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I am notorious for changing my mind. I can be in love one second and be running away the next. I have no explanation for it. My therapists and I are working hard to figure it out. So when I'm into you, you have to tread lightly because anything little thing can sour me on a person. Now, there are big, glaring things that could make anyone change their mind on a crush. Let's see what counts as a dismissal...

Redditor u/qWeRtEeE372 was wondering what broke the illusion of love for some by asking... What did you catch your crush doing that immediately made you dislike him/her?

I can't stand someone who has no idea of direction. Or someone who can't make a decision on dinner. Also, if you kill people, that would be a big issue. The list is long for me. I can't wait to hear what people add.

Oh Hell No...

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He made fun of my autistic brother.


My little brother has some developmental delays and I've cut off people for that, so called "friends" even one of our cousins. That crap don't fly.


"Aw, kitten!"

Took a girlfriend to see my sister's horse. Horse nuzzles her. Ex GF violently whips the horses face. Nope. never see her again.


I had a similar one. Girlfriend and I handing out candy on Halloween. I happened to have a brand new kitten at the time. Kid at the door says "Aw, kitten!". Girlfriend slams down metal candy bowl -- CLANG! -- sends kitten frantically scrambling away. Wow.


The Other Guy

Had a huge crush on this boy in high school. One day he invited me and my sister to go over and "hang out" at a mutual friend's house after school. So we are all just hanging out and we're talking and he keeps asking me who I'm texting on my phone. I told him I was checking in with my mom. And he literally took the phone from my hand and started looking through all my messages.

He said "I didn't invite you here so you could text other guys." There was no "other guy" I was texting and there is just so many red flags in that situation. I never really talked to him again after that.



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Lied about being a marine and having been shot. Yeah, big no from me, bud.


Senior Year

My brother had a friend just after high school that was super hot. He was also really nice to me and had manners when he came over.

Flash forward a few years, he's helping my brother and I with a tree removal job. He starts chewing tobacco and spitting it EVERYWHERE on this person's property, pees in their bushes, brags about having 5 kids by different women and that he doesn't pay child support, that he was a "fifth year senior, dude, haha!"

Ruined it. He was ugly in an instant. He was really smart at one point, had a good job, was on the path to a good place. I don't know what happened but ewww.


Okay. ALL of that is reasonable for people to say goodbye. Downright cruelty is abhorrent. Some people are just not worth the time or effort. Not sure how it could get much worse but...

Speed Racer

He ran a 2-way stop sign/blinking red light in a 55 mph zone. The intersection has clear open views for at least a half mile on both sides and he claimed he didn't see anyone coming. But a woman with her kids in the car was right there and t-boned him as he ran through. Both cars were totaled. When I picked him up he kept bragging about how he wouldn't apologize to her because it would be an admission of guilt.

Saying he knows all about how to handle these kinds of situations. And then said it was her fault because he ran the stop on accident but she should've stopped once he was in front of her. In a 55 mph zone. It was super creepy and cold hearted.



She was freaking with her boyfriend's older brother while said boyfriend was in the hospital for an accident caused by said older brother.

She was popular in school too and had a lot of admirers but once it came out what she did, not even the other unpopular kids wanted her near them.



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She was holding a cat by its tail and spinning it around her at astounding speed. The cat's fine though don't worry.



I finally got to have a deep conversation with him and realized that he was dumb as bricks. He thought that the earth was flat (this was in the late 90s/early 00s) he thought England was a dead empire like ancient Rome or the byzantine empire. He thought rhinos and horses were related like how dogs and wolves are. He thought that all cultures were divided by race; all black people had the same culture regardless of country, all asian countries had the same exact culture, all hispanic countries were the same exact culture... etc.

Edit: regarding England, he thought it had collapsed after the renaissance period and all that was left were ruins. He thought that England was a large mass of land that connected to Europe during the renaissance period and then when it sank or was destroyed, the island that was left is now Great Britain.


Keep Away...

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My ex didn't stop for an ambulance to pass us.

I knew then he was not a keeper.


Send them packing and get yourself a saging kit, and maybe call up an exorcist. At least you see true colors before it's too late. Don't ignore the red flags y'all. A crush is just a crush. Love will come again.

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