at lunch. When he got to class right after lunch, it turns out someone had tipped off the cops. The police came into the class and was checking each person's backpack. This kid started getting nervous. So he puts the weed in his pocket.

He the realized he smells like it. So what does he do? Takes out his vape pen, and hits it so hard it looks like he is auditioning for the role of a fog machine in a haunted house. All the while the cop has not seen any of this. When this kid blows the strawberry scented cloud, the cop is about 2 feet away, back turned so not seeing this.

This kid then fans away the vape cloud. The cop checks his bag, and moves on.

The kid didnt get caught.


The Test Was A Pillow

Music History exam (absolute bullsh*t btw).

It's ALL long essay questions. Like you spend 2.5 out of the 3 hours frantically scribbling whatever you can down on paper.

A guy shows up 45 minutes into the exam, sits down. Writes his name, falls asleep for an hour and a half. Writes about half a page, then is the first one to leave.

Yes, as you probably assumed, he failed the f*cking class.



Not me, but my father. When he was in his 10th standard, so about 15-16 years old, in India, he had to take three foreign language finals: one for English, one for the local language, and one for Hindi. He was on the engineering track, so the humanities didn't mean squat, but he still had to pass. It's worth noting that my dad is the worst Hindi speaker in the family. So when it came time to take his Hindi final, he took a bunch of words from the local language and "made them sound Hindi-ish."

To pass, he needed at least 20%. He got 34%.


Values Based On Curriculum

Had a teacher in college that wouldn't let you leave for bathroom breaks, I'm talking he would look the doors when class started so late people could not enter. Anywho, I had mudbutt one day and really needed to use the bathroom. This is COLLEGE mind you, I put my hand up and asked to use the restroom. He responds with "no". I tell him "I really need to use the bathroom, count me absent or whatever but I need to go". He responds with "is this an emergency?" I respond with "unless you want me to sh*t all over your floor, I suggest you let me go". He let me go and ended up commending me after class for not "backing down". He was a US history professor and we were going over the founding fathers, I don't know if that had something to do with it.


Thoroughly Done

Went to a tech college and we had a programming professor that was one of the hardest people to learn from I've ever worked with. he made a big fuss about our final exam problem leading up to it. Really hardballing it that we almost certainly wouldn't pass the course if we weren't able to do it.

well like 3 1/2 hours into the exam problem, nobody has gotten up to leave. I've finally finished it, but I had a really long try statement that i knew wasn't correct but for some reason it was the only way i could get it to work and trying to fix it just kept unraveling everything. I showed him the completed product and it met all his specifications but he didn't like it. we argued for a bit and I just said I was hungry for lunch and I won't have time to fix it anyway, and he can just take what I have.

Well apparently everyone overhearing it only heard bits and pieces and thought that I was handing it in partially completed because I was giving up, and it started a chain reaction. apparently everyone in the class was totally lost and thought there was absolutely no way they would ever finish, so they all just said f*ck it and left behind me. Only 1 other person claimed to have finished it. The rest just collectively stopped giving a f*ck and quit.


Nice Try, Judas

For my final on RE I had to write an essay about 1 book in the bible.

I hate my RE teacher and he hated me.
He forced his Christianity down my throat and by the time the finals came around I was f*cking done.

So I wrote an essay about how God let Satan ruin a man's life just to prove that Job was faithful.
I completely tore apart every value Christians have in God in that essay, all with valid points and arguments.

I received a big fat F and every page was crossed out with a thick red marker.

Of course, since it's a final Essay, this would mean I would fail the year and have to retake.
Still not giving a shit I just walk up to the principal, shove the paper in his hands and say "Dickwad gave me an F" and walked out the building, skipping the PE of that day.

I returned to school after the weekend (The grade came on a Friday)

My RE teacher, escorted by the principal, handed me my newly printed out Essay and muttered "If I see you in my class again I will throw you out" and left.

I got a B+



Today was a good one actually, upper level class with only ~20 people in it.

Professor asks each group to answer a simple question as it applies to their certain project. It's down to the last group that hasn't said anything, only two people from the class are there in class, one doesn't speak very good English and also has some sort of speech impediment so you can tell he's hoping the other guy will answer so he doesn't have to speak in front of the class.

The other guy is just sitting at his desk on his phone while the professor is literally staring at him waiting for him to answer and when someone else finally taps on his arm he looks up and is just says "pass" and continues to look at his phone.

Professor is then like what do you mean pass, you don't need to say anything about your project, and he just says "No" and stays on his phone for the rest of class. I don't get why he even goes to class, there's no attendance or quizzes in class, if you're just going to be on your phone not listening the whole time why even come?


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