Growing up, though it has its perks, can be a bit of a drag. All of a sudden you have bills to pay every month, you don't see your friends as often, commuting occupies a piece of every day, and all is not novel.

And, of course, you have to go to work. Every single day, you have to put in the hours to make a living.

We'd all love to find work that somehow manages to sound cool at parties, make good money, and feel rewarding because it saves the world.

Unfortunately, that combination is wildly elusive. In fact, finding a career that offers even one of those can be a challenge.

To help steer you into the direction of good work--or at least away from bad work--a recent Reddit thread asked folks to share which career paths are especially inadvisable.

The list, sorry to say, is vast.

Mu4everhd1 asked, "Redditors, what career path did you choose that you strongly advise against?"

Drawbacks of the Internet Age

"Journalism. Listen kids, back in the day when I went to university it was a job that existed. When I was in middle school and high school it was even respected."

"Now it's nothing. Any moron with a computer can be a journalist and divisive politics are more important than unbiased fact."

-- champagne_pants

And All Those People...

"Hospitality. Not just because of current situation but the pay and working hours are sh**. Hotels, tour agencies, restaurants... It all pays sh**." -- BYKHero-97

"I used to do naturalist boat tours where I would take clients on a small boat through marshes and wetlands. I knew it was time to do something else when I had a boat trip booked and found myself hoping the weather would be bad so I could cancel."

"Working with the public, in general, is OK for a while. But it gets to you eventually." -- NoBSforGma

All That Glitters Isn't Gold

"Photography. At least don't go to school for it.. if you want to be a photographer, learn online and then just get out there and do it. Get an internship early and learn there much more cost effective." -- Mr_Romo

"My grandfather was a very successful photojournalist. As a youth I would say I wanted to be like him, and he strongly advised me against doing it."

"Still love taking photos though." -- TheMeanestPenis


"Emergency Services. If you want to work long, thankless hours for next to no pay and have every single thing you do questioned and criticized, this is the career for you."

"You will work until you are exhausted and then, in your exhaustion, you will f*** something up. At that point everyone will tell you what a horrible person you are and that there is no excuse for f***ing this up."

-- agreeingstorm9

All That Red Tape

"Marine Biology/Conservation. I was naive."

"I had an interest in it. I grew up loving the ocean and wanted to help stop the global extinction of wildlife around the world. But you know, you also need stable income and security, and to not have to constantly apply for hundreds of jobs and to have every job have 2,000 applicants."

"Many places now just use volunteers instead. Volunteers will literally pay thousands to come and work for them. So why would they pay someone to do the work when they can get paid for someone to do it."

"All they need is a couple of professionals who know what they are talking about and then they can have an army of volunteers that they teach how to do the job."

"It's rewarding when you finally get something but my god it's not worth the stress, I'd rather just volunteer instead as a hobby."

-- sami2503

Be Sure About It

"Architecture, really not for everyone."

"It's a long degree/career (7 years usually). Your career doesn't really start really until you get licensed as an architect. Before that you will be overworked and underpaid if you are paid. Also there are long hours and tons of work."

-- notyouravgredditer

The Ugly Guts Behind the Scenes

"Film industry. The money is decent but you have to completely sacrifice any meaningful kind of personal life to do it."

"The hours are long and irregular, you barely sleep, you're constantly around people with substance abuse issues and are at risk of falling into that yourself, you are always stressed, and work can suddenly end on a dime making budgeting and financial planning extremely difficult."

"Regarding my first point, maintaining romantic relationships with anyone who doesn't work in the industry is extremely difficult (the divorce rate for my union is around 80%) because the majority of people don't understand the precarious nature of the work and the hours."

"If you have children, I hope you never want to really know them as people."

-- TiredWiredRuinsEasy

Luck on Luck on Luck

"Academia. I'm lucky to have gotten a decent job in the field. Academia is fiercely competitive and there are always more people than jobs."

"Plus you have to go through a PhD program to get one and PhD programs are so abusive and so exploitative that I often wonder why it isn't a bigger talking point than it is.

You're put through five years of absolute hell at minimal pay for a shot at MAYBE landing a tenure-track job (or even a full time, non-tenure gig) that, if you're beyond lucky, will be in a part of the country (or the world) that isn't a completely irredeemable sh** hole..."

"...and, if you're even luckier, will be at a university whose administrators aren't a bunch of know-nothing a**holes and where your colleagues aren't a bunch of unhinged assholes (academia can attract some weird personalities)."

-- schnit123

Keep it On the Side

"Advice my father once told me: 'Never make a career out of what you love.'"

"He never followed his own advice and neither did my sister or I. We all pursued our 'dreams and passions' which eventually has a way of making you feel resentful or cynical towards something that once brought you so much joy." -- mostlymitia

Under the Weight of Debt 

"Law. Especially if someone from your family isn't already a lawyer/owns a law firm."

"4+ years in business and still trying to find my right connects and industry links. My employer treats me like sh**, no paid extra hours, tons of paperwork and even small mistakes could throw away everything you have worked so hard for."

"Can't even think about going independent because of student loans and risk involved without good connects. Whereas my friends from law school who had their families with the same background have purchased their first German cars :)"

-- ilovepanini

Mechanized Artistry 

"Graphic design if you're more of an artist type."

"Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for people who are design-minded and can handle it, and not all graphic design jobs are going to be this way, but most of the employment you'll find in that field is going to be sales flyers and pamphlets and stuff that will be mind-numbingly boring and unfulfilling and will leave you burnt out and dispassionate about your own artistic desires."

"It's just not a fantastic line of work if you're more driven by what you care about artistically.

"In that field the customer is always right, and so you could spend forever on the something you're proud of for them but they're very likely to change their mind and tell you to just run with a stick figure their kid drew, or something."

-- ZacPensol

All Over the Place

"Petroleum engineering, that's a roller coaster of a career where you will be job hopping forever, moving, or looking for a job often."

"Whenever the oil prices tank because some opec country is pissed you may loose your job. Obviously renewables are the future but we still use a lot of oil, just throwing that out there."

-- alunimum

The Struggles of an Industry Tied to Health Insurance

"Physical therapist. It's a doctoral degree now, with all the costs associated with that. Jobs are always available but the pay will vary from a low (I've seen) of $45k to $120k, with an average around $65 for a new grad. Raises are non existent and reimbursement rates keep falling."

"Honestly if it were less expensive to get the degree I wouldn't mind taking a pay cut if it allowed me to spend more time with my patients and not have to be on a laptop all the time just to survive."

"It is nice having the super power of almost always understanding people's MSK injuries though..."

-- radialan

NOT Indiana Jones

"Archaeology - 2/3rds of the way through the program I did a job search in the US and there was 1 position in the United States, guarding sites near the Texas/Mexico border.

"Also, every country has their own archaeologists, so if you think you are going to study the pyramids or dig up King Arthur's crown you have it wrong. Many classmates of mine ended up taking completely different career routes, and probably with more debt than necessary."

"I ended up switching quickly to finance/healthcare and it at least pays the bills and allows me to live where I want. Let the hobby majors be your research."

-- Lobbit

Dynamic Work Environment


"will the hours be shi**y? yes."

"will the pay be satisfactory? no."

"will you be able to plan your life more than 3 days ahead if you work shifts? no."

"will your back hurt all the time? sure."

"will your actions kill a person during your lifetime? probably."

"will some demented lady throw her fresh hot diarrhea at you as soon as you enter the room? absolutely!"

-- HairOnPineapplePizza

An Admirable Trade, Full of Red Tape

"Teaching. Having homework for the rest of your life is nightmarish, not to mention all the other sh** wrong with it. Thank god I got out."

"I taught at community colleges as well, so in a way I had the 'easy' version of it. Can't imagine how anyone deals with parents and public school bullsh**."

-- DeafTelemarketer

Very Real Health Risks


"The health hazards associated with FF just isn't worth it, imo. The mental challenges of seeing gore is a part of it too. Elevated premature death rates from cancer and heart attacks was enough for me to leave the service. This career is grossly romanticized."

-- GlobeTrott3r

A Job That Sticks With You

"I was an escort for a minute there. I don't recommend it."

"It's all fun and games in the moment but years later the inevitable shame comes creeping in when you're lying awake in bed at 3AM next to the guy you love, and you're wishing you could take back those years and just have met him instead."

-- DreyaNova

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