People Are Going Nuts Over This Viral Twitter Thread About Squirrels On College Campuses
Getty Images: Matt Cardy, Twitter:@Jordann_Dean

On December 18, Rodger Sherman, a sports writer for The Ringer, tweeted out a question which revealed a little-discussed aspect of college life: every college campus's tendency to paint its own squirrels as remarkable or special in some way.

Immediately, thousands of people flocked to the thread's comments section, telling stories of their college's squirrels.

It seems every squirrel is special in the eyes of its home university.

Many University Twitter accounts replied to the thread, making the case for why their squirrels were superior.

A few schools touted scientific statistics, saying the presence of black squirrels was truly unique!

Others simply couldn't stop themselves from replying, though they knew they were playing right into Sherman's hand.

The University of Rochester sadly has no squirrels...only "groundbois."

While some squirrels are adorable, it seems others can act downright dastardly.

Many Twitter users wrote posts defending college squirrel's honor!

Looking at some of the pictures posted by college students, no one can argue these squirrels aren't...a bit unusual.

It seems squirrels are cool no matter where they are! As Sherman sarcastically wrote after his thread went viral:

"Congrats to every college on having the only special squirrels in America, they are definitely not regular-a** squirrels"