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When Brookyln Nine-Nine actress Chelsea Peretti shared her particular method for eating cake on Twitter, there were passionate responses from people who were in favor of the way she ate cake, and those who opposed her...interesting method.

Turns out Peretti prefers having her cake only by eating around the frosting.

Her innocuous Instagram post in which she shared with followers her preference for eating cake immediately went viral with over 77,000 likes.

After seeing how equally riled up both camps for and against frosting eating reacted to her Instagram picture, she gave Twitter users a slice of her life.


Frosting lovers were appalled, while those who shared in the comedian's distaste for frosting cheered her on.

This particular way of eating cake can prove beneficial for customers.

How there is a demographic adamantly against frosting is a marvel.

Exceptions can be made for certain types of frosting, however.

The pro-frosting camp was absolutely stunned.

Some shared in Peretti's practice of ditching the frosting, but not for the same reason.

At the end of the day, it's our preferences that makes us all unique, no matter how you slice it.

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