Yeah, I AM the one who has twenty hamsters, thanks for asking.

Claims to fame aren't always cool or fun. Sometimes it's just plain lame and there's nothing you or anybody can really do about that.

Life has all sorts of things to be "proud" about. What are some of yours?

u/bent_k asked:

What's your lame claim to fame?

Here were some of the answers.

I Am Explosive


The high school science Olympiad competition had to change the rules the year after I first competed to ban the use of explosives.

It wasn't that big of a deal, really. It was unconfined smokeless propellant, I used the kind of flake powder used for loading pistol and shotgun shells.



My football team was playing in the background of a local news article being filmed about the playing fields possibly being sold for housing.

I missed an open goal right behind the presenter.


Kentucky Fried Shame

I was on one of those low budget high school quiz team shows. The host was this crusty old college professor, he had a huge white beard, a cow boy hat, and one of those tweed jackets with leather patches on the elbow.

The question was something like "The State of Kentucky is the national leader in this dubious habit". I responded "Uh, inter-family relationships, uh like incest".

It was epic, they zoomed into the host who turned bright red and yelled "NOOOOO!", and I had a ton of people from the state of Kentucky completely hate me. Totally worth it


The Meme Master

I created this "throwing up rainbows at a PC" image, I've seen it all over the place and that makes me very happy.

Did it on Photoshop when the 'robot unicorn attack' game was big in 2009-2010



People will drive from three hours away for elderberry, lilac and dandelion jelly among other things. One older gentleman who lives 5 hours away found my number, called and asked for a whole batch of elderberry jelly for himself after buying one during a weekend garage sale. Way overpaid me, I tried to give it back but he refused. Said it tasted like his Grandmothers, and you can't price a memory.


This Was The Only Time The Ice Cream Machine Worked

I single-handedly fixed the Mcdonald's ice-cream machine by just unscrewing the faucet and rinsing it. The ice cream coming out somehow would stick a bit every time to the side of the faucet and keep piling on. The temperature was just right for it to stay solid and sticky while not running down. No one ever thought to look up through the faucet and I felt proud to serve people their ice cream for minimum wage


The Sideline A-List

Was a model for a bit and met a few celebrities. Had the opportunity to share a few drinks with Marilyn Manson and asked him some questions about his interview with Bill O'Reilly. We actually got along quite well and spoke for awhile longer. Nice guy, very articulate.


Putt Putt Goose

I have the worst varsity score ever in my states high school men's golf. Shot a 122 because the number 4 players was arrested and they needed a body to fill his absence. Didn't adjust well to the famously fast greens and struggled to sink putts.


Honestly; The Dream

When candy corn flavored Oreos came out (flavored Oreos were still a novelty at the time) CNN did a human-interest piece on them. A week before I took a video of myself in my bathtub eating them that started off with me saying "I'm naked in a bathtub. Want to see my package?" And then I held up the package of Oreos. It was just supposed to be a joke for a friend who asked me and my wife to do a review of them since they were not available in his area.

Anyway, CNN found the video and decided to use it in their segment. So, I'd like to think that at least a million or so people got to see me saying "want to see my package?"




My sister and her husband do the grooming and preparation for the "direwolves" on Game of Thrones, they were on an American news piece about it I think on MSNBC, all the way here in Belfast, Northern Ireland, one day producers for it when filming here just entered their dog grooming business and enquired about it, perfect fit as they're huge fans of the show


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