Children Of 'Let Me Talk To The Manager' Parents Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Moments


Parents really know how to embarrass their kids, and demanding to see a manager so they can complain is one of the most humiliating things to witness. It's never okay to treat staff rudely, especially at restaurants or on airplanes (which is a crime).

slmggh asked children of "Let me talk to your manager!" people: What was your most embarrassing moment?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

10. This isn't gonna cut it.

When I was young and my mom let me go to the barber by myself for the first time my mom felt that he didn't cut it short enough. Rather than going back and politely discussing the situation she screamed and hollered at the guy about him ripping her off. He stood there speechless. The worst part was that I had to get back in the chair and sit there awkwardly while he gave it a second shot, with her standing there directing him.


That's terribly awkward.


Barber here, I can guarantee he didn't give a flying f*ck. That sh*t happens all the time. "We want it short, but not like too short...That's not short enough. Is there somebody else that can cut his hair?" Whenever that happens we just roll with it, and then make fun of them when they leave. We're not intimidated in the slightest by some random woman. Most of us don't get any money whatsoever from the haircut, so we just take our tip and tell everyone else in the shop when they don't so we know who to rush through.

Sounds bad, but we work mornings nights, weekends, and some holidays for barely above minimum wage. A server at red lobster makes more on average, so we're iron clad when it comes getting yelled at. Sorry, super long winded. Tons of pint up rage.

Edit: Thanks for the Silver, btw. I want to make a clarification that we're not jerks, we just get a lot of sh!t because people think we either make a lot of money, which we don't, or we weren't smart enough to do anything else with our lives.

We genuinely go out of our way to take really good care of the people that are kind to us. It's unfortunately an industry on the path of deregulation and the artisan work dying with the low wages.


I wouldn't have blamed the barber if he had raged on my mom. He did what I asked. She could have been polite to him and got the same result. It's not like he was arguing with her.


9. Talk about selective outrage...

My mum picked me up from school and had told me she ordered 4 meals from McDonalds for the family. However she got home to find that the 5 Chicken Select meal only had 4 Chicken Selects. She went absolutely apesh*t at the worker on front counter and then the shift manager, and then the business manager.

What makes this story embarrassing for me is that I then went on to work at that McDonalds, working my first shift the following week.


It's just unnecessary. More than likely you'd show them the Chicken Select box only has 4 in and they'd probably just give you a 3-pack or something rather than deal with the hassle.


Exactly this. I called my local McDonald's after they forgot to include my mcnuggets. I just wanted a credit or something, even just a coupon, since it was close to closing and I didnt want them to stay late. They told me if I was willing to come back, they'd give me all of the nuggets that they had already prepared. I agreed to it, since they were cool with it. Proceeded to get 50 mcnuggets for my trouble. If you're nice to the customer service reps, it often works in your favor.


8. So that's why it's so tough out there - cheap parking!

Oh Man. 29th birthday last year (she's been like this my whole life, I'd cut ties but dad has Alzheimer's and if I want to see him she comes too).

Ten cent fee for parking. Ten. Cents. A lone dime.

Cue screaming, swearing, demanding a manager (the parking lot attendant doesn't have a manager), and then cursing me out and telling me that my being willing to pay a ten cent parking fee meant I was 'just another stupid sh*tstain poor millennial and this is why you're all broke you waste all your money."


this is why you're all broke you waste all your money.

You can get money back. Time on the other hand...


7. *Opens exit door mid-flight*

It is post 9/11 America, and I am in LAX with my younger brother and my dad, waiting for a flight. It begins to board, and my dad starts getting argumentative with the lady at the gate because she won't let him board first. With: the elderly, veterans, injured veterans, people with very small kids, people with disabilities, etc.

My dad was literally none of those things, but proceeds to lose his mind anyway. He starts yelling, shouts that he has a "bad back and is sick of this sh*t." Is "traveling with kids" (points to us, his two teenage sons who have walked away from the line and are sitting down out of sheer embrassent) and when he is told to stop - by a man carrying an actual small child in a baby Bjorne or whatever - screams at him, and says something meant to call attention to the hypocrisy he was experiencing, and his just plight as a result, but instead it gets him grabbed by security and pulled from the line.

Which everyone else loved. Like, they were thrilled this ahole was getting escorted out of line. Security talks to him and the lady working the gate as people continue onto the plane and so my dad becomes irate once more, this time because they're forcing him to get onto the plane later than he would have had he not sought special privileges and this is therefore overly punitive.

And then we were on a plane with all of the people from the line. For the next 8 hours. And my dad yelled at a flight attendant because he believed she was ignoring him due to what happened at the gate. So now there was a plane wide conspiracy to f*ck up his life. By the time we landed he'd been in verbal confrontations with all local rowmembers, other flight attendants, and sporadic outliers from other sections.

Have you ever been blood related to the most disliked human being on an airplane?


6. Because working in food service isn't hard enough...

I was doing work experience in a cafe kitchen during high school and my parents showed up wanting to be served by me. I wasn't allowed to since I was kitchen staff so my parents started yelling and screaming at the waitress. The manager came out, told them I was on a break and they screamed at her too. They were calling out to me, "get your *ss out here and serve us." They only left when the manager threatened to call the police.

They were banned from the cafe, I nearly lost my placement (without it I wouldn't have gotten my qualifications before I graduated). My teacher had my parents come to the school and tore strips off of them.

(That experience, coupled with the fact that my parents showed no remorse for their behavior killed any desire I had to work in the food industry).


I had to discipline my grandmother when she and my father came to eat during my stint at Crapplebees. She stated treating my coworkers like shit right out the gate, she's used to being treated like a Chevy Chase Country Club member and that is no excuse, and I had to tell her off about it. Not loudly, more like Public Mom Voice. Thankfully she backed down.


5. People are really clueless.

My dad pulls this a lot. I have to always bring it back and say "dad this guy did nothing wrong he is just the messenger relax." I understand not agreeing with corporate protocol but don't yell and scream at the guy making $10/ hour it's unfair. He knows that too!


I can't tell you how many times in retail I've had to tell people "sir/ma'am I don't make the prices. I cannot control the prices at all, I am not allowed. Nobody here even remotely has the qualifications for that. Please contact corporate if you have an issue." and people just stare at me blankly in shock and confusion.

I think A LOT of people just have no idea how it works. They really think I, the random guy cashing them out (out of 100+ employees at this store alone), can just go to somebody and say "hey people think this is too expensive!" and some guy will go "ok!" and lower the price.


They know. They're just assh*les. I did it long enough, and have handled enough "escalated" customers. I can assure you they know, they are just assh*les, and they are most likely trying to get you to do something they can further complain about.


4. What a spectacle.

Oh man. My husband's parents are deaf AND they insist on "talking to the manager" all the damn time. Which means my husband ends up having to translate and it's so embarrassing. He always apologizes profusely while at the same time having to translate a b*tchy comment.


I have a theory that not being able to communicate results in some people feeling like they are being cheated constantly. I've known other people who have had to translate for their parents and be constantly embarrassed by the experience.


I totally agree with you. His mother is a horrible, miserable woman. She thinks everyone is out to get her.


3. Speaking of rude and entitled...

My grandmother is the sweetest woman but after a couple drinks she becomes this miserable angry super-b!tch. And when we went out she would be very mean to the waitresses. The waitress at this particular instance didn't put an olive or something in her martini (I dont remember the specific reason for her outrage here but it was something dumb like this) and she called the waitress over and in the most condescending manner made her feel like an inept stupid person. Mind you, this place was REALLY busy and the waitress was already stressed. I was so disgusted with my grandmother, this woman who was supposed to be this loving person who I looked up too (and still do in some respects outside of this) would say such horrible things to a girl trying to work a summer job. The waitress cried and complained to another server but she couldnt do anything and had to keep working.

Ironically, she liked to call my generation rude and entitled.


2. It only took once.

My mom had to go in for a meeting with my principal but it turned out to be cancelled and no one notified her. She screamed at the office staff while walking out of the office, the principal showed up so he was screamed at and then she screamed at me since my bad grades were the reason we were there. This was before school so a lot of kids and teachers witnessed this.

Only bright side was they never bothered calling my mom again.


That last sentence made me laugh.

I had a stepmother that LOVED to know when I got in trouble at school. Thankfully, everyone else hated her as much as I did.


1. Americans -__-

I'm certainly from that type of mother but my most embarrassing moment came two years ago while in Quebec (visiting from the US). This was our fist encounter having to speak with someone from the city besides the hotel who was speaking English. It was at a restaurant:

Server: Says something in French

Mom: American!

I was so embarrassed. Not even a "I'm sorry, do you speak English?" Just "American!" She and I both only speak English and she's been to more countries than I have. I have no idea how she can be so crass.


This one makes me cringe. No offense but it's people like your mom that give American tourists a bad name. I would have been embarrassed too.


What's the most humiliating things your parents have ever publicly complained about?

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