People Reveal Which Injustice From Their Childhood Still Gets To Them


That memory comes up in your head and you twist your hands around in anger and clench your teeth.

How could that have happened to you? How could those people have done that to you???

So many injustices, so little brain space. But you want some answers---honestly, none may come.

u/diceblue asked:

What childhood injustice still bothers you to this day?

Here were some of the unjust answers.

Tell Em Butch


Had a question on a test that asked: what does horeca stand for.

I answered: hotel restaurant cafe.

It was counted wrong since it had to be hotel restaurant snackbar.



Is This Worth Suspension?

My brother worked for a soda company and my uncle started an energy drink company. Told my best friend in middle school how we had cases of soda and energy drinks at home and how good they were. Soda in a glass bottle and a small can of energy drink. Brought them in to school to let him try it. By the second class I was in the Principals office.

I got 3 days suspension for bringing a glass bottle and an energy drink to school.


Anyone With An Allergy: Prepare To See Red

I won my class an ice cream party after a class v class spelling bee.

I was the only one from my class even in the final round.

I told my teacher I can't eat chocolate because I'm allergic to cocoa.

Day comes, and GUESS WHAT? ONLY CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM AND NEAPOLITAN ICE CREAM. Her justification was "You can just scrape off the chocolate bits."


Dr. Awful

For my GCSE (age 14/15) science I was in the middle tier but on track to do the higher exam. Part of the grading was from 3 pieces of coursework that you narrowed down to 2 before submission.

I did all 3 and had 1 B, and 2 C's for my coursework. When it came around to submission, it turns out the school lost my 2 of pieces, and obviously 1 of them was the B graded one.

But whatever, no problem, I still had the work and results from everything, I just needed to redo one paper. It's a pain in the arse but I can do it.

Nope! Despite having my own results, this one teacher (who demanded to be called Dr) told me I had to use theirs... Oh and by the way, by using those I no longer qualify for entry to the higher exam.

On the lower exam you literally cannot get a grade higher than a C, even if you get 100%. Guess who wanted to do biology at A level but needed at least a B to get on the course?

It ruined me.

Totally still bitter.


Shaming Is Not Childcare

My kindergarten teacher shamed me for not knowing my address during the first week of school. She pointed out that all the other kids knew their addresses.

Well, yeah! All the other kids had lived in their homes for five years. I had just moved to the sixth home of my life about two weeks before school started.


Pawn Off The Evil For Dough

My parents went through an uber religiously conservative phase and during that time my mom decided all animated movies were evil. Our whole collection of various satanic Disney and Pixar VHS tapes were quickly sold at a garage sale; as a kid I felt like these characters were family members, so watching them be sold for pennies was pretty upsetting. The whole idea sounds insane even writing about it.



I got sent to detention in elementary school because my friend and I were seeing how many French fries we could shove in his chocolate milk container at lunch. Out of no where he calls the lunchroom monitor over and says I'm shoving fries in his milk. I had to finish my lunch and stay in there for the rest of recess.

Our friendship ended right then and there. I think I talked to him once in high school and that was it.


I Will Light This Place On Fire, Mom

When I was ten years old I was kind of a mall rat because it was one of the few places that was air conditioned during the summer (Mom refused to use our A/C at home).

In July our mall ran an ice cream eating contest as a promotional event. Mom worked one block from the mall and the contest was scheduled at lunchtime, but she announced "I'm not taking you."

So I went there alone and signed myself up. And won first prize.

The award was a gift certificate good at any store in the mall. So I went over to a decorative candle shop and bought a gift for Dad (the folks were separated and I was going to spend August with him).

Mom thought candles were a senseless purchase. "We have light bulbs!" After a long conversation which was mostly her shouting, I reasoned her into the notion that this hadn't been such a bad idea.

Or so I thought.

The next day her parents came by. The four of us headed out together and as soon as the door is closed Mom wails, "had ten dollars and she wasted it on candles!"

It's the same conversation all over again from square one, except this time both of her parents are confused because they know nothing about the context. I have to re-explain to Mom how, "You can't deposit a gift certificate into a savings account" while explaining to Grandma and Grandpa that I had won it in a contest.

At one point Grandma tries to chide me about how hard Mom works, because Grandma assumes I've complained that Mom hadn't come to watch me compete. I had never complained; after asking once I let that matter drop.

Once we arrive at the destination Mom leaves the car and I'm left to sort out this drama with both grandparents. Grandma is running through other possibilities and tries to scold me for not having used the prize to buy a present for my mother. At this point Grandpa interjects in my defense. After all other possibilities are exhausted both grandparents conclude that I've done nothing wrong.

Nobody thinks to congratulate me for winning first prize.

The bright side on this happened ten days later. As Dad drove me to his place from the airport he told me he was filing for divorce and he gave me the opportunity to state a preference which parent I wanted to live with. On the whole he was a much better parent so that choice was easy.

Yet he never did appreciate what I went through to get him that damn candle. On the other hand it was a silly candle.


Jerkface Galore

My 6th grade teacher hated me and wasn't afraid of me or the class knowing. We had a class pet, a hamster. I was the ONLY one who took care if it. I fed it and gave it fresh water daily. I took it out to exercise. I brought fresh veggies from home for it to snack on and really just became attached to the little guy. My teacher actually came to rely on me to care for the hamster and I would leave a note on his desk telling him when the hamsters food was running low.

At the end of the year I started to wonder who was going to care for the hamster over the summer. I talked to my parents and was given permission to bring it home. When I got to school and told my teacher that I was willing to care for the hamster over the summer and had my parents permission, he said nothing to me, looked over my head and yelled at one of the hockey players in our class, "Luke! Do you want the hamster buddy?" Luke of course said yes. Then the teacher told him to call his mom and told me to go sit down.


Really Over Parents Always Thinking They're Right


I shared a room with my sister and we had bunk beds. I had the top bunk, she had the bottom.

After bedtime we would sometimes chat a little and she would stand on the bottom bunk and hold herself up on the railing on the top bunk. Well, she lost her balance, and as she was falling I, by reflex, grabbed the shoulders on her PJs.

Of course right at that moment my Step-Mom walked in saw me with my sister half hanging by her PJs and assumed I was attempting to kill her. She dragged me off the top bunk. My sister was too startled to say anything, and we were pretty young.

My Step-Mom still brags about how she stopped me from killing my sister, even though both my sister and I have clarified several times it was me stopping her from falling down and there was hardly any murderous intent. It has been almost 20 years and she STILL insists that she saved my sister from me killing her, and that me and my sister were too young and we both remember wrong.


Swim, Swim From The Tangles Of My Heart

My middle school class took a field trip to go swimming at our local community center. In order to go, however, you needed to have all of your homework turned in. I had one or two assignments that I turned in on the day of the trip, but I was held back and not allowed to go because "the assignments needed to be turned in the day before". I, along with two other kids were made to sit in the schools office and write papers on the benefits of swimming as exercise for an entire afternoon.

Still pissed.


Bullying Adults

Hey, I'll be using a throw-away to tell you about this.

I was bullied pretty much for most of elementary and middle school. It sucked, sure. I can live with it. Best revenge is happiness and all that. There's only one thing I just can't let go. And it was the time my English teacher said "Ok, you can punch him once"

See, my middle school English teacher LOVED playing favorites. It wasn't even subtle. From toughness when it came to grading to just looking the other way when people misbehaved, you could see which students this teacher liked and who didn't. I don't know how she never got in trouble for it. Complain as I would, nothing ever changed. And sure, for those 3 years I was in her class, I endured the bullying , for the most part, because a)these *ssholes who bullied me had a f*cked up system where, when I fought back, everyone else in the class would say I started it and just lie until the adults decided to punish me and b)I had already changed schools once to escape other, less elaborate but still f*cked, bullying, and had realized that there wasn't much I could do but just hold on until I could leave all these *ssholes in the past and never see them again.

So, it happened once, on the last year, that I was making a drawing in class (we had to make "covers" for all our notebooks, which I appreciated as it gave me a chance to draw in class) and one of the main sh*tbirds called Adam came up to me and started trying to make me mess the drawing up. I ignored it, so some of his cronies gathered to take the notebook from me and rip the page where the drawing was to pieces. I went to tell the teacher what happened, and of course, she replied with a very uninterested "Guys, that wasn't nice" and went back to reading whatever bulls*t gossip magazine she was reading. I insist on trying to get her to get off her *ss, and at this time Adam and the rest had gathered around to see me pointlessly ask for help.

But all I got out of this woman, this example of incompetence and cruelty, was her putting her magazine down, a smug smile on her face, and her saying "Ok, why don't you punch him once? You can punch him once, I give you permission" Adam pointed at his stomach and face, daring me to hit him. She knew very well that I'd be the one to get in trouble. She knew I couldn't do anything without having the whole classroom against me. And she rubbed it in my face.

Now, I consider myself to be a chill guy now. Even after all that happened, I have come to a point in my life where I realize most of these teens couldn't help being *ssholes and/or it doesn't really matter anymore, as I probably will never see these people again in my life and I have a normal life now. I've let go of all that sh*t. Really. All of it but what that teacher did to me.

So hey, if you're out there, teach, you know who you are. And you know who I am. I didn't take the shot with Adam back then. But I still have the punch you gave me permission for. I am in my 20s now, and I am in decent shape. You, however, would be in your 60s or maybe even in your 70s now. Probably feeling the effects of all the smoking you did. The chances of you and me ever being in the same room again, even in the same city or even country, are really slim. But be sure of this. I am saving that one for you.


The System Is Broken, Y'all

Too many instances in elementary and middle school of me being everyone's scapegoat, and the teachers/principal/parents believing me exactly 0% of the time, leading to me having quite a reputation as a horribly behaved student with bad disciplinary issues when in fact I was a complete straight edge back then. It wasn't until high school that that reputation became completely valid.

Also, during high school, some other kid stole my phone out of my hand during lunch, and while I was chasing him down, the cops proceed to tackle me and let the other kid go. I got my phone back eventually but it took a lot of arguing and threats of jail time for attempted assault. (My high school was horrible about just arresting kids at the first sight of misconduct.)


Kooka Kooka

When I was a kid I kept mice. One day I was playing with it in the backyard (as in, it was on my lap) and a kookaburra swooped down and grabbed it from my hands.

I was in shock and mortified. When I called my parents, to my horror, they LAUGHED at me.

They told the story of how my mouse got eaten to everyone that would listen, and I got laughed at MORE.

My parents are not actually bad people, they said that the look on my face as I was pointing at the sky and screaming incoherently was just so unexpected it was one of those this-is-horrible-but-also-hilarious moments that you have with kids.

I'm still very salty about it.


Way To Ruin The Happiest Place On Earth


My family and I were in a queue at Disneyland and I left to find a bin which was near the end of the queue. When I was walking back a grown man, with his wife and children, told me to not cut the queue and even pointed out where the end of the queue was. I explained to him that I only left to throw something away and my family is in front. He got annoyed, blocked the way and insisted that if I want to go on the ride I'll have to rejoin the queue. So I left and sat down alone and my family had to leave too because they couldn't find me.

I was 10 years old and I didn't have a phone back then.

Totally ruined my day.


A Popsicle Bygone

Was at this day camp at about 7 and snack time comes along. It's muffins stuck into ice cream cones with frosting on top...I'm not very into this so I tell them I don't want any. They say there are also popsicles if I'd rather have that. YES, I love popsicles! Score!

Then later on, its snack time again. Now it's time for everyone to have popsicles (woohoo!). But when I go up to get one they say I can't have ANOTHER popsicle because I already had mine. I then had to watch everyone else eat their glorious popsicles while I didn't get anything. THEY DIDN'T SPECIFY I'D BE EATING MY FUTURE POPSICLE. This still bugs me so much more than it should.


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