We all wish we had the gift of food craft. Right? But we all can't be Antoni from 'Queer Eye.' We all make a few mistakes and often we don't even realize the mistake is so small, yet it can change the course of the meal exponentially. That's why chefs are are artists, they know their craft and their details and often they are happy to share. And sometimes over share.... we're looking at you Gordon Ramsey.

Redditor u/Joker042 wanted the chefs out there to help us by asking.... Chefs of Reddit, what's something simple we're probably all doing wrong in the kitchen?

Be Ready.


Having things ready in place.

Have you ever been halfway done with a dish and realize you didn't have the cheese grated? Now everything is on hold (and over cooking) while you grate cheese?

Having everything ready to go at the start lets you add the things when they need adding and helps put dishes out at the appropriate time. Johndough99999

Hold the Garlic. 

Never add garlic and onions at the same time.

Onions take about 8 minutes to sautee and garlic takes about 30 seconds. If you add them together you're gonna have burnt, bitter garlic. TaloonTheMerchant

I noticed that, but I actually really like the taste of burnt garlic. Not sure if it's gonna kill me some day :/ jasonml

Something Extra. 

Thinking you need more salt when the dish just needs an acid like vinegar or citrus. Jioni92

I made a chicken fricassee dish for the first time last weekend and while the first few bites were delicious I felt like it needed a little something extra. I remembered reading this same tip in a previous Reddit thread so I squeezed some lemon juice on it and it was perfect! ummmnoway

Never Rest. 

Never letting meat rest... not keeping sharp knives, and just knife work in general... cooking should be simple and easy... fighting with prep work is never fun. Wheres_the_sand

Keep your fingertips tucked behind your knuckles and your thumb behind your fingers.

That way, the worst possible thing you can do to yourself is slice off a bit of flesh around your knuckle instead of lopping a finger off. moal09

Don't Tong!


Using tongs, you must clink them together at least five times to channel your inner crab. large00f

I worked in an upper class restaurant as a bartender and could see the kitchen and cooks stations from a little window in my bar. I like watching the cooks cook and it was a slow day so I was looking through the window when our head chef who trained in France under 2/3 of the guys that trained Gordon Ramsay scuttled past making zoidbergs woop sounds while clacking tongs in each hand. envirex

Watch the Soap. 

Never put knives under soapy water EVER. I once saw someone put one in and they sliced their hand pretty deep, don't know how. Diamonds4days1

Almost cut myself like this my first day as a dishwasher at a french bakery.

Noped out of that job pretty quick though. I realized I don't want to work that hard for that amount of money. Diamonds4days1


How about simply chopping onions. It's literally one of the easiest things to do if you use the natural anatomical structure of the onion in your favor. Most people hack it into oblivion, which not only takes much, much longer, but also results in unnecessarily sad-looking onions. Plus it makes you cry. ChanceGuest

Practice Makes Perfect. 

Practice your recipes. Don't find one risotto you like and never make a different one. Cook 10 different risottos two or three times each over a long period of time. Doing this helps you understand the basics of how to make it and allows you to spot bad recipes, recognize good ones, and improvise without one. Rezzone


Even on the food network I see chefs cut the top off of bell peppers and then pull out the seeds. Bell peppers are shaped like a cube, just slice from the top down on all 4 sides and you will end up with easily chopable or sliceable pieces. The only time you chop the top off is if you need rings. FakeRicky

Be Clean.


Not a chef, but pro-tip: clean as you go.

No matter how busy you are, throw trash in the trash, wipe up what you spill, get unnecessary utensils, plates, etc. out of the way.

If you're done cooking and your kitchen looks like a tornado struck, you messed up. Instead the kitchen should be 3/4 clean (at least) by the time the cooking is finished. Reddit


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