People Reveal Why They Still Have Their Christmas Decorations Up

It's February, we can all agree the Christmas season is over, but if I'm being totally honest, I could probably still find some Christmas decorations still up around the house... from a few Christmases ago. We all kind of just got used to them being there, you know? And it's not like all Christmas decorations are too blatantly Christmas... at least that's what I tell myself when people ask why there's a 2 ft tall golden camel in my dining room. Totally not kidding. His name is Aught. Camel Aught. Camelot. Get it? Yeah, we're lame.

One Reddit user, WishYouAMerry, asked:

Redditers who still have Christmas decorations up: what's going on in your life?

There will be no further camel puns in this article. Sorry to dis-hump-point you. Thing is, lots of people still have their decorations up for lots of different reasons. Some are really sad, some are funny, some are just downright brutally honest. Spoiler alert: you're not the only one who just went "meh, I'll get to it." and then never did.

Here are some of the more popular and relateable responses - edited for clarity and language. So much language. People are really passionate about defending their decor, you guys.


My neighbors and I are in an undiscussed competition to see who keeps them up the longest. They aren't prepared to see what Christmas in July truly looks like.

- codeklutch


My step daughter, who is fifteen, asked for some money. I told her I would pay her 15 bucks to take the tree and other decorations down. She agreed that it was reasonable and that she would do it that afternoon. This was three weeks ago. Now it's the principle of the thing.

- ayriana


I have 3 month old twins. I will get to the f*cking lights when I f*cking get to them.

- LearnedButt

Mother Nature Said No


Because it has snowed constantly and then it was f*cking cold.

- fireinvestigator113

It Makes Them Happy

Tree is away but lights are still up. Snow is on the ground when it wasn't at Christmas and the kids find it magical. It makes them happy so I leave them till warmer weather comes.

- rwarimaursus

Cheer Tree

My tree is up still. I don't want to take it down because it makes me feel cheery with all the lights on every night.

- massiveboner911

Two States Over

My wife and I had to admit our disabled son into a long-term treatment program two states over... so yeah, going to be doing a lot of driving back and forth to see him.

- Kayano905

Time Saver

Nothing, I just don't really have a reason to take the tree down. Nobody's coming over, my cats don't give a sh*t, and it'll just save me time next year 🤷

- loserliv22

Winter Blues

I make a point of buying Christmas decorations that are just like silver/white/blue - like enchanted forest type sh*t - so that once Christmas is over I just rename them "winter decorations" and it helps get me through the rest of the winter.

- Lisbethhh

The Corner Lamp

Static Flickr

Our Birch Tree (fake) with LED lights that we got for Christmas is now...the corner lamp.

- JonathanCastellino

Image by philm1310 from Pixabay

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