Children Of 'Karen'-esque Moms Share Their Horror Stories


What's that about honey?

brownpolkaI hate that word "Karen." It was once a dignified name. It would make one think of the glorious Karen Walker from "Will & Grace." Now it's been co-opted to describe the dregs of society. To be a Karen now, is a shame. They are typically women who think everyone they encounter is beneath them.

It has to be difficult to know a Karen, imagine having been birthed by one?

Well at least you always have a sterling example of what NOT to be. It's a new day ladies and gents.... and this behavior will no longer be tolerated.

Redditor u/MinionofThanos wanted to know what children of Karens were willing to come forward by asking.... Children of a "Karen", what is it like?

So Many Ways....


My parents are lovely people on the whole, but they are unbelievably entitled when they go to restaurants. I spoke up about it every time and they'd brush it off. Such behaviors include:

-When there is a clear 'wait to be seated' situation, they'll just walk in and sit down at any table, even if it's un-bused.

-They will get multiple drinks beer, soda, water with lemon, coffee. Really anything refillable.

-Tip poorly

-Ask questions a normal waiter doesn't have the answers to like "what's the rent here" or "what's the history of the building"

I stopped going to restaurants with them a couple years ago, even a free meal isn't worth the frustration. gigglemetinkles

Textbook Karen. 

I have no idea who is worse between my Father, my Mother, my oldest sister and my older sister.

Dad will belittle anyone who crosses him, demanding to speak to managers, threatening litigation, calls to authorities, etc. He is always concerned that somebody is out to get him and is extremely cautious of scammers. Door to door solicitors or people calling are in for a treat if the are sorry enough to get him. Customer representatives over the phone have no idea how to manage him. He is surprisingly very nice when things are going smooth though.

Mom is a textbook restaurant Karen. She is fortunately nice about it, but will request changes, comments on everything, etc. But she is impossible to please. I get it when I do anything for her.

Oldest sister has my dad's temper and my mom's demands, without either of their niceness. Plus she is well married so she is insanely entitled.

Older sister is just temper, will just yell at people.

They are my family and I love them, but I hate it when I see any of their awful ways in me. sntigar

Sorry for you....

I have many patients who are children and their "Karen" mothers are probably the worst part of my job. I feel bad for the kids and husband the most to be honest. RunsWithApes


My mom is like 10%. Karen, 70% when she is hungry or upset, It's really embarrassing. Just deal with the mother as calmly as you can and give the kid some candy or something. It's utterly humiliating, especially when people are staring. lilhay1234

I grew up in Texas but my parents are originally from Tennessee. When we were visiting Tennessee once, she remarked about how few Tennessee state flags were flown compared to the number that you see in Texas, so she thought they could use a little more state pride. She wrote letters to a few congressmen and I think even the governor's office to tell them to fly more flags. The next time we visited she'd point out every Tennessee flag we saw. Obviously you couldn't prove it was because of her, but admittedly there were a lot more that trip.

TL;DR - my mom asked to speak with the manager of a whole state and got her way. successadult


My Mom was slowly treading down the path to Karenhood. I would just hang my head and be embarrassed, but I didn't really know why it was so wrong.

Well, a few years in retail fixed that right the hell up. So when that crap started up again I calmly explained that she's getting angry at the wrong person and has to follow the same rules everyone else does. She shouldn't expect special treatment just because she's angry.

Fortunately, she took the road less traveled and made an effort to be more understanding and calm. PolloMagnifico

"it's still rude"

My mom is a Karen to service people sometimes. She can range from mildly rude to a total monster at times. I used to make excuses, like one time when she worked as a realtor and in the middle of buying something retail, stepped away a bit to take a phone call. The lady had this obvious "are you kidding, that couldn't wait another minute to finish this" kinda expression I tried to smooth it over like "oh sorry, she's at work always even when she's not at work" kinda thing. Lady responded "it's still rude" and tbh that was the first moment I realized yeah, my mom is rude.

Now if she's unreasonable I straight up tell her off. Usually ends in the 2 of us fighting and me apologizing to whoever just got yelled at. The worst was after my grandma died, she took her feelings out on everyone. After her being rude to a waitress for NO reason, my brother told me to ease up since "she just lost her mom". I replied, every one of us here just lost a person we love but they gives her NO right to treat others like crap! Especially for no reason! whitethrowblanket

"yeah I agree"

You have to realize no matter how many times you tell them their behavior is wrong or that they're just wrong in general, it will get you nowhere. I cannot tell you how many times my mom has said some ridiculous crap and if you say anything other than "yeah I agree" she plays the victim card. JigglyJamJam


My mom will always exaggerate everything. She's gotta keep up with her friends while they complain about how their kids are doing drugs, shop lifting, sneaking out. My mom talks about how I said the word "crap" and makes it seem like a cussed out an adult right before murdering them. I'm almost an adult and I'm not allowed to swear. And yes, the child swear words count too. Any word that can be used as an insult, counts. CinnamonRollMe

dad and KFC....


My dad is a Karen. KFC once forgot to put barbecue sauce in our order and he spent a full half hour writing an angry email. Next time I went in with him to get KFC he had a printout to scan for store credit.

He also enjoys yelling at CS reps on the phone, especially when they're in a foreign call centre. To be fair to him, he yells on the phone even when he's being happy (I can hear him from outside the house) but even if it's not malicious there's no way it doesn't come across that way on the other end. Echospite


If I'm in a store or restaurant and I witness a Karening, is there anything I can do to help? Seems like any intervention would only raise her Kareniss. Although I don't mind taking some heat off a poor worker. Any ideas! Real or hilarious 😁 brownpolka

Tell her that her behavior is ruining your dining/shopping/whatever experience and demand to speak with her manager. KamehameHanSolo

A Change is Gonna Come....


My Mom is a reformed Karen. When I was a kid she used to treat people in customer service like trash. When I was a teenager and in customer service positions, it finally dawned on her what a terrible human being she was being. She's turned around and been great ever since. I'm proud of her to recognize her faults and fix them. mercadilly

I'm just like her.​

When I was a child everything was someone else's fault. We'd speak to managers in stores/restaurants/etc.

When I came of age, I joined the military and moved away as fast as possible. As an adult, my relationship with her was terrible. I was so frustrated by her asking me to come back to visit her area everytime we talked, that I just stopped talking to her.

Something particularly interesting had happened this past year. I went home to see my grandma on dad's side as she was passing. I called my mom and told her I was taking an emergency trip and would be in the area but wouldn't have time to see her. Her response? "That's fine, I understand your family needs you."

I was beside myself. I had known that she was working on herself for a while, but living so far away and speaking so little I hadn't witnessed it. Five years ago, she would have demanded that I leave my dying grandma to come see her. I came back to the area the next month and we discussed it more.

She said that she realized that a lot of problems in her life and a lot of the unhappiness stems from selfishness. I am incredibly proud of the changes she's made in her life. And it has forced me to reevaluate my own actions pertaining to our strained relationship and my life as a whole. And I've come to a conclusion.

I'm just like her. One_Knight_Scripting

No Tears. 

I knowwwww every restaurant has messed with our food, and for good reason. I'm in my 30s now and I won't go out with my mom in public. She doesn't want to either, because I'll give her crap for whatever she did to some poor teenaged cashier until she cries. Two can play this game and no one wins. Whatsredditimworking

Oh Dad.


My dad is a male Karen.

I always hated listening to him call customer service on the phone, because he's such a complete moron to whoever is just trying to do their job. xaradevir

I know mom, I was that child.

It's exhausting.

I can't do anything normal with her or even have a normal conversation. Sometimes I'd like to call and ask how my sister is. Instead I get a list of people who have wronged her in the last week.

It's the most petty bullshit too. "Oh some child was running around at McDonalds today, if that was my child I'd have warmed her bottom!" I know mom, I was that child.

Same with the entitlement. She'll give me a list of things that should've been done for her.

It makes it so hard to even contact her because I have to mentally prepare myself for hours of ranting on the phone.

If we ever go out together, like even to get lunch. I'm going to be embarrassed by her behavior. Not to mention she'll try to embarrass me somehow. nannylittle

Not "Helping!" 

My dad used to "help" obvious first-time food servers who messed up by lecturing them, telling on them to their boss, and then stiffing them on the tip. He always justified it with a story about how once in the 90's he actually had a boss thank him for doing it because his staff sucked (it was a very unique situation). I always felt so bad for the servers who were humiliated. Because of that I always tip well as an adult, out of this childhood guilt I carry. My_username_is_thus

Hell 2 tha NO Karen! 

My sister is a Karen in recovery, and her teenage kids are mortified by her. They had a Karen intervention with her a few months ago, and pointed out that about one out of every 3 visits to a restaurant results in a meal or a drink sent back, and about 1 in 10 results in a conversation with the manager. Unresolved complaints over the phone practically have a pre-written script: "This is unacceptable! Poor customer service, etc."

She's trying to be more self-aware because she now recognizes that not only can her behavior be embarrassing, but she's a Karen caricature. If someone described the typical Karen by looks, age, race, tone of voice, social standing - they would be describing her to a tee. Sure, it's Karen Shaming, but we're living in a society here. doctor-rumack

Ok. Fine.


I learned to end argues by saying "you're right." d4ydr34m02

I Can't Look. 

Frankly its embarrassing. You have to sit there while they shriek at a manager and cause a big scene. If you try to chime in you get yelled at, then they are in a bad mood the rest of the day. I've sat through hour long debates with managers over 11 cents disparity on a bill. Everyone is looking at you and you are just kind of trapped there. demonardvark

Peace Out Gram.

My grandma is banned from most stores in three counties. Before my hometown turned into a regular suburb, it was a semi rural small town.... in those times I could bring up her name and strangers would cringe. She wasn't a regular Karen though, she's an unapologetic white supremacist, so... I don't blame them.

We haven't spoken with her in a decade or so. DrunkUranus


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