Things That Cause Far More Deaths Than People Realize

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There are a number of things people partake in spite of the known possible ramifications they have on their health and safety.

Up to and including smoking, bungee-jumping, recreational drug use, or simply bike riding without a helmet.

Indeed, even though they know that doing any or all of these things could possibly lead to their death, they do it anyway.

Sadly, even though many people go out of their way to avoid doing these things for that very reason, that still doesn't mean they keep themselves completely out of danger.

Sadly, there are a surprisingly large number of things that lead to an even more surprising number of deaths each year.

Frighteningly, these are things that the majority of the world's population does on an almost daily basis.

Redditor adventure21mc was curious to hear about the most shocking and unexpected causes of death, leading them to ask:
"What causes death more than people realize?"

When In Doubt, Call Your Doctor!

"Untreated infections."

"Your body will become septic, in which it essentially kills itself trying to kill off whatever infection one has."- cacarrizales

"Infections that are left untreated."- raptor-99

Tread Carefully. Seriously.


"On average around 17k people a year in the US die from injuries incurred after tripping and falling."- EdithWhartonsFarts

When In Doubt, Don't Drive.

"Driving while sleepy."- latchkey_adult

The Handrail Is There For A Reason.


"20 million severe injuries each year and at least 200,000 death from consequences of the fall."

"Both my grandparents died because of a fall."- OnTheGoodSideofLife

They Happen To The Best Of Us

"Fall accidents."

"Especially among the elderly, a fall can create a cascade of events that results in death, even if it seems minor at first."-AdmiralBofa

Never Rush Chewing

"Mozzarella sticks."

"Statistically the most choked on food."- SpecSanders

Never Skip A Check-Up

"High Blood Pressure."

"It sneaks up on you and you don't know about it or don't care but it's the underlying cause of so many deaths."- Fear51

Never Underestimate The Importance Of Self Care


"Your body can only handle so much of it and it’s labeled the 'silent killer' for that reason."

"With your high blood pressure and the 5 hours of sleep a night because of the stress, It will creep up on you sooner than you think."- DroppedDonut

Don't Forget To Floss!

"Untreated dental problems."

"A cavity left untreated can lead to heart attacks and strokes."- Lastalmark

Flu Season


"Just regular old flu."

"Many people ignore it thinking it'll go away on its own."

"Globally the number per year is usually between 300k and 500k."

"In the US it can be anywhere from 12k to 50k per year."- PhreedomPhighter

Don't Feel Ashamed If You Need A Break

"Shoveling snow."

"I have two family friends pass from heart attacks associated to shoveling the snow."- JD054

There Are People Who Will Help You

"Alcoholism causing liver failure and it's on the rise in the USA."- Interesting_Drop8236

"Peruse your County ME’s records."

"The amount of people who die from alcohol is astounding."- hockenduke

Sometimes, It's Just Best To Mind Your Own Business

"Street fights."

"You watch some Hollywood blockbusters and some MMA fights and you think you can do it too."

"I've seen stories of a guy minding his own business and gets rocked on the side of his head. It disconnected his spine and he was dead before he hit the ground."

"There was another story maybe a year ago of a scuffle where a guy was stabbed in the neck and bled out to the point of being unable to stand within 10 seconds."

"Stop f*cking around, it's not worth your life."- Choiceofart

We never know when our number is up or how we'll end our days.

However, with a little bit of care and good judgment, we can at least likely avoid falling victim to all of the above.

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