Cemetery Employees Share The Most Unexplainable Things They've Ever Experienced At Work


There probably isn't a spookier job out there that compares to working in a cemetery. Being alone at night amongst the gravestones is nothing short of eery, and some things you just can't explain. Here are a few examples, told by the cemetery workers of Reddit.

u/crockettjt asked: Cemetery workers of reddit, what is the most unexplainable thing you've experienced at work?

That's so funny.

We experienced a very wet winter, which caused the sides of the grave to collapse. We boarded up the opening so the pallbearers could place the casket on the rollers. We had an obstinate priest who would not listen to anything you told him. We said "When you bless the grave, do NOT walk around it."

Well, he did and one of the boards broke. All you could see was his hands and the top of his head. After we pulled him out, he walked over to the family and said "I've been down there, and I want you to know everything is all right."

Everybody had a good laugh.


That's what you get for missing her funeral.


This is my grandmas story

In '68 she lost her firstborn daughter and buried her in a cemetery on the outskirts of the city. In '69 she was pregnant with my mum when her childhood friend died of cancer. Friend was buried in the same cemetery but for some reason my grandma couldn't come to the funeral. One day my grandma went to the cemetery to visit her daughter and childhood friend.

She had no idea where the gravestone for her friend was, so she went up and down the aisles searching but couldn't find her friends name anywhere. It was really hot and sunny when she realised she was in an older section of the cemetery. She started running back to where her daughters grave was, crossing gravestones to do so when she tripped. She looked down at the grave she had tripped on and it was her childhood friend's gravestone.


Nice reference.

Am a cemetery worker, we have a mapping system and database of the park and the most unexplainable thing is "corner babies" who have no names and no connections. Just a warning. Don't dig up this path or change the park design. Because there might be a baby in the corner. #truestory


Apparently somebody did put baby in the corner.



I worked at a cemetery during summer in uni.

Most unexplained thing would have to be how the hell the preist's pants managed to fall down in the middle of a funeral. I get paid to stand in the background and wait and it took all I have not to bust out laughing during the funeral.

Everybody subconsciously agreed that it didn't happen.


Sounds like a grave robber.


Nothing was out of the ordinary and it was just like taking a casual walk in a graveyard. But, something felt a little off to me about this. I just couldn't picture it but for a few minutes I just felt like something was going to happen.

We continue walking and, to the left of us there is a pile of dirt beside a gravestone. We all see it and are wondering why it was there, it just wasn't normal and out of place compared to all the other graves.

All of a sudden a guy jumps out of the grave with a shovel, he was wearing all black and he looked at us and then he ran and disappeared, we didn't dare check the grave to see what he did, we all came to a conclusion that he was trying to dig up a body.

But why?


So creepy.

One time I was working the graveyard shift (I know, ironic) and strolled past 2 men digging a grave. This was not usually unusual however when I walked past about 15 minutes later the men were gone and the area they were digging was completely untouched, like grass was still growing and everything. Creepiest sh*t ever.



My friend died in a car accident when he was 22. I had to leave university and return to my home town to attend his funeral. When it was almost the time to lower him in the grave, we all stood around waiting. And then there was a white butterfly flying around. Nothing unusual for spring, but that butterfly was flying really close to all of our faces, like touching us and then flying away. We all noticed it.

Then I go back to the university and meet with my sisters and one of their friend. This particular friend was known to "feel" things that will or had happened. I was always skeptical about her abilities.

So we all talk, and kinda tell sad stories about the deceased. And this girl suddenly tells us, " do you know that, sometimes souls are in a form of white butterflies before leaving the earth?" My hair stood up, I'll never forget the feeling, I was in shock. I proceeded to tell them about the butterfly I saw, and she was like, yep that was your friend.

I still don't believe in stuff like that, but this case. I really want to believe that that was how my friend told his goodbye to us.


So spooky.


Not a cemetery worker, but....

2002-2003 we, my husband, a couple of friends and I, stopped by a cemetery to pay our respects to a friend, "Steve" who had passed away a few years before. He'd been shot in a tragic case of mistaken identity-- that is, the person who shot him thought our friend was someone else and shot him up, killing him. It was a late, Fall afternoon and as we all stood around his grave reminiscing and just talking about days past, the sun set. It wasn't dark but it certainly wasn't daylight anymore. At some point one of us, I think my husband, asked whether they closed the gates and if we would be able to drive out.

"Steve? How about it? Do they close the gates at night?"

And just then the brick arch over his tombstone crumbled down in a chaotic little heap. We stood there, frozen in shock, and then bolted.

A couple of days later we returned. Arch was gone, of course, and the detritus cleared away. It was just weird.


Kids are messed up.

I used to volunteer to clean up a cemetery in Peoria IL. One family grave was called the "witches circle" which is some b-movie sh*t right there. Dumb kids would kill small animals and paint with the blood on the grave.


I wouldn't be the same either.

My mom's sister fell in a gravesite (age 4) and passed out. All the siblings ran home, leaving her in there. She's never been the same since.


Have you ever been back to visit her? Does she get cable in there?


Still playing tricks from beyond the grave.


Not a worker, but have a lot of family buried in the same cemetery. My great-Aunt's grave is away from everyone else's, she was from another side of the family. We go once a year to visit everyone. For some reason, we can never find hers. We write it down before we go on a piece of paper or in our phones, it gets lost.

We used to find a tree and go from there, the tree got cut down. We call them to get the location, their computer goes down. She had a great sense of humor, so we like to think she is laughing somewhere while we search. It's just weird how it happens every single time we visit.


A bad place to go for a swim.

My aunt works as a caretaker of the cemetery right near her house, and she told a story about how one time she caught a kid, around 10 years old, by herself just swimming in the pond there. The pond wasn't exactly the cleanest, and the kid ended up getting super sick because of it.


On the flip side...

My grandfather cut the lawn and did general maintenance for a cemetery when he was a kid. He said that nothing was ever out of the ordinary. The strangest thing he saw while mowing was often finding empty food cans.


Good to know.


My dad and grandfather both work/worked in a cemetery, they both recommend cremation.

Caskets break, almost immediately. Occasionally they have to move a body and when they do its just pretty much man handling a skeleton out of a hole in the ground. Plus its a huge rip off financially.


I just got chills.

I work construction in a cemetery now and for the past 6 months and haven't experienced anything but I did about 10 years ago.

My ex and I went to visit Wyatt Earp's grave because I'm a huge fan of the old west. My ex used to work on one of those paranormal tv shows and is big into that field so she had her voice recorder with her when we went. We got there in the late afternoon on a Saturday. There was nobody in sight other than a couple of guys doing landscaping off in the distance. After visiting the Wyatt Earp grave we saw another elaborate one nearby. It had those laugh now cry later clown mask designs on it. We googled the name of the person buried there and he was some old Russian actor. She pulled out her recorder and started asking questions.

It began to get dark and the cemetery was closing so we started our hour long drive home. In the car she plays her voice recorder. Nothing while at the Wyatt Earp grave but when we got to the actor's grave she asked is there anyone here with us that would like to communicate. Clear as day you can hear a woman's voice say yessssss. Now it wasn't my ex because I was standing right next to her when she asked that and it wasn't another live woman because there wasn't one anywhere in the cemetery. We never figured out what said yessssss.


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