The holidays are a hectic time of year.

We're trying to put on the best show, present our best selves, and ensure we have our best end to the year.

Gifts are a common tradition, but man, wrapping them is so hard.

How do you make sure it always looks great? What do you do if you cut the paper a little too short?

Luckily, the internet was recently blown away by a wrapping hack that's as simple as it is brilliant.

The video uploaded to Blossom on Facebook, depicts a series of hacks to make your gift wrapping a little easier. With everything from making gift bags out of wrapping, or adding a built-in pocket for a card, the video has a lot of tricks.

But the one that caught the internet by storm is what to do if you cut the paper just a little too short. The answer is a simple tilt.


It's that simple.

The Blossom video is the source of the clip, but it gained a lot more attention after being shared on Twitter by user Waterstones.

Waterstones / Twitter

Unfortunately, it has since been removed, due to a copyright claim.

Still, Twitter is where the internet had their minds blown.

Maybe if you understood geometry, this hack was already your choice of wrapping.

The rest of us are just excited to have an answer when we make a mistake.

Then again, some math people didn't get it right away either.

Maybe this hack is too-little-too-late for you this year, but keep this article bookmarked.

Who knows?

You might find it helpful for a birthday party.

And a hanging caddy like the Primode Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Bag with Detachable Accessory Tote, available here, for all of your wrapping needs could make Christmas clean-up or keeping that all occasion paper handy for the rest of the year simpler too.

Add Weed/Unsplash

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