People Break Down Which Cliché Messages They're Sick Of Hearing
Image by Isa KARAKUS from Pixabay

Not a day goes by that we don't come across some recycled platitude, some well-worn pearl of wisdom, or an absurd saying that ceased to be helpful long ago.

But don't hold your breath on those cliche messages going away any time soon.

It seems that interacting humans, in a constant effort to connect and be seen, opt to say things they can be sure the other person has heard and understood already. The nod of the head, however automatic, only confirms the effort.

But relatable isn't always good.

In fact, according to a recent thread of Redditors, those cliches all amount to meaningless drivel.

CaptainGisseno asked, "Reddit, what is the most cliche message you're just sick of hearing?"

Many people pointed to the repeated phrases they hear as consumers navigating the landscape of travel, shopping, and customer service.

No doubt you've heard these before, and nearly screamed involuntarily when you did.

Could Have Fooled Me 

"Your call is important to us." -- HMCetc

" 'Due to higher than normal call volumes...' "

"Been calling this number for almost ten years. At what point is a 60 minute wait just the normal, average call volume? Why lie to me?" -- killerqueen5

Well, Hopefully It's Up There 

" 'Your safety is our top priority.' No it isn't. Profits and shareholders are." -- frostymargaritafan

"Translates directly to 'Liability is our top fear.' " -- Aboot_

"This vein, 'The safety of our employees is our number 1 concern.' No it isn't just stop trying to lie. Nobody who works here believes you."

"So save those few seconds, add them up, and use them on something useful. Like actually helping your employees." -- PingKiccolo

Bandwagon Activism 

"Buzzwords such as 'diversity' and 'sustainability' in company mission statements. Like, if every company would actually enact their mission statements, we would be the greatest world." -- chrimimi

" 'Carbon neutral by 2025'- meaning 4 more years of fu**ing the planet before any action is taken, if it even will be taken."

"The worst is when companies continue to do the same shit and simply buy credits from Tesla or whatever and then proclaim to be green." -- Megalomouse

Others brought up the cliche messages that are infuriating for two key reasons: they don't actually make any logical sense, and they serve to make people feel guilty for no reason at all.

Can't Talk About Everything 

" 'Why is no one talking about '____??' "

"Because we are all bombarded by incredible amounts of information on a daily basis and busy living our individual lives. Stop guilting people for not talking about something they had no idea about previously."

-- captain_smarts


" 'You are young, you shouldn't have any problems' " -- GayBrandFlakes

"As a hiker that goes out on long distances with older friends and people in my community, this is absolutely a huge pet peeve. It's like, sure Margaret, I may be 30 years younger than you, but 20miles in a day still gives me some soreness." -- underminer223

Thanks for the Reminder

" 'There are children starving in Africa' "

"Then why do I have to force myself to eat more than I can handle? Give the rest of the food to the starving kids then."

"If anything, mentioning starving kids when I can't eat something will make me eat less because of how guilty I feel for actually having food when they don't."

-- SweetWodka420

Good to Know, But Irrelevant 

" 'Someone else always has it worse than you, be grateful' It still doesn't change my situation one bit." -- ChristianStonks999

"exactly that just makes me feel bad for whoever has it worse and makes me feel no better" -- AwesomeRailfanning

"My favorite response to this is to point out that it goes both ways - if you're saying that can't be sad because someone has it worse then me, then i guess I can't be happy because someone has it better then me." -- BrackishBloop

And finally, there were those essential, supposed tidbits of wisdom that one is supposed to keep in mind as they navigate life.

Unfortunately, those quotes only sound nice. They're usually very off-base.


"'You're perfect the way you are' "

"No, you're not. This thinking completely removes any personal accountability and improvement, and allows hubris and zealotry to fester."

-- PaleIsTheNewTanPS4

But It Would Be Nice 

"Follow your dreams"

"*Side effects may include being a broke chump, not being able to provide for those who depend on you, and in severe cases a lifetime of regret when you realize your dreams aren't as neat as they seemed. Best results were seen in patients who were financially successful before following their dreams. Tell your doctor about real-life sh!t you need to take care of before following your dreams."

-- diagonalcutter

Sorta, But Not Really

"'Time heals all wounds.'

"No, it doesn't. Time alone may help heal many wounds, but it doesn't necessarily close them. Especially in the realm of mental health, many issues require additional help, therapy and sometimes medication. Simply trying to wait out a problem sometimes just makes the problem larger."

-- New_Game_P1us

So next time you come across some age-old adage or piece of advice and it makes you want to scream, rest assured you're not the only out here seeing how useless it is.

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